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Locol Blood Triglycerides Increased Side Effects

Locol Blood Triglycerides Increased Side Effect Reports

The following Locol Blood Triglycerides Increased side effect reports were submitted by healthcare professionals and consumers.

This information will help you understand how side effects, such as Blood Triglycerides Increased, can occur, and what you can do about them.

A side effect could appear soon after you start Locol or it might take time to develop.

Blood Cholesterol Increased, Blood Triglycerides Increased

This Blood Triglycerides Increased side effect was reported by a physician from GERMANY. A 54-year-old patient (weight:NA) experienced the following symptoms/conditions: hyperlipidaemia,diabetes mellitus. The patient was prescribed Locol (dosage: 80 Mg, Qd), which was started on Jan 01, 2004. Concurrently used drugs:
  • Insuman Comb
  • Glucobay
When starting to take Locol the consumer reported the following symptoms:
  • Blood Cholesterol Increased
  • Blood Triglycerides Increased
These side effects may potentially be related to Locol.
Blood Triglycerides Increased

This Blood Triglycerides Increased Locol side effect was reported by a physician from on Feb 09, 2005. A male , 54 years of age, weighting 174.2 lb, was diagnosed with and was treated with Locol. The patient presented the following health conditions:
  • Blood Triglycerides Increased
. Locol dosage: 80 Mg, Qd. Additional drugs used at the same time:
  • Insuman Comb
  • Glucobay
Blood Triglycerides Increased

This is a Locol side effect report of a 54-year-old patient (weight:NA) from , suffering from the following symptoms/conditions: hypercholesterolaemia, who was treated with Locol (dosage:80 Mg, Qd, start time: Jan 27, 2004), combined with: NA., and developed a serious reaction and a Blood Triglycerides Increased side effect. The patient presented with:
  • Blood Triglycerides Increased
which developed after the beginning of treatment. This side effect report can indicate a possible existence of increased vulnerability to Locol treatment in patients suffering from hypercholesterolaemia, resulting in Blood Triglycerides Increased.

DISCLAIMER: ALL DATA PROVIDED AS-IS, refer to terms of use for additional information.

Locol Blood Triglycerides Increased Causes and Reviews

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Locol Blood Triglycerides Increased Reviews

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Top Locol Side Effects

Myalgia (13)
Gamma-glutamyltransferase Increased (10)
Blood Lactate Dehydrogenase Increased (9)
Alanine Aminotransferase Increased (8)
Aspartate Aminotransferase Increased (8)
Blood Alkaline Phosphatase Increased (8)
Blood Creatine Phosphokinase Increased (7)
Tendon Rupture (5)
Oedema Peripheral (5)
Diarrhoea (5)
Cholestasis (4)
Abdominal Pain (4)
Asthenia (4)
Eosinophilia (4)
Hepatotoxicity (4)
Pruritus (4)
Renal Failure Acute (4)
Vomiting (4)
Anisometropia (3)
Diplopia (3)
Constipation (3)
Condition Aggravated (3)
Cataract (3)
Bone Pain (3)
Blood Triglycerides Increased (3)
Blood Creatinine Increased (3)
Blood Cholesterol Increased (3)
Blood Bilirubin Increased (3)
Local Swelling (3)
Dyspepsia (3)
Hyperbilirubinaemia (3)
Fatigue (3)
Gait Disturbance (3)
Gastrointestinal Pain (3)
Folliculitis (3)
Impaired Driving Ability (3)
Liver Disorder (3)
Liver Function Test Abnormal (3)
Muscle Spasms (3)
Restlessness (3)
Blood Glucose Increased (2)
C-reactive Protein Increased (2)
Cardiac Operation (2)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (2)
Appendicitis (2)
Anxiety (2)
Acholia (2)
Accidental Overdose (2)
Accidental Exposure (2)
Cerebrovascular Accident (2)

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Locol Common Side Effects

If you experienced any harmful or unwanted effects of Mucinex, please share your experience. This could help to raise awareness about Mucinex side effects, identify uknown risks and inform health professionals and patients taking Mucinex.

Examples: headache, dizziness

The most commonly reported Locol side effects (click to view or check a box to report):

Myalgia (13)
Gamma-glutamyltransferase Increased (10)
Blood Lactate Dehydrogenase Increased (9)
Alanine Aminotransferase Increased (8)
Aspartate Aminotransferase Increased (8)
Blood Alkaline Phosphatase Increased (8)
Blood Creatine Phosphokinase Increased (7)
Tendon Rupture (5)
Oedema Peripheral (5)
Diarrhoea (5)
Cholestasis (4)
Abdominal Pain (4)
Asthenia (4)
Vomiting (4)
Eosinophilia (4)
Hepatotoxicity (4)
Pruritus (4)
Renal Failure Acute (4)
Blood Bilirubin Increased (3)
Blood Cholesterol Increased (3)

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