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INFLUENZA (FLUZONE) Side Effects Report # 338260
INFLUENZA (FLUZONE) side effect was reported on 01/26/2009. Male patient, 18.0 years of age, was vaccinated with INFLUENZA (FLUZONE). After vaccination, patient experienced the following side effects: anxiety, atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, bundle branch block, cardiac ablation"3-4 hours after being vaccinated pt. began having SOB and then palpitations with heart racing. Pt. taken to ER and admitted with tachycardia and BBB. Pt. diagnosed with Wolf-Parkinson-White Syndrome and treated with cardioablation and B-blocker therapy. 2/2/09 PCP records received for 18 yr old PE dated 1/7/09. PE WNL. Flu shot given. F/U note that pt began having SOB and heart racing that pm. Dx: Wolfe-Parkinson-White syndrome and had a cardioablation and placed on B-blocker. 2/20/09 MR received for DOS 1/8-13/2009 with Final DX: Atrial fibrillation. Anxiety state. Reflux disease. Pt presented with 1 day hx of intermittent palpitations with SOB. Atrial fib with rapid ventricular response noted on EKG on arrival in ED, one episode of SVT. Admitted and started on Beta blockers. Episode of bradycardia in the 40's on 1/11/09 and chest pressure that pm. CP likely GERD. AV node ablation performed with resolution of arrhythmia. D/C on Beta blocker.". NoneNone. PMH: EIA. T&A. allergic to beestings.EKG in ER showed IRBBB and tachycardia. Echocardiogram and CXR negative. Labs and Diagnostics: EP study abnormal-recuurant AV nodal echo beats. CXR WNL. Myoglobin WNL. Serial cardiac enzymes WNL except final Troponin I 0.57. Echo (+) . During the same period patient was treated with None at the time of vaccination.. Patient was hospitalized Patient recovered.

INFLUENZA (FLUZONE) Side Effects Report # 340577
INFLUENZA (FLUZONE) side effect was reported on 02/24/2009. Male patient, child 0.7 years of age, was vaccinated with INFLUENZA (FLUZONE). After vaccination, patient experienced the following side effects: bacterial infection, blood culture positive, chest x-ray abnormal, cough, culture stool negative"Reported from mother: Pt was admitted to hospital 2-18-09 due to fever 104.6. Stated blood culture done in ER was (+) for bacterial infection. Repeat blood cultures on Friday were negative. Stool cultures done were negative. Pt was released home 2-21-09 in a.m. with Rx AZITHROMAX. Spoke with mother 2-24-09 states pt doing well with no fever and has been Tx with antbx. 2/25/09 MR received for DOS 2/19-21/2009 with DX: Fever w/o source. Leukocytosis. Pt presented with 2 day hx of fever. Received vax today and fever up to 104.6. PE (+) for cough and rhinorrhea, mild tachycardia. Admitted for observation and tx with abx.". 12-30-08 DX with RSV; 7-20-08 DX with GERD; 1/10/09 Acute Bronchitis PMH: RSV"1/10/09 WBC's increased 23.5 k/ul per PCP. Labs: WBC 17.9, 26% lymphs, 59.9% neutros. Flu (-). Strep (-). CXR (+) mild perihilar and peribronchial inflammatory changes c/w bronchitis early pneumonia." . During the same period patient was treated with Albuterol Nebulizer; Hx taking ZANTAC. Patient was hospitalized Patient recovered.

INFLUENZA (FLUZONE) Side Effects Report # 341571
INFLUENZA (FLUZONE) side effect was reported on 03/12/2009. Female patient, 26.0 years of age, was vaccinated with INFLUENZA (FLUZONE). After vaccination, patient experienced the following side effects: acidosis, anaphylactic reaction, blood bicarbonate decreased, blood glucose increased, blood phosphorus decreased"Head to toe rash, respiratory distress, elevated temperature, (102 and higher), tachycardia. Treatment required three trips to the emergency room where patient was given intravenous Benadryl, a selection of steroids, oxygen, antipyretics and supportive care. 4/3/09 MR received for DOS 3/12-15/2009 with D/C DX: Anaphylaxis, likely 2' to influenza and pneumococcal vaccines. Recurrent wheezing and SOB x 48 hrs. Pt initially presented to ER 3/10/09 with throat swelling and hives. Tx and d/c. Returned with same sx 3/11/09 and tx and d/c. Returned 3/12/09 with recurring sx. Noted to be acidotic, tachycardic with low Phosphorus and elevated WBCs. Admitted for IV steroids with resolution of hives, rash, SOB, cough, wheezing and throat swelling.". "No other illness at the time. Information regarding manufacturer, lot number and other blanks will need to be filled in by admin"None. PMH: tachycardia. Intersticial cystitis. Smoker"Chest radiography, numerous laboratory testing including CBC, ESR. Labs: WBCs 20K. Bicrb 19. Phosphorus 0.9 up to 2.7. BS up to 113 s/p steroids. CXR WNL. HR 160s." . Patient was hospitalized Patient recovered. does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The information contained on site has not been scientifically or otherwise verified as to a cause and effect relationship and cannot be used to estimate the incidence of adverse drug reactions or for establishing or changing of patient treatments. Thank you for visiting Hope you enjoyed finding information on medications and found answers to Your Questions about medication side effects