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Neuragen Chemical Injury Side Effects

Neuragen Chemical Injury Side Effect Reports

The following Neuragen Chemical Injury side effect reports were submitted by healthcare professionals and consumers.

This information will help you understand how side effects, such as Chemical Injury, can occur, and what you can do about them.

A side effect could appear soon after you start Neuragen or it might take time to develop.

Erythema, Swelling, Blister, Gait Disturbance, Chemical Injury

This Chemical Injury side effect was reported by a consumer or non-health professional from US. A 44-year-old female patient (weight:NA) experienced the following symptoms/conditions: neuralgia. The patient was prescribed Neuragen (dosage: NA), which was started on Feb 22, 2014. Concurrently used drugs: NA. When starting to take Neuragen the consumer reported the following symptoms:
  • Erythema
  • Swelling
  • Blister
  • Gait Disturbance
  • Chemical Injury
These side effects may potentially be related to Neuragen.

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Neuragen Chemical Injury Causes and Reviews

Inhalation injuries are acute injuries to your respiratory system and lungs. They can happen if you breathe in toxic substances, such as smoke (from fires), chemicals, particle pollution, and gases. Inhalation injuries can also be caused by extreme heat; these are a type of thermal injuries. Over half of deaths from fires are due to inhalation injuries.

Symptoms of inhalation injuries can depend on what you breathed in. But they often include

  • Coughing and phlegm
  • A scratchy throat
  • Irritated sinuses
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain or tightness
  • Headaches
  • Stinging eyes
  • A runny nose

If you have a chronic heart or lung problem, an inhalation injury can make it worse.

To make a diagnosis, your health care provider may use a scope to look at your airways and check for damage. Other possible tests include imaging tests of the lungs, blood tests, and lung function tests.

If you have an inhalation injury, your health care provider will make sure that your airway is not blocked. Treatment is with oxygen therapy, and in some cases, medicines. Some patients need to use a ventilator to breathe. Most people get better, but some people have permanent lung or breathing problems. Smokers and people who had a severe injury are at a greater risk of having permanent problems.

You can take steps to try to prevent inhalation injuries:

  • At home, practice fire safety, which includes preventing fires and having a plan in case there is a fire
  • If there is smoke from a wildfire nearby or lots of particulate pollution in the air, try to limit your time outdoors. Keep your indoor air as clean as possible, by keeping windows closed and using an air filter. If you have asthma, another lung disease, or heart disease, follow your health care provider's advice about your medicines and respiratory management plan.
  • If you are working with chemicals or gases, handle them safely and use protective equipment

Neuragen Chemical Injury Reviews

Sat, 16 Jan 2010
The first time I took Lyrica I gained 40lbs.- started at 25mg-slept for 24hrs- had to increase until 450mg/da-before Drs decided ok to come off of as I always developed tolerance to it. It would help significantly w/my chronic nerve pain (I have RSD/CRPS- a chronic neurological pain dystrophy where you feel burning, crushing, flesh being torn off, stabbing, freezing, acid pain at all times)- pain is so overwhelming at times it is necessary to take a Lyrica for at least some relief. Especially now that it has spread to half of my body. Have had condition for 17mo-also virtually sedentary lifestyle as disabled)-this time taking w/Flexeril as ab/torso pain like being in transition labor or passing a kidney stone. This has cut down the sugar cravings a lot. The first time I took Lyrica I craved sugar non-stop. Still do at times since I am again on 300mg./day (started 50)-Dr will have me go on amp; off for life I was told-as tests show I have slight atrophy of one kidney, (I wonder if it is from high doses of Lyrica.) One Dr. told me he works w/people on Lyrica all day, amp; didn't know of even football players on as much as I was- actually wanting to increase again as I have break-thru pain and am constantly minimum level 7 pain all the times, even w/complete rest. Serious side-effects for me- but I can't tolerate other meds-tried many- so Lyrica does help for awhile. Side effects include gaining about 60lbs (from size 5-6 to12-14- don't care about size even though used to be anorexic-that should prove how painful RSD is that I am willingly taking a med that causes weight gain!) I didn't lose any weight coming off of Lyrica and all meds for months. I sometimes wonder if Lyrica both decreases and increases pain- by making my nervous system overwork to counteract the med- as pain is very intense right at time I need to take it again. (works for 8 hrs- then only for 6-then less so dr. increases)-also, fatique- blurred vision (also on Flexeril so ?), and irritability (which my family takes personally-my husband refuses to see or believe it is caused by the med(s) and chronic pain-even though I am a strong Christian.)-I am thankful for the partial break from the pain Lyrica can offer me. Hoping to find a natural way (for ex-Neuragen, a homeopathic expensive oil, gives a lot of relief while walking for a few minutes amp; claims to work for wks, even mos w/ continued use- without it RSD makes you feel like you are walking on hot coals, pin and needles and on your foot that feels stripped of skin). Prayer works best for me!Note re: withdrawl- coming down 50mg/wk. caused anxiety, restlessness, innability to sleep, migraines, etc.- one time I forgot to take meds for amp; suddenly felt like every cell was crawling- Notice pain so high w/ reducing, I can't seem to bear to be without Lyrica. (I also can't "find words to say" amp; can't remember anything! Don't know if due to Lyrica or my condition.)
DISCLAIMER: ALL DATA PROVIDED AS-IS, refer to terms of use for additional information.

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Top Neuragen Side Effects

Swelling (5)
Blister (4)
Gait Disturbance (2)
Erythema (1)
Chemical Injury (1)

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