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Cardiac Symptoms and Causes

If you're like most people, you think that heart disease is a problem for others. But heart disease is the number one killer in the U.S. It is also a major cause of disability. There are many different forms of heart disease. The most common cause of heart disease is narrowing or blockage of the coronary arteries, the blood vessels that supply blood to the heart itself. This is called coronary artery disease and happens slowly over time. It's the major reason people have heart attacks.

Other kinds of heart problems may happen to the valves in the heart, or the heart may not pump well and cause heart failure. Some people are born with heart disease.

You can help reduce your risk of heart disease by taking steps to control factors that put you at greater risk:

  • Control your blood pressure
  • Lower your cholesterol
  • Don't smoke
  • Get enough exercise

NIH: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

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Plavix Side Effects

Myocardial Infarction (302)
Dyspnoea (270)
Anaemia (263)
Contusion (260)
Asthenia (251)
Death (238)
Cerebrovascular Accident (215)
Gastrointestinal Haemorrhage (207)
Dizziness (204)
Chest Pain (200)
Haemorrhage (176)
Fall (166)
Fatigue (162)
Headache (152)
Haemoglobin Decreased (145)
Diarrhoea (137)
Nausea (132)
Epistaxis (132)
Pruritus (129)
Coronary Artery Occlusion (123)
Pain (117)
Pyrexia (116)
Malaise (112)
Loss Of Consciousness (109)
Rash (108)
Rectal Haemorrhage (106)
Pain In Extremity (105)
Transient Ischaemic Attack (104)
Off Label Use (100)
Weight Decreased (98)
Atrial Fibrillation (98)
Melaena (96)
Arthralgia (93)
International Normalised Ratio Increased (91)
Haematemesis (90)
Abdominal Pain Upper (90)
Pneumonia (89)
Condition Aggravated (89)
Cardiac Failure Congestive (87)
Oedema Peripheral (87)
Renal Failure (85)
Vomiting (85)
Hypertension (85)
Angina Pectoris (85)
Hypotension (84)
Back Pain (83)
Confusional State (81)
Thrombosis (81)
Gait Disturbance (73)
Myalgia (72)

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Common Meds

Abilify (10132)
Adderall (1304)
Amlodipine (6664)
Amoxicillin (4387)
Benadryl (1568)
Celebrex (12876 )
Celexa (1342)
Cialis (2975)
Cipro (8580)
Citalopram (7792)
Crestor (18839)
Cymbalta (14373)
Doxycycline (1757)
Effexor (7289)
Flexeril (435)
Flomax (2177)
Fluoxetine (4261)
Gabapentin (4593)
Hydrocodone (2469)
Ibuprofen (8222)
Lantus (10968)
Lexapro (3499)
Lipitor (17769)
Lisinopril (8919)
Lyrica (27148)
Medrol (650)
Mirena (41254)
Mobic (957)
Morphine (5356)
Naproxen (538)
Neurontin (6501)
Oxycodone (4438)
Pradaxa (13372)
Prednisone (5926)
Prilosec (2631)
Prozac (1954)
Seroquel (27216)
Simvastatin (8348)
Synthroid (4452)
Tamiflu (5585)
Topamax (3748)
Tramadol (5054)
Trazodone (1458)
Viagra (5394)
Vicodin (1153)
Wellbutrin (6324)
Xanax (2847)
Zocor (5718)

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75 mg

A horrible experience taking plavix, i had all the side effects taking this drug ,question ur Dc. before taking it and 9don,t believe him)

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Cardiac vegetation

Causes of cardiac vegetations

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Gastrointestinal. Severe pain starting in middle of chest and wrapping around to middle of back. Tests showed inflamation in stomach and I am now on a bland diet indefinately. Also had trouble swallowing pills and food.&


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<b>Describe Your Tazocin Experience Here:</b>after it was administered to my farther in hospital for the first time on day he was due to be released he had a cardiac arrest with multiple organ failure and subsequently died

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Anything to indicate tha Xeloda causes cardiac arrest or arrhythmia? I had cardiac arrest and the doctors can find no other reason.

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Cardiac flutter, fatigue

Cardiac vegetation

Causes of cardiac vegetations

Hello, after xray report says normal size cardiac silhouette. bronchitic change seen both lungs. please advice

I am 47,male ,doctor .I had been taking domperidone for heart burnsensation.My all cardiac tests are negative .I took domperidone mostly in the mornings only.I developed feelinf of imbalance very rapidly.All the ENT tests were normal and Neurology in

Cardiac Clinical Trials and Studies

Treatments might be new drugs or new combinations of drugs, new surgical procedures or devices, or new ways to use existing treatments. The goal of clinical trials is to determine if a new test or treatment works and is safe. Clinical trials can also look at other aspects of care, such as improving the quality of life for people with chronic illnesses. People participate in clinical trials for a variety of reasons. Healthy volunteers say they participate to help others and to contribute to moving science forward. Participants with an illness or disease also participate to help others, but also to possibly receive the newest treatment and to have the additional care and attention from the clinical trial staff.
Rank Status Study
1 Recruiting IMAGE-HF Project I-A: CARDIAC Imaging in Ischemic Heart Failure (AIMI-HF)
Conditions: Heart Failure;   Coronary Artery Disease;   Ischemic Cardiomyopathy;   Non-ischemic Cardiomyopathy
Interventions: Other: Advanced CARDIAC imaging;   Other: Standard CARDIAC Imaging
Outcome Measures: The time to occurrence of the first composite clinical endpoint.;   Change in LVEF as measured by echocardiography;   Change in NYHA symptom class based on telephone interview and/or clinical assessment;   QoL measures using validated questionnaires;   Resource utilization and cost;   All cause mortality.;   Change in NYHA symptom class based on telephone interview and/or clinical
2 Recruiting CARDIAC GSI Feasibility Study
Condition: High Risk of Significant Coronary Artery Disease
Intervention: Device: CARDIAC GSI
Outcome Measures: Feasibility - Assessment of rates of recruitment, acceptability of the procedure to patients, ease of CT acquisition;   radiation burden of the CARDIAC GSI techniques
3 Not yet recruiting High-sensitivity Troponin in CARDIAC Surgery
Conditions: Heart; Dysfunction Postoperative, CARDIAC Surgery;   Myocardial Infarction;   Myocardial Injury
Intervention: Other: serum concentration changes CARDIAC biomarkers
Outcome Measures: high-sensitivity troponin T concentration changes over time in patients undergoing CARDIAC surgery;   CK-MB concentration changes over time in patients undergoing CARDIAC surgery;   Determination of threshold values for high-sensitivity troponin T and CK-MB CARDIAC biomarkers that strongly suggest substantial myocardial damage and necrosis.
4 Not yet recruiting Advanced CARDIAC Imaging in CARDIAC Allograft Vasculopathy
Condition: Heart Transplantation
Intervention: Radiation: CARDIAC CT
Outcome Measures: Number of patients with adverse events from CARDIAC CT and CARDIAC MRI scan in heart transplant patients;   Describe CT and MRI imaging findings of established CAV;   Correlation between intimal thickening by IVUS imaging at CARDIAC catheterization and CCT and CMR perfusion abnormalities;   The association between CCT/CMR perfusion abnormalities one year post transplant and the development of angiographically apparent CAV, graft dysfunction, CARDIAC adverse events, and overall survival long term
5 Recruiting CARDIAC Allograft Remodeling and Effects of Sirolimus
Conditions: CARDIAC Hypertrophy;   Immunosuppression
Interventions: Radiation: CARDIAC MRI;   Procedure: Coronary angiography with IVUS;   Other: CARDIAC Allograft Remodeling;   Drug: M-TOR Immunosuppression;   Procedure: CARDIAC Biopsy C4D stain;   Genetic: Genetic Mechanism of M-TOR;   Other: Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test (CPET)
Outcome Measures: Assessment in left ventricular hypertrophy;   Assess outcomes;   Access outcomes
6 Recruiting A Study to Assess the Effectiveness and Safety of Rivaroxaban in Reducing the Risk of Death, Myocardial Infarction or Stroke in Participants With Heart Failure and Coronary Artery Disease Following Hospitalization for Heart Failure
Conditions: Heart Failure;   Coronary Artery Disease
Interventions: Drug: Rivaroxaban;   Drug: Placebo;   Other: Standard of care for heart failure and coronary artery disease
Outcome Measures: Time to the first occurrence of any of the following: death from any cause, myocardial infarction, or stroke;   Time to the first occurrence of either fatal bleeding or bleeding into a critical space with potential for permanent disability;   Time to the first occurrence of either death due to a cardiovascular cause or re-hospitalization for worsening of heart failure;   Time to death due to a cardiovascular cause;   Time to rehospitalization for worsening of heart failure;   Time to rehospitalization for cardiovascular events;   Time to bleeding requiring hospitalization
7 Recruiting The GRAFT Study: Evaluation of Graft Function, Rejection and CARDIAC Allograft Vasculopathy in First Heart Transplant Recipients.
Conditions: CARDIAC Allograft Vasculopathy;   CARDIAC Allograft Rejcetion;   Exercise Capacity HTX Patients;   Haemodynamic Changes During Exercise HTX Patients;   Right Heart Function HTX Patients
Interventions: Procedure: OCT and coronary angiography;   Procedure: Right heart cat.;   Radiation: PET;   Procedure: Echocardiography;   Procedure: exercise test;   Other: blood samples
Outcome Measures: Coronary flow velocity reserve;   pulmonary capillary wedge pressure;   global longitudinal strain;   CARDIAC allograft vasculopathy;   RV-EF;   Quality of life;   CRP, TNT, Nt-ProBNP and fibrosis markers;   tissue Doppler;   CARDIAC output;   intima/media radio
8 Not yet recruiting Revascularization in Patients With Non-ST-Segment Elevation Acute Coronary Syndrome (NSTE-ACS) With Multivessel and/or Unprotected Left Main Coronary Disease
Conditions: Multi Vessel Coronary Artery Disease;   Acute Coronary Syndrome
Interventions: Procedure: PCI;   Procedure: CABG
Outcome Measures: All cause death;   Composite of MACCE;   Procedural and post procedural complication;   Overall costs of treatment strategies.;   Occurence of stent thrombosis or graft occlusion;   Hemorrhagic complications.;   Frequency and impact of complete revascularization
9 Unknown  A Clinical Trials of Quick-Acting Heart Reliever for Moderate Coronary Stenosis
Conditions: Coronary Artery Stenosis;   Coronary Heart Disease
Interventions: Drug: Quick-Acting Heart Reliever;   Drug: Isosorbide Dinitrate;   Drug: Placebo of Isosorbide Dinitrate;   Drug: Aspirin Enteric-coated Tablets;   Drug: Placebo of Quick-Acting Heart Reliever
Outcome Measures: the effective power of angina pectoris;   plaque;   myocardium blood-supply;   the end point of the heart(a composite of cardiovascular events including death, nonfatal myocardial infarction,coronary revascularization, hospitalized unstable angina);   symptoms score;   quality of life;   MMP-9;   SCD40L;   VEGF;   bFGF
10 Recruiting CARDIAC Progenitor Cell Infusion to Treat Univentricular Heart Disease (PERSEUS)
Conditions: Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome;   Single Right Ventricle;   Single Left Ventricle
Intervention: Genetic: CARDIAC progenitor cell infusion
Outcome Measure: CARDIAC function
11 Unknown  CARDIAC Computarized Tomography in Infective Endocarditis
Condition: Infective Endocarditis
Intervention: Device: CARDIAC CT 0BRILLIANT 64
Outcome Measures: The diagnostic capacity of CARDIAC CT in comparison with TEE in the diagnosis of infective endocarditis;   Assessment of CARDIAC function in patients with infective endocarditis
12 Recruiting Evaluation of Routine Follow-up Coronary Angiography After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Trial
Condition: Coronary Artery Disease
Interventions: Procedure: follow-up coronary angiography;   Procedure: Clinical follow-up
Outcome Measures: a composite of death/myocardial infarction/stroke/emergency hospitalization for acute coronary syndrome/hospitalization for congestive heart failure;   death;   CARDIAC death;   myocardial infarction;   stent thrombosis;   stroke;   bleeding complications;   any coronary revascularization;   clinically-driven coronary revascularization;   clinically-driven target-lesion revascularization;   any target-lesion revascularization;   coronary artery bypass grafting;   angina;   renal function;   emergency hospitalization for acute coronary syndrome;   hospitalization for congestive heart failure;   composite of CARDIAC death, myocardial infarction or acute coronary syndrome;   follow-up coronary angiography;   clinically-driven follow-up coronary angiography
13 Recruiting Coronary Computed Tomographic Angiography for Selective CARDIAC Catheterization
Condition: Coronary Artery Disease
Interventions: Procedure: CARDIAC CT;   Procedure: Invasive Coronary Angiography
Outcome Measures: MACE Endpoints;   Additional MACE Endpoints
14 Recruiting Routine vs Selective CARDIAC Magnetic Resonance in Non-Ischemic Heart Failure
Condition: Heart Failure
Interventions: Other: Advanced Imaging;   Other: Standard Imaging
Outcome Measures: Frequency of definitive diagnoses;   Treatment effects;   Clinical Endpoints;   Resource utilization and costs;   HF Diagnosis Variability:;   Echo/CMR variability:
15 Recruiting Transplantation of Autologous CARDIAC Stem Cells in Ischemic Heart Failure
Condition: Heart Failure
Interventions: Biological: Intracoronary injection;   Biological: Intracoronary injection of Placebo
Outcome Measures: death;   arrhythmia;   hospitalization;   Ejectin fraction changes;   Pro BNP changes;   NYHA functional class;   6MW test
16 Recruiting Sonolysis in Risk Reduction of Symptomatic and Silent Brain Infarctions During CARDIAC Surgery
Conditions: Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Redo;   Heart Valve Diseases
Interventions: Procedure: sonolysis;   Procedure: CARDIAC surgery
Outcome Measures: New brain infarction detected using MRI;   Cognitive decline;   Clinical manifested brain infarction
17 Recruiting Clinical Evaluation of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Coronary Heart Disease-2
Condition: Coronary Heart Disease
Interventions: Other: 3T CMR;   Other: SPECT;   Other: CT calcium score;   Other: CT coronary angiography;   Other: X-Ray coronary angiography
Outcome Measures: Unnecessary invasive coronary angiography;   Major adverse cardiovascular event (MACE);   False Negative and True Positive rates for each strategy.;   Cost effectiveness analysis;   Health-related quality-of-life measures (SAQ-UK; SF12; EQ-5D);   Complications
18 Unknown  CARDIAC Operation Under Totally Endoscope and Cardiopulmonary Bypass (CPB)
Conditions: Congenital Heart Defects;   Heart Valve Diseases
Intervention: Procedure: CARDIAC operation with totally endoscopic method
Outcome Measures: all cause mortality;   all cause morbidity
19 Unknown  Evaluation CARDIAC Function With Echo and BNP in Obstetrical Patients With/Without CARDIAC Disease
Conditions: Pregnancy;   Heart Diseases
Interventions: Procedure: echocardiography;   Procedure: blood draw for serum B-type natriuretic peptide
Outcome Measures: Assess CARDIAC function on echocardiography and with serum B-type natriuretic peptide for women with a history of CARDIAC disease and for a control group with no history of heart disease over the course of pregnancy and compare the groups;   Assess for the presence of CARDIAC dysfunction in the course of a 40-week pregnancy
20 Unknown  Comparison of One-stop Hybrid Revascularization Versus Off-pump Coronary Artery Bypass for the Treatment of Multi-vessel Disease
Condition: Coronary Artery Disease
Interventions: Procedure: Minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass;   Procedure: PCI-Drug eluting stents;   Procedure: Off-pump coronary artery bypass
Outcome Measures: Composite of major adverse CARDIAC or cerebrovascular events (MACCE) including death, myocardial infarction, stroke and/or repeat revascularization.;   Overall MACCE rate.;   CARDIAC death.;   Documented myocardial infarction.;   Target lesion revascularization.;   Recurrence of Angina.;   Cost-effectiveness analysis.;   Quality of life.;   Rehospitalization.