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Colchcine Medical Research Studies

Up-to-date List of Colchcine Medical Research Studies

What Research is Being Done?

A clinical study involves research using human volunteers (also called participants) that is intended to add to medical knowledge. There are two main types of clinical studies: clinical trials (also called interventional studies) and observational studies. Following list includes both interventional and observational studies.

Latest Colchcine Medical Research Studies

Rank Status Study
1 Recruiting Colchicine For Prevention of Perioperative Atrial Fibrillation in Patients Undergoing Thoracic Surgery Pilot Study
Conditions: Atrial Fibrillation;   Thoracic Surgery
Interventions: Drug: Colchicine;   Drug: Colchicine Placebo
Outcome Measures: Clinically Significant Atrial Fibrillation;   Death;   New onset atrial flutter;   Myocardial Injury After Non-Cardiac Surgery (MINS);   Stroke;   Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA);   Post-operative infection
2 Not yet recruiting COlchicine Improve EnDothElial Function in Non ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction Patients
Condition: NSTEMI
Interventions: Drug: Colchicine;   Drug: Placebo
Outcome Measures: Improvement of RH-PAT at 1 month (a marker of endothelial function);   Improvement in inflammatory biomarkers (before cardiac catheterization, after cardiac catheterization and at 1 month time follow-up);   Improvement in endothelial function markers.;   inflammatory biomarkers Improvement of heart rate variability (HRV);   Changes in cholinergic status;   Reduction of Acute Kidney Injury post PCI;   Reduction in radial artery occlusion;   Reduction of peri-procedural myocardial infarction;   Major adverse clinical events (MACE) defined as a composite of all-cause mortality, myocardial infarction, repeat revascularization, and 30 day readmission rate;   quality of life under colchicine treatment;   Safety
3 Recruiting Anti-inflammatory Effects of Colchicine in PCI
Condition: Coronary Artery Disease
Interventions: Drug: Colchicine;   Drug: Placebo
Outcome Measures: Post-procedural IL-6 level;   Other relevant inflammatory markers;   30-day MACE;   post-procedural myonecrosis
4 Recruiting Impact and Time Course of Colchicine Therapy on C-reactive Protein Elevation in Chronic Atrial Fibrillation and Post AF Ablation
Conditions: Atrial Fibrillation;   Ablation;   C Reactive Protein
Interventions: Drug: Colchicine, 0.6 mg PO BID;   Drug: Matching placebo
Outcome Measures: C-reactive protein;   Sinus rhythm on ECG
5 Recruiting Colchicine for Symptom and Inflammation in Knee Osteoarthritis
Condition: Knee Osteoarthritis
Interventions: Drug: Colchicine;   Drug: Placebo
Outcome Measures: 30% improvement in total Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis Index (WOMAC) of the signal knee.;   change in WOMAC pain score and physical function score;   change in Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ);   change in quality of life;   quantify of rescue medication used;   Change in Synovitis and cartilage morphology on Magnetic Resonance Imaging;   change in synovial fluid Interleukin-18, Interleukin-1β, or tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α;   specific adverse event;   OMERACT-ORSI response criteria
6 Recruiting Low-dose Colchicine in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Microalbuminuria
Condition: Diabetic Nephropathy
Interventions: Drug: colchicine 0.5mg/d;   Drug: placebo 0.5mg/d
Outcome Measures: changes in UACR from baseline to the sixth month.;   changes in CIMT from baseline to the 18th month;   incidence of overt nephropathy;   composite cardiovascular events;   Changes in 24 h urinary albumin;   The proportion of patients achieving at least a 15% reduction in UACR;   Changes in estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR);   New or worsening diabetic neuropathy;   New or worsening diabetic retinopathy;   Death from any cause;   Each component of primary outcomes of phase4;   Overt nephropathy
7 Recruiting Effects of Colchicine in Non-Diabetic Adults With Metabolic Syndrome
Conditions: Obesity;   Metabolic Disease
Interventions: Drug: Colchicine 0.6 mg given;   Drug: Placebo capsules given
Outcome Measures: Change in insulin sensitivity;   Change in metabolic parameters;   Changes in other inflammatory markers
8 Recruiting Colchicine for Acute Coronary Syndromes
Condition: Acute Coronary Syndrome
Interventions: Drug: Colchicine;   Drug: Placebo
Outcome Measures: Overall mortality, new acute coronary syndrome, and ischemic stroke.;   Mortality;   New acute coronary syndrome (unstable angina and myocardial infarction);   Ischemic Stroke
9 Recruiting Effect of Colchicine for the Palliative Management of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Conditions: Hepatocellular Carcinoma;   Metastasis;   Invasion
Intervention: Drug: Colchicine
Outcome Measures: overall survival;   Number of participants with adverse events
10 Not yet recruiting Colchicine to Prevent Post-Pericardiotomy Syndrome and Atrial Fibrillation
Conditions: Atrial Fibrillation;   Post-pericardiotomy Syndrome;   Constriction
Interventions: Drug: Colchicine;   Drug: Placebo
Outcome Measures: Number of patients with post cardiac surgery atrial fibrillation or post-pericardiotomy syndrome.;   Trans-thoracic echocardiography for constriction
11 Recruiting Anti-platelet Effects of Colchicine
Condition: Healthy
Intervention: Drug: Colchicine
Outcome Measures: monocyte platelet aggregate;   leukocyte platelet aggregation;   light transmission aggregometry;   L-selectin;   platelet adhesion
12 Recruiting Colchicine for Diabetic Nephropathy
Condition: Diabetic Nephropathy
Intervention: Drug: colchicine
Outcome Measure: 24 hr urine protein collection
13 Unknown  Colchicine Treatment for Chronic Shoulder Pain Related to Calcific Tendonitis
Condition: Calcific Tendonitis
Interventions: Drug: Colchicine;   Drug: lactose
Outcome Measures: VAS for shoulder pain;   shoulder range of motion;   shoulder pain and disability index
14 Not yet recruiting The Effect of Probiotics on Response to Therapy and on Adverse Effect in Patients Treated With Colchicine for Familial Mediterranean Fever.
Condition: Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF )
Interventions: Dietary Supplement: probiotic;   Dietary Supplement: Placebo
Outcome Measures: The number of gastrointestinal adverse effect related to colchicine therapy after adding probiotics to colchicine therapy.;   Number of FMF attacks after adding the probiotics to the colchicine therapy
15 Not yet recruiting Colchicine Or Naproxen Treatment for ACute gouT
Condition: Gout
Interventions: Drug: Low-dose colchicine;   Drug: Naproxen
Outcome Measure: Change in pain intensity
16 Recruiting Impact of Unapproved Drug Initiative on Colchicine Use
Condition: Gout
Outcome Measure: Frequency of use of colchicine in an unapproved fashion in contemporary medical proactice.
17 Recruiting Colchicine in Vascular Inflammation Assessed With PET Imaging
Condition: Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease
Intervention: Drug: Colchicine
Outcome Measures: Change in the average of maximum target-to-background (TBR) values (Mean MAX TBR) of the ascending aorta;   Change in the Mean Maximum Target-to-background (Mean MAX TBR) of carotid arteries;   Change in the average of the mean TBR values (Mean MEAN TBR);   Change in the Most Diseased Segment TBR values (MDS TBR) in the carotid arteries and ascending aorta;   Change in soluble biomarkers of inflammation
18 Recruiting Kineret (Anakinra), in Adult Patients With Colchicine-Resistant Familial Mediterranean Fever
Condition: Familial Mediterranean Fever,
Intervention: Drug: Kineret
Outcome Measures: Number of patients with less than a mean of one FMF attack per month;   Number of serious adverse events
19 Recruiting Colchicine in ST-elevation Myocardial Infarction
Condition: Acute Myocardial Infarction
Interventions: Drug: Colchicine 2 mg loading dose; 0.5 mg bid for 5 days;   Drug: Placebo
Outcome Measures: Infarct size on MRI;   Myocardial damage marker levels
20 Unknown  Oral Colchicine Combined With Intravitreal Infusion of Dexamethasone, LMW Heparin and 5-FU for Management of Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy (PVR)
Condition: Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy
Interventions: Drug: oral colchicine, dexamethasone, low molecular weight heparin, 5-FU;   Drug: placebo
Outcome Measures: Retinal reattachment rate;   PVR recurrence,;   macular pucker,;   reoperation,;   ocular hypotony,;   visual acuity

These studies may lead to new treatments and are adding insight into Colchcine etiology and treatment.

A major focus of Colchcine research is the development of new drugs and other treatment options. Studies seek to identify new drugs to treat various related disorders and to find safer, more effective doses for medications already being used. Other research is aimed at identifying receptors or drug targets.

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