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Contac Medical Research Studies

Up-to-date List of Contac Medical Research Studies

What Research is Being Done?

A clinical study involves research using human volunteers (also called participants) that is intended to add to medical knowledge. There are two main types of clinical studies: clinical trials (also called interventional studies) and observational studies. Following list includes both interventional and observational studies.

Latest Contac Medical Research Studies

Rank Status Study
1 Unknown  The Contact-CTI Study: Use of Tissue Contact Data to Guide Atrial Flutter Ablation
Condition: Atrial Flutter
Interventions: Procedure: Radiofrequency ablation utilising the ECI Contact software;   Procedure: Radiofrequency ablation without the use of ECI Contact data
Outcome Measure: The primary outcome measure is the mean ablation time required to achieve the acute procedural endpoint of cavotricuspid isthmus conduction block
2 Unknown  Evaluating for Contact Allergies in Patients With Chronic Urticaria
Conditions: Urticaria;   Patch Testing;   Dermatitis;   Allergy;   Contact Sensitization
Intervention: Procedure: Patch Testing
Outcome Measures: To identify Contact allergens with patch testing in patients with chronic idiopathic urticaria living in the New England area.;   To determine if avoidance of Contact allergens causes the resolution of chronic urticaria in those patients with positive patch test results.
3 Recruiting CONcussion Treatment After Combat Trauma (Contact)
Condition: Traumatic Brain Injury
Interventions: Behavioral: Individualized Scheduled Telephone Support (ISTS);   Other: Usual Care (UC)
Outcome Measures: Rivermead Post Concussion Symptoms Questionnaire;   Brief Symptom Inventory - 18 Global Severity Index;   Effects on functioning, quality of life, pain, sleep, depression, posttraumatic stress, resilience, work activity, and health services usage.;   Effect of ISTS in demographic subgroups;   Satisfaction with ISTS by participants and significant others
4 Unknown  Vulvar Contact Dermatitis Resulting From Urine Incontinence
Conditions: Urinary Incontinence;   Vulvar Pruritus;   Vulvar Contact Dermatitis
Intervention: Other: Questionnaires, gynecological exam , vaginal smear, and measurement of urine leakage
Outcome Measures: Prevalence of vulvar Contact dermatitis among patients with urinary incontinence;   Risk factors for urinary incontinence induced vulvar Contact dermatitis
5 Not yet recruiting A Comparison Between Bandage Contact Lens, Punctal Plugs and Standard Measures in Preventing Corneal Injuries
Condition: Contact Lens and Punctal Plug in Preventing Corneal Injuries
Interventions: Device: Contact lens;   Device: punctal plug
Outcome Measures: Presence or absence of corneal damage;   Presence of infection
6 Recruiting Contact Lens Adaptation in Neophytes
Condition: Contact Lens Comfort
Intervention: Device: senofilcon A
Outcome Measures: Ocular Surface Disease Index;   Visual Acuity;   Non-Invasive Break Up Time (NIBUT);   Tear Meniscus Height;   Bulbar & Limbal Redness;   General Slit-Lamp Exam;   Corneal Staining;   Conjunctival Staining;   Schirmer's Test I;   Visual Analog Scale;   Contact Lens Dry Eye Questionnaire (CLDEQ)
7 Recruiting Determination of Catheter Contact by Evaluation of Microelectrode Near-Field Signals
Conditions: Cardiac Catheter Ablation;   Atrial Flutter;   Cardiac Arrhythmias
Intervention: Other: Data Collection During Atrial Flutter Ablation
Outcome Measures: Correlation between catheter Contact and micro electrode signals;   Document the electrogram signatures that help demonstrate catheter tip Contact
8 Unknown  The Contact PVI Study: Use of Tissue Contact Data to Guide Atrial Fibrillation Ablation
Condition: Atrial Fibrillation
Interventions: Procedure: ablation;   Procedure: RF ablation
Outcome Measures: The primary outcome measure will be the proportion (%) of pulmonary vein pairs found to be reconnected electrically to the left atrium at a subsequent redo ablation procedure;   Proportion of acute venous electrical reconnections;   touch-up ablation requirements;   procedure time;   RF time;   anatomical location of reconnections at repeat procedure;   amount of RF required to achieve re-isolation at repeat ablation procedure;   complications
9 Unknown  Instant Total Contact Cast to Heal Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Condition: Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Interventions: Device: Total Contact Cast;   Device: Instant Total Contact Cast (ITCC);   Device: Removable Cast Walker (RCW)
Outcome Measures: Wound Evaluation and Healing: The lower extremity evaluation will include length, width, depth, and area of the ulcer before and after debridement.;   Evaluation of Complications: At each visit the study nurse will interview patients and determine if they have experienced any adverse events.
10 Not yet recruiting Colchicine Or Naproxen Treatment for ACute gouT
Condition: Gout
Interventions: Drug: Low-dose colchicine;   Drug: Naproxen
Outcome Measure: Change in pain intensity
11 Recruiting Clinical Evaluation Of Needle-based Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy in The Lymph Nodes Along With Masses and Cystic Tumors of the Pancreas
Conditions: Pancreatic Cyst;   Pancreatic Neoplasms;   Pancreatic Adenoma;   Pancreatic Cancer;   Pancreatic Islet Cell Tumors;   Lymph Node;   Lymphadenopathy
Interventions: Procedure: EUS-FNA;   Device: nCLE
Outcome Measures: Diagnostic performance of the Cellvizio nCLE system in the characterization of pancreatic cysts;   Descriptive criteria in nCLE sequences for the characterization of pancreatic masses and lymph nodes;   Impact of the Cellvizio nCLE system on the management of a patient with pancreatic cyst;   Validation of the interpretation criteria classification for pancreatic cysts;   Atlas of images of nCLE sequences of pancreatic masses and lymph nodes during EUS-FNA;   Diagnostic performance of nCLE in the diagnosis of pancreatic masses and lymph nodes, when associated with other diagnostic information;   Feasibility and safety data on nCLE during EUS-FNA procedure
12 Recruiting Multifocal High ADD Contact Lens Proof of Concept Trial
Condition: Presbyopia
Interventions: Device: Lotrafilcon B multifocal Contact lenses (new);   Device: Lotrafilcon B multifocal Contact lenses
Outcome Measures: High Contrast Visual Acuity (HCVA) near monocular;   HCVA distance monocular;   HCVA intermediate monocular;   Low contrast visual acuity (LCVA) distance monocular
13 Recruiting Catheter Contact Force and Electrograms
Condition: Atrial Fibrillation
Intervention: Device: THERMOCOOL® SMARTTOUCH™ Catheter
Outcome Measures: Electrogram characteristics;   Electrogram amplitude;   Electrogram responses to ablation;   Ablation Power (Watts);   Electrogram Contact Mapping
14 Not yet recruiting Effect of Contact Lens With Alginic Acid in Dry Eye Patients
Condition: Dry Eyes
Interventions: Device: Contact Lens with alginic acid;   Device: Contact Lens without alginic acid
Outcome Measures: • Difference of Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) for the ocular discomfort between control and treatment group.;   Tear lipid layer thickness measurements of LipiView;   Schirmers I reading;   Tear break up time (TBUT);   Corneal flourescein staining;   Tear proteomic analysis
15 Recruiting Screening of Children in Household Contact With Adult TB Patients in Mbarara Hospital, Uganda
Condition: Tuberculosis
Outcome Measures: Proportion of <5 year-old child Contacts classified as active TB disease, LTBI or no infection;   Number of children <5 years exposed to TB in the household of adult index cases;   Number of Contacts identified as active TB basing on a symptom-based approach compared with those based on chest radiography;   Proportion of Contacts with HIV co-infection classified as non infected, LTBI or active TB;   Median duration of exposure to symptomatic source case among the Contacts in the various classes;   Association of various risk factors with the final classification of Contacts after assessment;   Proportion of children with LTBI successfully treated (prevented from developing active TB disease) among HIV-infected and uninfected children;   Proportion of children with no TB infection or disease successfully treated (prevented from developing active TB disease or LTBI);   Proportion of adverse events on treatment of TB disease, LTBI and TB exposure;   Adherence to IPT regimens
16 Unknown  Two Phase Clinical Study of the Impact of Contact Lenses and Solutions on Corneal Structure
Condition: Normal Contact Lens Wear
Interventions: Drug: Clear Care;   Drug: ReNu MultiPlus MPS;   Drug: OPTI-FREE RepleniSH MPDS
Outcome Measures: HRT Corneal Scan;   Corneal Staining
17 Recruiting Comparison of a Cortivazol (ALTIM®) Infiltration of Posterior Epidural Space at L3-L4 Stage Versus an Epidural Infiltration of Cortivazol (ALTIM®) on Contact With Disco Radicular Conflict in Discal Sciatica
Condition: Discal Sciatica
Interventions: Procedure: Non target epidural infiltration done at L3-L4 stage;   Procedure: Epidural infiltration on Contact of disco radicular conflict
Outcome Measures: Pain evolution on analogic visual scale (EVA) ay Day 30;   Pain evolution on analogic visual scal (EVA) at Day 7;   Pain evolution on analogic visual scal (EVA) at month 3;   Pain evolution on analogic visual scal (EVA) at month 6;   Pain evolution on analogic visual scal (EVA) at month 12;   drug consumption at day 7;   drug consumption at month 3;   drug consumption at month 6;   drug consumption at month 12;   functional handicap at Day 7;   functional handicap at month 3;   functional handicap at month 6;   functional handicap at month 12;   professional activity recovery at Day 7;   professional activity recovery at month 3;   professional activity recovery at month 6;   professional activity recovery at month 12;   new epidural infiltration or surgery of discal hernia at Day 7;   new epidural infiltration or surgery of discal hernia at month 3;   new epidural infiltration or surgery of discal hernia at month 6;   new epidural infiltration or surgery of discal hernia at month 12
18 Recruiting The Clinical and Subjective Performance of Three Different MPDS With Silicon Hydrogel Lenses
Condition: Adverse Reaction to Contact Lens Solution
Intervention: Device: Contact lens care solution
Outcome Measures: Clinical performance;   Subjective performance
19 Recruiting Comparison of Pulmonary Vein Isolation Using SmartTouch® Catheter With or Without Real-time Contact Force Data
Conditions: Atrial Fibrillation;   Atrial Fibrillation Ablation;   Pulmonary Vein Isolation
Intervention: Procedure: Pulmonary vein isolation using Contact force sensing catheter
Outcome Measure: Time to achieve pulmonary vein isolation in patients undergoing catheter ablation for paroxysmal atrial fibrillaiton
20 Not yet recruiting Optical Defocus to Stimulate Eye Elongation in Hyperopia
Conditions: Hyperopia;   Refractive Error
Interventions: Device: Simultaneous Vision Bifocal Soft Contact Lenses;   Device: Single Vision Soft Contact Lenses
Outcome Measures: Axial length;   Refractive Error

These studies may lead to new treatments and are adding insight into Contac etiology and treatment.

A major focus of Contac research is the development of new drugs and other treatment options. Studies seek to identify new drugs to treat various related disorders and to find safer, more effective doses for medications already being used. Other research is aimed at identifying receptors or drug targets.

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