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Surgery Symptoms and Causes

There are many reasons to have Surgery. Some operations can relieve or prevent pain. Others can reduce a symptom of a problem or improve some body function. Some surgeries are done to find a problem. For example, a surgeon may do a biopsy, which involves removing a piece of tissue to examine under a microscope. Some surgeries, like heart Surgery, can save your life.

Some operations that once needed large incisions (cuts in the body) can now be done using much smaller cuts. This is called laparoscopic Surgery. Surgeons insert a thin tube with a camera to see, and use small tools to do the Surgery.

After Surgery there can be a risk of complications, including infection, too much bleeding, reaction to anesthesia, or accidental injury. There is almost always some pain with Surgery.

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Birodogyl Side Effects

Rash (29)
Pyrexia (24)
Pruritus (16)
Purpura (14)
Face Oedema (13)
Abdominal Pain (13)
Eosinophilia (12)
Hallucination (11)
Abdominal Pain Upper (11)
Dermatitis Bullous (10)
Dermatitis Exfoliative (10)
Dyspnoea (9)
Malaise (9)
Rash Maculo-papular (8)
Toxic Skin Eruption (8)
Haemolytic Anaemia (7)
Oedema Peripheral (7)
Nausea (7)
Rash Scarlatiniform (6)
Tachycardia (5)
Cytolytic Hepatitis (3)
Anorexia (3)
Asthenia (3)
Completed Suicide (3)
Confusional State (3)
Chills (3)
Feeling Abnormal (3)
Delirium (3)
Vertigo (3)
Vomiting (3)
Headache (3)
Paraesthesia (3)
Diarrhoea (2)
Abnormal Behaviour (2)
Dry Mouth (2)
Coordination Abnormal (2)
Hyperhidrosis (2)
Hypersensitivity (2)
Hypotension (2)
Fatigue (2)
Dysuria (2)
Urticaria (2)
Myalgia (2)
Lymphadenopathy (2)
Liver Function Test Abnormal (2)
Neutrophil Count Increased (2)
Paranoia (2)
Vascular Purpura (2)
Transaminases Increased (2)
Inflammation (2)

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Common Meds

Abilify (10132)
Adderall (1304)
Amlodipine (6664)
Amoxicillin (4387)
Benadryl (1568)
Celebrex (12876 )
Celexa (1342)
Cialis (2975)
Cipro (8580)
Citalopram (7792)
Crestor (18839)
Cymbalta (14373)
Doxycycline (1757)
Effexor (7289)
Flexeril (435)
Flomax (2177)
Fluoxetine (4261)
Gabapentin (4593)
Hydrocodone (2469)
Ibuprofen (8222)
Lantus (10968)
Lexapro (3499)
Lipitor (17769)
Lisinopril (8919)
Lyrica (27148)
Medrol (650)
Mirena (41254)
Mobic (957)
Morphine (5356)
Naproxen (538)
Neurontin (6501)
Oxycodone (4438)
Pradaxa (13372)
Prednisone (5926)
Prilosec (2631)
Prozac (1954)
Seroquel (27216)
Simvastatin (8348)
Synthroid (4452)
Tamiflu (5585)
Topamax (3748)
Tramadol (5054)
Trazodone (1458)
Viagra (5394)
Vicodin (1153)
Wellbutrin (6324)
Xanax (2847)
Zocor (5718)

Recent Reviews

STAPHYLOCOOCUS /MRSA CURE , contact phone = +2348058782330 What is staphylococcus ? Staphylococcus aureus, often referred to simply as 'staph,' are bacteria commonly carried on the s

2oo8 i caught MRSA while having spine surgery. Since than I have had many health problems. I had many antibotics, PICC LINE and more antibotics. I have been on antibotics off and on since my surgery,and a wound from the surgery that has reo

After surgery I was unable to urinate because of blood clots, had to wear a catheter for several days and then had to have it reinsereted for a brief period of time. After about a month my flow all but stopped. After examination w

Following knee surgery, I have become lincontinent ( even if I get to within reach of the toilet.) At night in the hospital, I used pullups to avoid drenching the bed or the floor on the way to bathroom. At home I have h

Has anyone experienced erectile dysfunction after ileostomy surgery?

I had surgery in 2005 and at first is was fine. After s cou[le of years I noticed some bloody discharge( had hyst when I had the Monarc) and was told it was normal I then began haveing sharp pinches occasional sharp pains in vagina. OK, the

I had surgery to remove scar tissue and some cysts (my second surgery) on Jan 26, i have been taking aygestin since February 1, but i have not had a period in 69 days. I have extremely sore breast, they're huge, :) and weight gain, and mild to severe

I have endometriosis i have a 5 yr old then had a tubal now i can't get pregnant what happened?

I need cable connecting electrosurgery monopolar for olympus elctrosurgery, please your send picture to

I was given 4 panel binder after hernia surgery. Developed an itchy red rash in all areas binder touched. The binder does not list a lot number nor does it state it is latex free. I think this company is using latex products and mislabeling them.

In Oct. 2010 I had a penile implant surgery. One month to the day it was removed because of infection. I have had 3 1/2 month that I wouldn't wish on anyone. It's now 4 months later and the Dr. tells me he wouldn't a


Hello my name is Violet and I'm new here. My mother had heart surgery about 8 years ago and they replaced one of her valves. About a week ago she went in for a heart ecko and they are now saying that her valve is starting to back flush. They really

<b>Describe Your Lovenox Experience Here:</b>I had hip surgery and is rapid heat beat and hearing your heart beating in your ears a side effect

10 years ago i was in the hospital for appendix surgery was given morphine it knocked me out and when i was awake i was paranoid, crying, and felt like something was wrong with my head but could not explain it it was like nothing i ever felt before.

2oo8 i caught MRSA while having spine surgery. Since than I have had many health problems. I had many antibotics, PICC LINE and more antibotics. I have been on antibotics off and on since my surgery,and a wound from the surgery that has reo

2x after the surgery the silicone was pushing out. is this common. i haditrepaired 1x now it is comming out again same location another surgery is 8/30

54y/o, WM, Status post quadruple coronary artery bypass graft surgery(10 months ago). Surgery went well, only complication was a pretty large left pleural effusion requiring chest tube placement. Resolved well, no further problems

A friend of mine has cancer and the doctors are talking about having surgery and removing the sciatica nerve. My question is will he be a function with this removal.

After 2 and half months of taking boniva i devoped severe shoulder pain that cause tendonitis and bursitis and abnormal bone formation and will have to have surgery now to inprove my pain i have been in severe pain for 5 months now boniva side eff

Surgery Clinical Trials and Studies

Treatments might be new drugs or new combinations of drugs, new surgical procedures or devices, or new ways to use existing treatments. The goal of clinical trials is to determine if a new test or treatment works and is safe. Clinical trials can also look at other aspects of care, such as improving the quality of life for people with chronic illnesses. People participate in clinical trials for a variety of reasons. Healthy volunteers say they participate to help others and to contribute to moving science forward. Participants with an illness or disease also participate to help others, but also to possibly receive the newest treatment and to have the additional care and attention from the clinical trial staff.
Rank Status Study
1 Unknown  The Protocol of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery in Colorectal Surgery
Condition: Colorectal Surgery
Interventions: Procedure: enhanced recovery after Surgery (ERAS) protocol;   Procedure: control
Outcome Measure: safety of the ERAS protocol and whether it can decrease surgical stress, increase functional recovery and reduce complication rate in colorectal Surgery
2 Recruiting Colonic Stenting With Elective Surgery Versus Emergency Surgery in the Management of Acute Malignant Colonic Obstruction
Conditions: Acute Malignant Colonic Obstruction;   Colorectal Cancer;   Colonic Obstruction
Interventions: Procedure: Colonic Stenting with Elective Surgery;   Procedure: Emergency Surgery
Outcome Measures: Rates of primary colorectal anastomosis;   Stoma rates;   Mortality;   Procedure related complication;   Re-operation rates;   R0 resection;   Quality of life;   Hospital stay and cost;   Recurrence of colorectal cancer
3 Recruiting Forces During Skull Base Surgery
Conditions: Skull Base;   Pituitary;   Robotics;   Endonasal Surgery;   Sinus Surgery
Interventions: Device: Use of force sensing surgical curette;   Procedure: Removal of pituitary tumor using modified curette
Outcome Measures: 6-axis force and torque data from routine endoscopic transnasal skull base Surgery;   Percent tumor removal in skull and cadaver studies
4 Recruiting Tricuspid Annuloplasty for Moderate Tricuspid Regurgitation Associated With Miral Operation
Conditions: Cardiac Surgery;   Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation
Interventions: Procedure: Tricuspid valve repair;   Other: Mitral Surgery alone
Outcome Measures: The degree of tricuspid regurgitation at 12 months after Surgery;   NYHA heart failure functional status
5 Recruiting Effects of Alcohol After Bariatric Surgery
Condition: Bariatric Surgery
Outcome Measures: Change from before bariatric Surgery in alcohol's Tmax, Cmax, area under the curve and elimination rates at approximately 9 months after bariatric Surgery;   Change from before bariatric Surgery in alcohol stimulant and sedative effects at approximately 9 months after bariatric Surgery;   Change from before bariatric Surgery on alcohol's effects on glucose homeostasis at approximately 9 months after bariatric Surgery
6 Not yet recruiting Surgical Spinal Decompression of Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression, Minimal Access Versus Open Surgery
Condition: Spinal Metastases
Interventions: Procedure: open Surgery;   Procedure: Minimal access Surgery
Outcome Measures: Bleeding;   Health related quality of life measured with questionnaire EQ-5D and QLQ-C30
7 Recruiting Enteral Stents for Colonic Obstruction
Condition: Malignant Colorectal Obstruction
Interventions: Procedure: Stent bridge to Surgery + elective Surgery;   Procedure: Emergency Surgery
Outcome Measures: incidence of postoperative complications;   postoperative mortality;   success percentage of stent positioning in emergency;   percentage of complications related to stent positioning;   length of hospital stay;   quality of life and survival;   cost differences;   oncological results (local and distant recurrence rate)
8 Not yet recruiting Prevalence of Complications After Bariatric Surgery - an Epidemiologic Survey
Condition: Complications After Bariatric Surgery
Intervention: Procedure: Bariatric Surgery
Outcome Measures: Surgical complications;   Use of drugs before and after bariatric Surgery
9 Unknown  Research on Surgery and Micro-Invasive Treatment in Recurrent Primary Liver Cancer
Condition: Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Interventions: Other: PRFA or PMCT;   Procedure: Surgery
Outcome Measures: Overall survival rate;   non-tumor life span, intra-liver recurrence rate, metastasis rate
10 Recruiting The Carotid and Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion Surgery Study
Conditions: Carotid Artery Occlusion;   Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion;   Stroke
Interventions: Procedure: bypass Surgery;   Drug: Aspirin;   Drug: Clopidogrel
Outcome Measures: the number of participants who suffer from stroke or death after EC-IC bypass Surgery or medical therapy;   the number of participants who suffer from ipsilateral ischemic stroke;   the number of participants who suffer from severe transit ischemic attack (TIA);   the number of participants who suffer from all stroke or death during 30 days to 24 months;   the changes from baseline in mRS, national institutes of health stroke scale (NIHSS) and Barthel Index;   the changes from baseline of cerebral blood flow (CBF) ratio in CT perfusion;   the number of participants who suffer from all kinds of adverse events related to Surgery
11 Recruiting Comprehensive Surgical Coaching
Conditions: Surgical Technical Skill;   Technical Errors in Surgery
Interventions: Other: Comprehensive Surgical Coaching;   Other: Conventional Surgical Training
Outcome Measures: Surgical Technical Skill;   Learning curves
12 Unknown  Assessment of Central Pain in Patients Who Undergo Spinal Surgery and Influence in Surgery Outcome
Conditions: Spinal Surgery;   Pain
Outcome Measure: evaluation of Surgery outcome including pain and functionnal ability
13 Recruiting Vascular Events In Surgery patIents cOhort evaluatioN - Cardiac Surgery
Conditions: Vascular Death;   Myocardial Infarction;   Stroke;   Cardiac Surgery
Outcome Measures: All-cause mortality at 30-days after Surgery;   Myocardial injuries that were not identified clinically during the first 5 days after Surgery;   Composite of vascular death, nonfatal myocardial infarction, nonfatal cardiac arrest, nonfatal stroke, and mechanical assist device;   Composite of vascular death, nonfatal myocardial infarction, nonfatal stroke, and mechanical assist device;   Total mortality;   Vascular mortality;   Myocardial infarction;   Non-fatal cardiac arrest;   Stroke;   Implantation of mechanical assist device;   Cardiac transplant;   Repeat cardiac revascularization procedures;   Congestive heart failure;   New atrial fibrillation;   Pulmonary embolus;   Deep venous thrombosis;   Major bleeding;   New dialysis;   Infection;   Re-hospitalization for a vascular reason;   Chronic incisional pain
14 Unknown  Preop Hemodialysis or Intraop Ultrafiltration for Patients With Severe Renal Dysfunction Undergoing Open Heart Surgery
Conditions: Non-Dialysis Dependent Severe Renal Dysfunction;   Cardiovascular Disease
Interventions: Procedure: Open Heart Surgery (OHS);   Procedure: Intraoperative Modified Ultrafiltration (MUF);   Procedure: Hemodialysis (HD)
Outcome Measures: Operative mortality, defined as any death occurring within 30 days after the operation or any death occurring before discharge during the same hospitalization (in percentage).;   Survival at one year after Surgery (in percentage).;   Postoperative low cardiac output (in percentage).;   Postoperative permanent neurological deficit (in percentage).;   Postoperative transient neurological deficit (in percentage).;   Postoperative acute renal dysfunction (in percentage).;   Postoperative persistent renal dysfunction requiring hemodialysis (in percentage).;   Postoperative gastrointestinal complication (in percentage).;   Postoperative respiratory failure (in percentage).;   Postoperative systemic infection (in percentage).;   Postoperative local infection (in percentage).;   Postoperative new-onset arrythmia (in percentage).;   Postoperative surgical drainage (in mL).;   Postoperative need for transfusion of blood products (in unit packs).;   Postoperative length of ICU stay (in days);   Postoperative length of hospital stay (in days);   Total hospital costs for the admission of operation (in Euros)
15 Unknown  Evaluating the Accuracy of Navigation Assisted Pedicle Screw Placement of Spine Surgery
Condition: Pedicle Screw of Fixation
Interventions: Procedure: navigation assisted spine Surgery;   Procedure: traditional spine Surgery
Outcome Measures: the accuracy of pedicle screw;   complication
16 Unknown  Microincision Versus Smallincision Combined Surgery
Condition: Cataract Extraction
Interventions: Procedure: Combined Micro- Surgery;   Procedure: Combined Small-Surgery
Outcome Measures: Refractive outcome;   measurements of anterior chamber depth (ACD);   intraocular pressure (IOP);   functional outcome
17 Unknown  ABMSC Infusion Through Hepatic Artery in Portal Hypertension Surgery for the Treatment of Liver Cirrhosis
Conditions: Liver Cirrhosis;   Portal Hypertension;   Hepatic Decompensation;   Surgery
Interventions: Procedure: Autologous bone marrow stem cells infusion (ABMSCi) plus abdominal portal hypertension Surgery;   Procedure: open abdominal portal hypertension Surgery
Outcome Measures: Child-pugh score;   Incidence of complications;   Mortality;   blood test (hypersplenism);   liver volume calculated by CT;   Indocyanine green (ICG) retention (clearance);   blood biochemistry
18 Recruiting Effect of Gastric Bypass Surgery on Brain Responses
Conditions: Obesity;   Hormone Responses;   Cognitive Health
Interventions: Procedure: Bariatric Surgery;   Behavioral: Brain activity in resting state;   Behavioral: Memory performance
Outcome Measures: Change in background activity in the brain (resting state activity) after bariatric Surgery;   Change in response inhibition after bariatric Surgery
19 Recruiting Early Surgery Versus Conventional Treatment in Very Severe Aortic Stenosis
Condition: Aortic Stenosis
Intervention: Procedure: Early Surgery
Outcome Measures: Cardiac mortality;   Operative mortality;   All-cause death;   Repeat aortic valve Surgery;   Clinical thromboembolic events;   Hospitalization due to congestive heart failure
20 Unknown  Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS) for Sleep Apnea
Condition: Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Intervention: Procedure: Transoral robotic Surgery (TORS)
Outcome Measures: To assess if the da Vinci® Robotic Surgical System (Intuitive Surgical, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA) allows for "adequate exposure" for transoral resection of hypertrophic lingual tonsils in patients with obstructive sleep apnea.;   To assess ability to perform the transoral diagnostic removal of hypertrophic lingual tonsils using the robotic system for transoral resection of the tongue base in patients with obstructive sleep apnea.;   To assess operative time to perform the transoral diagnostic removal of hypertrophic lingual tonsils using the robotic system for transoral resection of the tongue base in patients with obstructive sleep apnea.;   To assess blood loss during the transoral diagnostic removal of hypertrophic lingual tonsils using the robotic system for transoral resection of the tongue base in patients with obstructive sleep apnea.;   To assess complications of the transoral diagnostic removal of hypertrophic lingual tonsils using the robotic system for transoral resection of the tongue base in patients with obstructive sleep apnea.