Find Out How to Take the Medication

Find Out How to Take the Medication
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Ask your doctor, pharmacist, or nurse about the right way to take any medicine before you start to use it. Ask questions when you don’t know the meaning of a word, or when instructions aren’t clear. Here are some specific questions to ask:

  • When should I take it? As needed, or on a schedule? Before, with, or between meals? At bedtime?
  • How often should I take it?
  • How long will I have to take it?
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    3 comments on “Find Out How to Take the Medication
    1. Sivamurugan says:

      How and when to take This Eltroxin 100 mg as I was prescribed to take this medicine because of hypothyrodism for last three years. But now This seems to be not effective now a days.

    2. Sue Robertson says:

      Falling asleep any time during the day. Continuous cough with white mucous (throat irritation). Hayfever symptoms though never had this complaint in 70 years. Being treated for hayfever. (taking Cetirizine x2 daily) Also taking Clopidogrel. Stopped taking cholesterol medicine.

    3. francisco pané sánchez says:

      Me cuesta aceptar, aunque desdichadamente es una realidad, que con semejante espectro de efectos secundarios que tiene el secotex ocas, haya galenos que lo mediquen. Aquí en Costa Rica es un producto caro, cuyo precio medio es de $50; estaría comprando una altísima expectativa de morir de alguno de los letales efectos secundarios del mismo. No gracias, yo paso.

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