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Quicken Medical Research Studies

Up-to-date List of Quicken Medical Research Studies

What Research is Being Done?

A clinical study involves research using human volunteers (also called participants) that is intended to add to medical knowledge. There are two main types of clinical studies: clinical trials (also called interventional studies) and observational studies. Following list includes both interventional and observational studies.

Latest Quicken Medical Research Studies

Rank Status Study
1 Unknown  A Clinical Trials of Quick-Acting Heart Reliever for Moderate Coronary Stenosis
Conditions: Coronary Artery Stenosis;   Coronary Heart Disease
Interventions: Drug: Quick-Acting Heart Reliever;   Drug: Isosorbide Dinitrate;   Drug: Placebo of Isosorbide Dinitrate;   Drug: Aspirin Enteric-coated Tablets;   Drug: Placebo of Quick-Acting Heart Reliever
Outcome Measures: the effective power of angina pectoris;   plaque;   myocardium blood-supply;   the end point of the heart(a composite of cardiovascular events including death, nonfatal myocardial infarction,coronary revascularization, hospitalized unstable angina);   symptoms score;   quality of life;   MMP-9;   SCD40L;   VEGF;   bFGF
2 Recruiting Metoclopramide Pilot Trial
Condition: Gastroschisis
Interventions: Drug: intravenous metoclopramide;   Other: Placebo
Outcome Measures: Days to achieve full enteral feeding;   Duration until initiation of enteral feeds;   Duration on parenteral nutrition;   Weight gain;   Occurrence of adverse effects;   Rate of catheter-related sepsis episodes;   Incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC);   Duration of hospitalization;   Conjugated bilirubin levels
3 Unknown  The Influence of Ambulation on the Return of Bowel Function After Colorectal Surgery
Condition: Return of Bowel Function After Colon Surgery
Interventions: Procedure: Ambulation regimen;   Drug: Sitz-Markers;   Radiation: Daily abdominal x-rays;   Device: pedometers
Outcome Measures: Return of bowel function;   Shorter Length of hospitalization;   Post-operative complications;   Return of normal activities
4 Recruiting Evaluation of SP Resistance and Effectiveness of IPTp in Nigeria
Condition: Pregnancy Complications Parasitic
Intervention: Drug: Efficacy of suphladoxine/pyrimethamine as IPTp
Outcome Measures: To determine the efficacy of SP-IPTp for clearing peripheral malaria parasiteamia in asymptomatic primi and secondi gravid women;   To determine the efficacy of SP-IPTp in preventing new infections in primi- and secundi-gravid women;   To estimate the prevalence of molecular markers of SP resistance in primi- and secundi-gravid women

These studies may lead to new treatments and are adding insight into Quicken etiology and treatment.

A major focus of Quicken research is the development of new drugs and other treatment options. Studies seek to identify new drugs to treat various related disorders and to find safer, more effective doses for medications already being used. Other research is aimed at identifying receptors or drug targets.

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