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Recent Reviews

after reading the above, I would like to share that My fbs dropped to 70 after shifting to hum insulin 30/70 from other make, where there is no control.I think it is better working for me.

i took my insulin at 10pm about 1130 i started to black out get dizzy confused sweating took my readind at 4pm it was 247

<b>Describe I was put on Deplin 15mg to supplement the antidepressent that I have been on for for 3wks now. This was just 2 days ago. I feel a little better, but I am an insulin dependent diabetic, and my sugars have actually gone up to

59 year old male has had diabetis for almost 4 years has swollen feet and has gained 30 pounds after his doctor increased his insulin intake but my numbers are down so I guess iuts a give and take situation is there any thing I can do about these sid

Addition- I was hospitalized in Bermuda, March 20 - 25/10, after spending evening of 19th., in E.R. with B.G. 448. Hydrated with N/Saline. Insulin commenced. Hyzaar D/C because of Diuretic.All tests neg., so far!&nbs

After injecting Lantus solo star I have severe leg and arm anxiety and unable to sleep.

After the kidney transplant my daughter's glucouse level was very high due to tacrolimus At the moment she takes insulin I want to know that the damage tacrolimus was done for the beta cells are permanant? little by little the units she takes reducin

Also i get diahorrea more regularly than non-diabetics for what seems like no reason atall. I strongly suspect lantus. PH clashes can not possibly be a good thing

Ask ur doctor about lantus and humalog once in a day with main meal. that may help u better. or twice humalog and one lantus

Been on the insulin since last year. ever since then i have been experiencing headaches, tiredness and even hair loss to the point where i am to scared to even brush my hair!

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