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Promotion Medical Research Studies

Up-to-date List of Promotion Medical Research Studies

What Research is Being Done?

A clinical study involves research using human volunteers (also called participants) that is intended to add to medical knowledge. There are two main types of clinical studies: clinical trials (also called interventional studies) and observational studies. Following list includes both interventional and observational studies.

Latest Promotion Medical Research Studies

Rank Status Study
1 Unknown  Promoting Health by Self Experience (PHASE) Randomized Controlled Trial
Conditions: Personal Experience and Personal Initiation Program;   Health Prevention Activities;   Impact on Patients
Intervention: Behavioral: Health Promotion
Outcome Measure: Promoting Health randomized controlled trial
2 Recruiting PVS: Innovative Programs For Healthy Lifestyle Promotion in Primary Care: 'Prescribe Healthy Life'
Conditions: Health Promotion;   Health Education;   Patient Education;   Counseling;   Behavior Therapy;   Health Behavior
Intervention: Behavioral: PVS: Programa de Vida Saludable
Outcome Measures: adoption of the minimum recommended levels of physical activity, fruits and vegetables consumption and smoking abstinence;   Perceived preventive practice
3 Recruiting Continence Across Continents to Upend Stigma and Dependency
Conditions: Urinary Incontinence;   Falls;   Quality of Life;   Stigma
Interventions: Behavioral: Continence Promotion group education workshop;   Behavioral: Sham health lecture
Outcome Measures: Self-reported improvement in urinary incontinence;   Falls;   Reduction in incontinence related stigma and quality of life
4 Unknown  A Study of the Effect of Mental Health Promotion on Mental Health Index
Condition: Healthy
Outcome Measure:
5 Recruiting SCI-VIP: Predictive Outcome Model Over Time for Employment (PrOMOTE)
Condition: Spinal Cord Injuries
Intervention: Behavioral: Vocational Rehabilitation
Outcome Measures: Status of Employment;   Levels of Supported Employment and Cost Effectiveness;   Measures of functional abilities and impairments, quality of life, depression;   Health Status Information
6 Recruiting Peg-Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor (GCSF) for Coronary Collateral Growth in Coronary Artery Disease Patients
Condition: Coronary Artery Disease
Interventions: Biological: pegfilgrastim;   Other: Placebo
Outcome Measures: Collateral flow index (CFI);   Myocardial blood flow (MBF) during hyperemia
7 Recruiting Increasing Implementation of Evidence-based Interventions at Low-wage Worksites
Conditions: Cancer;   Health Promotion
Intervention: Other: HealthLinks
Outcome Measures: Worksite implementation of evidence-based health Promotion interventions;   Workers' health behaviors related to cancer screening, nutrition, physical activity, and tobacco use
8 Not yet recruiting Preschool Literacy Screening: Validating a 5 Question Survey Using the GRTR-R and the Efficacy of Literacy-promoting Interventions
Condition: Early Childhood Literacy
Interventions: Other: Literacy promoting home based program;   Other: Literacy Toolkit
Outcome Measure: Get Ready To Read- Revised score
9 Recruiting A Randomized Trial of Economic Incentives to Promote Walking Among Full Time Employees
Condition: Physical Activity
Interventions: Device: Fitbit;   Behavioral: Cash Incentives;   Behavioral: Charitable Incentives;   Other: Usual Care
Outcome Measures: Changes in MVPA (Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity) bouts of participants from baseline to months 6 and 12;   Change in VO2Max of participants from baseline to months 6, and 12.
10 Recruiting Preconception Reproductive Knowledge Promotion (PREKNOP)
Condition: Pregnancy
Interventions: Other: Knowing your body;   Behavioral: Healthy Lifestyle
Outcome Measures: Change from baseline reproductive knowledge of ovulation, menstrual cycle, peak fertile times, and early signs of pregnancy.;   Change from baseline number of unplanned pregnancies
11 Recruiting Health Promotion Intervention Program at the Workplace
Condition: Conditions Influencing Health Status
Intervention: Behavioral: Health intervention
Outcome Measures: Anthropometric measures;   Absenteeism from work;   Blood tests results
12 Recruiting HIV/STI Prevention for Adolescents With Substance Use Disorders in Treatment
Conditions: HIV;   Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Interventions: Behavioral: STYLEnS;   Behavioral: Health Promotion
Outcome Measures: Unprotected vaginal or anal sex occasions;   Caregiver-youth communication about sex;   Caregiver-youth communication about sexual risk behaviors;   Feasibility of conducting the intervention;   Acceptability of the intervention
13 Not yet recruiting Analyzing the Impact of the Now iKnow Health Care Price Transparency Tool
Conditions: Use of a Price and Quality Tool;   Health Care Costs
Interventions: Other: lottery for tool users to win a $500 prize;   Other: enhanced Promotion of the tool to employers and members
Outcome Measures: mean per-member-per-month total health care costs;   percent of subjects using the tool;   mean per-member-per-month out-of-pocket costs;   per-member-per-month utilization of health care services
14 Recruiting The Wildcat Wellness Coaching Trial
Condition: Health Promotion and Obesity Prevention
Intervention: Behavioral: Wellness coaching
Outcome Measures: body mass index Z-score;   Quality of life
15 Not yet recruiting Dynamo: a Tailored Lifestyle Promotion Intervention Among Pediatric Patients With Cardiometabolic Risk Factors
Condition: Obese
Interventions: Behavioral: Sensor based PA intervention;   Behavioral: Traditional PA counseling
Outcome Measures: Change in physical activity levels;   Change in blood pressure;   Change in glucose homeostasis;   Change in lipid status;   Change in body mass index
16 Recruiting Development of Workplace Physical Activity Promotion Models in Taiwan
Condition: Occupational Health
Intervention: Behavioral: Workplace intervention
Outcome Measures: Change of health-related physical fitness from baseline to 16-week;   Change of physical activity from baseline to 16-week;   Change of sleep quality from baseline to 16-week;   Change of depression symptoms from baseline to 16-week;   Change of stress from baseline to 16-week
17 Recruiting Health Promotion in Adolescents in Ecuador
Condition: Overweight
Interventions: Other: Experimental;   Other: No intervention
Outcome Measures: Behavioural determinants of physical activity and nutrition by determinant questionnaire;   Physical activity, physical fitness and sedentarity (questionnaire and accelerometer);   Food intake by 24h recall;   Anthropometry;   Blood pressure;   Socio-economical questionnaire
18 Recruiting Strategies to Increase HIV Testing, Linkages to Care, and Male Circumcision in Africa
Condition: HIV
Interventions: Other: POC CD4 Testing;   Other: CD4 Referral;   Behavioral: Lay Counselor Follow-up;   Behavioral: Clinic Accompaniment;   Behavioral: Clinic Referral;   Behavioral: SMS Reminder;   Behavioral: Circumcision Promotion;   Other: POC VL;   Other: Laboratory based VL assay
Outcome Measures: Linkage to care for HIV infected persons not on treatment following a point-of care CD4 count compared to referral to clinic for CD4 testing;   Uptake of male circumcision referral among HIV-uninfected men with either Promotion at point of HIV testing, SMS follow-up or lay-counselor follow-up visits;   Linkage to care for HIV infected persons after lay counselor follow-up, accompaniment to HIV clinic by lay counselor, or clinic referral;   POC viral load testing impact on ART adherence and viral suppression compared to standard laboratory testing
19 Not yet recruiting A Primary Care, EHR- Based Strategy to Promote Safe and Appropriate Drug Use
Conditions: Diabetes Mellitus Type I;   Diabetes Mellitus Type II
Intervention: Other: EHR Based Strategy to promote Safe and Appropriate Drug Use
Outcome Measures: Medication adherence;   Clinical outcomes-systolic blood pressure, HbA1, and LDL cholesterol.
20 Recruiting A Culture-Centered Approach to Promoting Women's Heart Health in Singapore
Condition: Cardiovascular Disease
Intervention: Other: Gender-tailored women's heart health outpatient programme
Outcome Measures: Change in cardiovascular risk markers;   Changes in quality of life;   Changes in depression and activity status;   Changes in cardiac overload and highly sensitive C reactive protein

These studies may lead to new treatments and are adding insight into Promotion etiology and treatment.

A major focus of Promotion research is the development of new drugs and other treatment options. Studies seek to identify new drugs to treat various related disorders and to find safer, more effective doses for medications already being used. Other research is aimed at identifying receptors or drug targets.

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