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Track, Share, and Compare your Drug Side Effects

Understanding Your Side Effects can be very important for your health. Our Goal is to Raise Awareness About Drug Side Effects, and to help provide better knowledge to patients and healthcare professionals to ultimately give people a better quality of life.

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  • Helping Consumers Understand Drug Side Effects
  • Addressing Unmet Patient Needs
  • Ask questions about your health care! For example:

    • What do I have?
    • What will happen next?
    • How does the treatment work?
    • Are there side effects?
    • Does it interfere with my other medicines?
    • Are there other treatments available?

    Request that your doctor explain your options until you understand.Ask that your diagnosis and treatment plan be written down. Let your doctor know if your symptoms change or if the treatment is not working

    One comment on “Mission
    1. Selina says:

      What could I have?
      terrible pain, pitting edema, urinary retention, massive swollen feet, ankles, legs, and an incredible looking distended stomach, difficulty taking a deep breath, tightness in my chest, racing heart, low blood pressure, blurred vision, and general weakness and pain.