Centrum Headache Side Effect Reports

The following Centrum Headache side effect reports were submitted by healthcare professionals and consumers.

This information will help you understand how side effects, such as Headache, can occur, and what you can do about them.

A side effect could appear soon after you start Centrum or it might take time to develop.


This Headache side effect was reported by a consumer or non-health professional from US. A 61-year-old female patient (weight:NA) experienced the following symptoms/conditions: routine health maintenance,headache. The patient was prescribed Centrum Silver Women^s 50+ (dosage: 1 Tablet, Daily Mid Morning), which was started on 201212. Concurrently used drugs:
  • Advil (200 Mg, One Capsule As Needed)
  • Vitamins (Unk)
  • Benadryl (25 Mg, Once)
When starting to take Centrum Silver Women^s 50+ the consumer reported the following symptoms:
  • Headache
These side effects may potentially be related to Centrum Silver Women^s 50+.
Headache, Dry Mouth, Pain In Jaw, Ear Pain

This Headache Centrum Silver /01292501/ side effect was reported by a consumer or non-health professional from UNITED STATES on Sep 06, 2011. A Female , 82 years of age, was treated with Centrum Silver /01292501/. The patient presented the following health conditions:
  • Headache
  • Dry Mouth
  • Pain In Jaw
  • Ear Pain
. Centrum Silver /01292501/ dosage: Unk. Additional drugs used at the same time:
  • Prolia (60 Mg, Q6mo)
  • B12 /00056201/ (Unk Unit, Unk)
  • Citracal /00751520/ (Unk)
  • Neurontin (1 Mg, Unk)
  • Vitamin D (1 Iu, Unk)
  • Warfarin Sodium (1 Mg, Unk)
  • Benazepril Hydrochloride (1 Mg, Unk)
  • Biotin (1 Mg, Unk)
Headache, Arthralgia

This is a Centrum Silver side effect report of a 87-year-old female patient (weight:NA) from UNITED STATES, suffering from the following symptoms/conditions: NA, who was treated with Centrum Silver (dosage:NA, start time: Dec 14, 2011), combined with:
  • Aleve (caplet) (2 Df, Unk)
  • Aspirin
  • Calan
  • Pain Shot
, and developed a serious reaction and a Headache side effect. The patient presented with:
  • Headache
  • Arthralgia
which developed after the beginning of treatment. This side effect report can indicate a possible existence of increased vulnerability to Centrum Silver treatment in female patients suffering from NA, resulting in Headache.
Arthralgia, Headache, Fatigue, Yellow Skin, Throat Irritation, Dyspnoea

A female patient (weight: NA) from UNITED STATES with the following symptoms: NA started Centrum treatment (dosage: Unk) on Feb 25, 2011. Soon after starting Centrum treatment, the consumer experienced several side effects, including:
  • Arthralgia
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Yellow Skin
  • Throat Irritation
  • Dyspnoea
. Concurrently used drugs:
  • Celebrex (200 Mg, 2x/day)
This finding indicates that some patients can be more vulnerable to developing Centrum side effects, such as Headache.
Throat Irritation, Yellow Skin, Headache, Dyspnoea, Fatigue, Arthralgia

A female patient from UNITED STATES was prescribed and started Centrum on Mar 16, 2011. Patient felt the following Centrum side effects: throat irritation, yellow skin, headache, dyspnoea, fatigue, arthralgia Additional patient health information: Female , weighting 120.0 lb, The consumer reported the following symptoms: . Centrum dosage: Unk. Concurrently used drugs:
  • Celebrex (200 Mg, 2x/day)
Blood Pressure Increased, Headache, Chest Discomfort, Heart Rate Increased

This report suggests a potential Centrum Silver Headache side effect(s) that can have serious consequences. A 69-year-old female patient from UNITED STATES (weight:NA) was diagnosed with the following health condition(s): NA and used Centrum Silver (dosage: Unk Unk, Unk) starting Aug 24, 2010. Soon after starting Centrum Silver the patient began experiencing various side effects, including:
  • Blood Pressure Increased
  • Headache
  • Chest Discomfort
  • Heart Rate Increased
Drugs used concurrently:
  • Glucosamine W/chondroitin Sulfates (Unk Unk, Unk)
  • Hydrochlorothiazide (Unk Unk, 3 Times/wk)
Although Centrum Silver demonstrated significant improvements in a number of clinically relevant cases, troublesome symptoms, such as Headache, may still occur.
Headache, Lower Respiratory Tract Infection, Mycotoxicosis, Nasopharyngitis, Pharyngolaryngeal Pain

An adverse event was reported by a consumer or non-health professional on Feb 22, 2008 by a male taking Centrum Chewables Multivitamin Wyeth Consumer Healthcare (dosage: 1 Tablet Daily Po) . Location: UNITED STATES , 32 years of age, weighting 182.0 lb, patient began experiencing various side effects, including: Directly after treatment started, patient experienced the unwanted or unexpected Centrum side effects: headache, lower respiratory tract infection, mycotoxicosis, nasopharyngitis, pharyngolaryngeal pain. Additional medications/treatments:
Headache, Nausea, Somnolence

This Headache problem was reported by a consumer or non-health professional from UNITED STATES. A 48-year-old patient (weight: NA) was diagnosed with the following medical condition(s): NA.On May 01, 2007 a consumer started treatment with Centrum Multi Vitamin/mineral Wythe Pharna -china- (dosage: 1 Tablet Daily Po). The following drugs/medications were being taken at the same time: NA. When commencing Centrum Multi Vitamin/mineral Wythe Pharna -china-, the patient experienced the following unwanted symptoms /side effects:
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Somnolence
Although all drugs are carefully tested before they are licensed for use, they carry potential side effect risks. Some side effects, such as Headache, may become evident only after a product is in use by the general population.

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Centrum Headache Causes and Reviews

Almost everyone has had a Headache. Headache is the most common form of pain. It's a major reason people miss days at work or school or visit the doctor.

The most common type of Headache is a tension Headache. Tension Headaches are due to tight muscles in your shoulders, neck, scalp and jaw. They are often related to stress, depression or anxiety. You are more likely to get tension Headaches if you work too much, don't get enough sleep, miss meals, or use alcohol.

Other common types of Headaches include migraines, cluster Headaches, and sinus Headaches. Most people can feel much better by making lifestyle changes, learning ways to relax and taking pain relievers.

Not all Headaches require a doctor's attention. But sometimes Headaches warn of a more serious disorder. Let your health care provider know if you have sudden, severe Headaches. Get medical help right away if you have a Headache after a blow to your head, or if you have a Headache along with a stiff neck, fever, confusion, loss of consciousness, or pain in the eye or ear.

NIH: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Centrum Headache Reviews

Thu, 27 Aug 2009
I have severe Headaches that last several hours after taking Centrum Performance. Took me sometime to isolate the cause but and pretty sure its the Centrum.
Sun, 28 Mar 2010
I have been taking the new, smaller pill for a few weeks now, and finally realized that it's the reason that I've been having this constant nausea, sometimes coupled with Headaches, and general feeling of malaise. Haven't taken it for a few days and I've been fine, took it last night and I'm nauseous again.
Tue, 27 Apr 2010
I started taking Centrum about two weeks ago and got severe Headaches. As soon as i stopped taking them the Headaches stopped. I will never buy or recoomend this brand again.
DISCLAIMER: ALL DATA PROVIDED AS-IS, refer to terms of use for additional information.

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Top Centrum Side Effects

Fall (35)
Dizziness (32)
Hypertension (31)
Fatigue (30)
Pain (26)
Dyspnoea (21)
Nausea (18)
Arthralgia (18)
Pain In Extremity (16)
Depression (16)
Vomiting (16)
Headache (15)
Femur Fracture (12)
Gait Disturbance (12)
Asthenia (11)
Abdominal Pain Upper (9)
Deep Vein Thrombosis (9)
Osteoarthritis (9)
Anaemia (8)
Decreased Appetite (8)
Pruritus (7)
Choking (6)
Back Pain (6)
Oedema Peripheral (6)
Product Quality Issue (6)
Atrial Fibrillation (5)
Diarrhoea (5)
Anxiety (5)
Condition Aggravated (5)
Cough (5)
Constipation (5)
Dyspepsia (5)
Blood Cholesterol Increased (5)
Weight Decreased (5)
Flushing (5)
Pyrexia (5)
Urticaria (5)
Hypersensitivity (5)
Myalgia (5)
Malaise (5)
Somnolence (4)
Throat Irritation (4)
Wheezing (4)
Pulmonary Embolism (4)
Weight Increased (4)
Muscle Spasms (4)
Injection Site Pain (4)
Musculoskeletal Stiffness (4)
Oropharyngeal Pain (4)
Osteoporosis (4)

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