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Reporting Your Diaformin Side Effect can play a very important role by raising awareness for other diaformin users and can help identify an unknown side effect and inform other users and health care professionals. If you think you may have a medical emergency due to a serious side effect, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

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Tummy Pain/diahorrea (109)
Stomach Cramps (83)
Tired (77)
Mild Loose Bowel Movements (69)
Loss Of Strength (47)
Constipation (41)
Hair Loss (39)
Diarrhea (34)
Itchy Legs (22)
Fatigue (19)
Itching (11)
Stomach Cramps, Diareah, Vomiting (11)
Coversyl (9)
Vomiting (8)
Nausea (7)
Lack Of Energy (7)
Tiredness (6)
Swelling Of My Abdnomin (5)
Loss Of Appetite/nausea (5)
Itchy Skin (5)
Dizziness (5)
Tiredness, Lack Of Energy (4)
No Change In Sugar Levels (4)
Headache (4)
Weight Gain (3)
Hyperglycemia (3)
Very Tired But Cant Go To Sleep-constipation-itching- Nausea-hairloss-no Energy (3)
Exhaustion (3)
Bad Cramps (3)
Bloating (3)
Weight Loss (2)
Very Tired (2)
Very Tired,cant Sleep-itching Arms & Legs-constipation – Loss Of Strenght- Loss Of Memory- (2)
Dyspnoea (2)
Skin Allergies (2)
Arterial Disorder (2)
Hunger (2)
Excessive Sweating With No Physical Activity (2)
Cant Sleep-itching Arms & Legs-constipation – Loss Of Strenght- Loss Of Memory- (2)
Mood Changes (2)
Cardiac Arrythmias (2)
Gastric (2)
Loss Of Appetite (2)
Bloated Stomach (2)
Stomach Pains (1)
Temperature (1)
Skin Allergy (1)
Shaking Hands (1)
Numdness To Face (1)
Needles Loss Of Warmth (1)
Pins And Needles Loss Of Warmth (1)
Runny Tummy (1)
Tired Constipation Shaking Inside (1)
Severe Stomach Cramps (1)
Sickness (1)
Wind Burping Stomach Pains (1)
Dehydration (1)
Blood Glucose Increased (1)
Angioneurotic Oedema (1)
Weight Decreased (1)
Hypoglycaemia (1)
Nausea Diahorrea (1)
Verry Watery Stools (1)
Waking Up Ever Night At About 2/4am??? (1)
Renal Failure Acute (1)
Pernicious Anaemia (1)
Trembling Inside (1)
Body Cramps (1)
Dizziness, Fatigue, (1)
Diahorrea (1)
Dry Mouth (1)
Excessive Sweating With No Physical Activity, Nausea Diahorrea, Skin Allergies, Hypos, Body Cramps, Lethargy And Exhaustion, Liver And Kidney Failure, Cardiac Arrythmias (1)
Feeling Cold (1)
Confusion (1)
Blurry Vision (1)
Abdominal Upper Discomfort (1)
Bad Taste (1)
Blotches On Face (1)
Blured Vision (1)
Feeling Cold And Hot (1)
Gas (1)
Liver (1)
Lethargy (1)
Memory Loss (1)
Menstruation (1)
Mood Swings (1)
Leg Cramps (1)
Kidney Failure (1)
Gut Aches, Mild Loose Bowel Movements. (1)
Hormonal (1)
Hypos (1)
Joint Pain (1)
Nausea And Loss Of Appetite (1)

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One comment on “Diaformin
  1. Natalino Drago says:

    I am experiencing lower back pain and joint pain.

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