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Prostavasin Medical Research Studies

Up-to-date List of Prostavasin Medical Research Studies

What Research is Being Done?

A clinical study involves research using human volunteers (also called participants) that is intended to add to medical knowledge. There are two main types of clinical studies: clinical trials (also called interventional studies) and observational studies. Following list includes both interventional and observational studies.

Latest Prostavasin Medical Research Studies

Rank Status Study
1 Unknown  The Use of Prostaglandin E1 in Head and Neck Microsurgery
Conditions: Microsurgery;   Head and Neck;   Prostaglandin E1;   Thrombosis;   Complications
Interventions: Drug: Prostaglandin E1;   Other: Saline
Outcome Measures: Free flap re-exploration rate;   Surgical complication rate
2 Unknown  Protective Effect of Lipo-PGE1 on Myocardial Injury Following Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
Conditions: Prostaglandin E1;   Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
Intervention: Drug: lipo-PGE1
Outcome Measures: The primary objective of the present study is to assess the effects of lipo-PGE1 on postprocedural changes of cardiac biomarker levels in patients with non-ST-segment elevation ACS following hospital admission for early PCI;   The secondary objectives are to evaluate the efficacy of lipo-PGE1 in improving cardiovascular outcomes, and the safety and tolerability profile of lipo-PGE1
3 Unknown  Prostaglandin E1 (Liprostin) Treatment With Lower Limb Angioplasty for Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease
Condition: Peripheral Vascular Disease
Intervention: Drug: Liprostin [liposomal Prostaglandin E1]
Outcome Measure:
4 Recruiting Evaluation of an Educational Program Associated With Exercises (EDEX) Before Total Knee Arthroplasty
Condition: Knee Osteoarthritis
Interventions: Other: Educational and exercise program;   Other: Usual care
Outcome Measures: Ability to quit the orthopedic department;   Pain;   Function;   Quality of life;   Number of steps;   Treatment satisfaction;   Cost-effectiveness analysis of the two strategies of treatment. Cost-utility ratio
5 Unknown  Prognostic Influence of Light Rheography Measurement of Patients With Secundary Raynaud Syndrome With Ulcers on Hands
Conditions: Raynaud's Phenomenon;   Skin Necrosis
Interventions: Drug: Tracleer;   Drug: Prostavasin
Outcome Measures: Quantification of the blood flow before, during and after the medical therapy;   Emerge of new ulcers
6 Recruiting Muco Smartphone Exacerbation
Condition: Cystic Fibrosis
Intervention: Device: Application of Smartphone
Outcome Measures: Frequency of exacerbation;   Satisfactory status and compliance
7 Recruiting Magnetic Resonance Angiography vs Ultrasonography in Systemic Large vEssel vasculitiS
Condition: Systemic Vasculitis
Interventions: Device: Ultrasound;   Device: MRA
Outcome Measures: Accuracy of CDUS vs MRA in the assessment of the IMC thickness of the supra-aortic vessels in patients with sLVV.;   Measurement of the the average IMC thickness of aorta, carotid, subclavian, vertebral, axillary and temporal arteries in a population of healthy individuals.;   Cellular, cytokine and genetic abnormalities in sLVV patients compared to the control group of healthy individuals
8 Recruiting Sub Lingual Misoprostol Before IUD Insertion in Women With Only Previous Cesarean Section
Condition: IUD Insertion
Interventions: Drug: Misoprostol;   Drug: Placebo
Outcome Measures: Pain;   Difficulty of Procedure;   Complications
9 Recruiting The Therapeutical Role of Continuous Intra-femoral Artery Infusion of Urokinase on Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Condition: Diabetic Foot Ulcer
Interventions: Drug: continuous intra-femoral thrombolysis group;   Drug: Conventional therapy group
Outcome Measures: healing rate of diabetic foot ulcers;   The recurrence rate of diabetic foot ulcers;   cardiovascular events during the follow up period
10 Recruiting Misoprostol for Treatment of Postpartum Haemorrhage (PPH) in Home Births
Condition: Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH)
Interventions: Other: placebo;   Drug: Misoprostol
Outcome Measures: Hb of greater than 2 g/dl from pre- to post-delivery;   Side effects;   additional interventions;   Acceptability
11 Unknown  Buccal Versus Vaginal Misoprostol for Third Trimester Induction of Labor
Condition: Pregnancy
Interventions: Drug: Buccal Misoprostol;   Drug: Vaginal misoprostol
Outcome Measures: Efficacy of buccal misoprostol versus vaginal misoprostol for third trimester induction of labor;   Patient satisfaction with buccal versus vaginal misoprostol administration.
12 Recruiting Cervical Ripening Before Endometrial Biopsy in Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Using Sublingual Misoprostol
Condition: Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Unrelated to Menstrual Cycle
Interventions: Drug: Misoprostol;   Drug: Vitamin B6
Outcome Measure: efficacy of 200 microgram Misoprostol for cervical ripening prior to performing fractional curettage in patients with abnormal uterine bleeding
13 Recruiting The Role of Uterine Artery Doppler Parameters in the Management of Retained Products of Conception.
Conditions: Missed Abortion;   Incomplete Abortion;   Uterine Gestational Residua;   Uterine Artery Doppler
Outcome Measures: uterine artery doppler parameters;   success rate of treatment of misoprostol in missed and incomplete abortions
14 Recruiting Misoprostol Treatment of Incomplete Abortion by Midwives and Physicians in Uganda
Condition: Incomplete Abortion
Intervention: Procedure: Misoprostol treatment by midwife
Outcome Measures: complete abortion;   bleeding;   pain;   women's experiences of the method and care provided;   un-scheduled visits
15 Recruiting Task Sharing to Improve Post Abortion Care at Primary Health Care Level- Trial in Uganda
Condition: Pregnancy
Intervention: Other: misoprostol by midwife
Outcome Measures: Complete abortion;   bleeding;   pain;   acceptability;   un-scheduled visits
16 Recruiting A Study Comparing the Efficacy and Safety of Orally Administered Ibuprofen and Placebo in Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
Condition: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
Intervention: Drug: Acetaminophen 1000mg
Outcome Measures: SPID (Sum Pain Intensity Difference);   spontaneous muscle pain/soreness;   Muscle stiffness with movement;   Overall evaluation measures
17 Not yet recruiting Sexual and Urological Rehabilitation to Men Operated for Prostate Cancer and Their Partners
Condition: Prostate Cancer
Intervention: Behavioral: Sexual and urological intervention
Outcome Measures: Erectile function measured by the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-15);   Sexual satisfaction measured by IIEF-15;   Female sexual satisfaction measured by The Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI);   Female Sexual Distress measured by the Female Sexual Distress Scale (FSDS);   Urological function measured by The Expanded Prostate Cancer Composite Index (EPIC-26);   Marital function measured by The Dyadic Adjustment Scale (DAS);   Health related quality of life measured by The Short Form Health Survey (SF-36);   Anxiety measured by The Symptom Check List (SCL-92);   Depression measured by The Major Depression Inventory (MDI)
18 Recruiting 12-Week Study of Plecanatide for CIC (The CIC3 Study)
Condition: Chronic Idiopathic Constipation
Interventions: Drug: Plecanatide;   Drug: Placebo
Outcome Measure: Proportion of patients who are overall responders
19 Recruiting Open-label Extension (OLE) Study of Plecanatide for Chronic Idiopathic Constipation (CIC)
Condition: Chronic Idiopathic Constipation
Intervention: Drug: Plecanatide
Outcome Measures: Safety and Tolerability;   Patient-Reported Outcomes

These studies may lead to new treatments and are adding insight into Prostavasin etiology and treatment.

A major focus of Prostavasin research is the development of new drugs and other treatment options. Studies seek to identify new drugs to treat various related disorders and to find safer, more effective doses for medications already being used. Other research is aimed at identifying receptors or drug targets.

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