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Niquitin Oedema Peripheral Side Effects

Niquitin Oedema Peripheral Side Effect Reports

The following Niquitin Oedema Peripheral side effect reports were submitted by healthcare professionals and consumers.

This information will help you understand how side effects, such as Oedema Peripheral, can occur, and what you can do about them.

A side effect could appear soon after you start Niquitin or it might take time to develop.

Pruritus, Rash, Blister, Swelling Face, Oedema Peripheral, Chest Pain, Hypersensitivity

This Oedema Peripheral side effect was reported by a health professional from UNITED KINGDOM. A 60-year-old patient (weight:NA) experienced the following symptoms/conditions: NA. The patient was prescribed Niquitin (dosage: 21mg Per Day), which was started on Mar 29, 2003. Concurrently used drugs:
  • Lansoprazole
  • Tramadol Hydrochloride
  • Atorvastatin Calcium
When starting to take Niquitin the consumer reported the following symptoms:
  • Pruritus
  • Rash
  • Blister
  • Swelling Face
  • Oedema Peripheral
  • Chest Pain
  • Hypersensitivity
The patient was hospitalized. These side effects may potentially be related to Niquitin.
Oedema Peripheral

This Oedema Peripheral Niquitin side effect was reported by a consumer or non-health professional from UNITED KINGDOM on Mar 19, 2009. A male , 44 years of age, weighting 194.0 lb, was treated with Niquitin. The patient presented the following health conditions:
  • Oedema Peripheral
. Niquitin dosage: NA. Additional drugs used at the same time:
  • Nytol Herbal
  • Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride
Acne, Nausea, Oedema Peripheral, Paraesthesia, Pruritus, Rash, Skin Discolouration

This is a Niquitin Cq side effect report of a 70-year-old patient (weight:NA) from IRELAND, suffering from the following symptoms/conditions: NA, who was treated with Niquitin Cq (dosage:NA, start time: Aug 16, 2006), combined with: NA., and developed a serious reaction and a Oedema Peripheral side effect. The patient presented with:
  • Acne
  • Nausea
  • Oedema Peripheral
  • Paraesthesia
  • Pruritus
  • Rash
  • Skin Discolouration
which developed after the beginning of treatment. This side effect report can indicate a possible existence of increased vulnerability to Niquitin Cq treatment in patients suffering from NA, resulting in Oedema Peripheral.

Acne, Nausea, Oedema Peripheral, Paraesthesia, Pruritus, Rash, Skin Discolouration

A 70-year-old patient (weight: NA) from IRELAND with the following symptoms: NA started Niquitin treatment (dosage: NA) on Aug 16, 2006. Soon after starting Niquitin treatment, the consumer experienced several side effects, including:
  • Acne
  • Nausea
  • Oedema Peripheral
  • Paraesthesia
  • Pruritus
  • Rash
  • Skin Discolouration
. Concurrently used drugs: NA. This finding indicates that some patients can be more vulnerable to developing Niquitin side effects, such as Oedema Peripheral.
Anger, Chest Pain, Nicotine Dependence, Oedema Peripheral, Pain In Extremity

A female patient from UNITED KINGDOM was prescribed and started Niquitin Cq 21mg on Feb 26, 2007. Patient felt the following Niquitin side effects: anger, chest pain, nicotine dependence, oedema peripheral, pain in extremity Additional patient health information: Female , 38 years of age, The consumer reported the following symptoms: . Niquitin Cq 21mg dosage: 21mg Per Day. Concurrently used drugs:
  • Aspirin
The patient was hospitalized.
Anger, Chest Pain, Nicotine Dependence, Oedema Peripheral, Pain In Extremity

This report suggests a potential Niquitin Cq Patch Oedema Peripheral side effect(s) that can have serious consequences. A 38-year-old female patient from UNITED KINGDOM (weight:NA) was diagnosed with the following health condition(s): NA and used Niquitin Cq Patch (dosage: 21mg Per Day) starting Jan 20, 2007. Soon after starting Niquitin Cq Patch the patient began experiencing various side effects, including:
  • Anger
  • Chest Pain
  • Nicotine Dependence
  • Oedema Peripheral
  • Pain In Extremity
Drugs used concurrently:
  • Aspirin
The patient was hospitalized. Although Niquitin Cq Patch demonstrated significant improvements in a number of clinically relevant cases, troublesome symptoms, such as Oedema Peripheral, may still occur.
Arthralgia, Back Pain, Diarrhoea, Headache, Irritability, Menstrual Disorder, Migraine, Oedema Peripheral, Retching

An adverse event was reported by a consumer or non-health professional on Apr 25, 2005 by a Female taking Niquitin Cq 21mg (dosage: NA) . Location: , 50 years of age, patient began experiencing various side effects, including: Directly after treatment started, patient experienced the unwanted or unexpected Niquitin side effects: arthralgia, back pain, diarrhoea, headache, irritability, menstrual disorder, migraine, oedema peripheral, retching. Additional medications/treatments:

DISCLAIMER: ALL DATA PROVIDED AS-IS, refer to terms of use for additional information.

Niquitin Oedema Peripheral Causes and Reviews

Normally, your cells grow and die in a controlled way. Cancer cells keep growing without control. Chemotherapy is drug therapy for cancer. It works by killing the cancer cells, stopping them from spreading, or slowing their growth. However, it can also harm healthy cells, which causes side effects.

You may have a lot of side effects, some, or none at all. It depends on the type and amount of chemotherapy you get and how your body reacts. Some common side effects are fatigue, nausea, vomiting, pain, and hair loss. There are ways to prevent or control some side effects. Talk with your health care provider about how to manage them. Healthy cells usually recover after chemotherapy is over, so most side effects gradually go away.

Your treatment plan will depend on the cancer type, the chemotherapy drugs used, the treatment goal, and how your body responds. Chemotherapy may be given alone or with other treatments. You may get treatment every day, every week, or every month. You may have breaks between treatments so that your body has a chance to build new healthy cells. You might take the drugs by mouth, in a shot, as a cream, or intravenously (by IV).

NIH: National Cancer Institute

Niquitin Oedema Peripheral Reviews

Mon, 30 Jan 2012

I Have had rally soe breasts for over a week now

Fri, 01 May 2009
Since quitting, I have experianced dry-mouth, excessive tiredness and excessive urination. Is this normal?
Fri, 08 May 2009
The patches are addictive since it contains nicotine. After prolonged use of 4 years, the side effects are minor, and the effectiveness wears off, they cause mild nausea, lethargy and fatigue and occasional mild headaches
Sat, 13 Mar 2010
Since taking Niquitin lozenges i have experienced severe flatulence,diarrhea and a painful bloated stomach. Is there anything i can take along side this to reduce the effects as they are helping me to quit smoking.
Thu, 14 Jul 2011
I just want to ask.I am heavy smoker and I want to quit.I smoke around 25 cigarettes per day and I want to try Niquitin. My weight is 288.4lb and 173 cm in height. Which is better for me, the patch or lozenges?
DISCLAIMER: ALL DATA PROVIDED AS-IS, refer to terms of use for additional information.

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Top Niquitin Side Effects

Dizziness (36)
Vomiting (31)
Nausea (26)
Dyspnoea (23)
Diarrhoea (18)
Malaise (18)
Headache (18)
Pruritus (17)
Syncope (15)
Anxiety (15)
Palpitations (14)
Feeling Hot (13)
Insomnia (13)
Application Site Pain (13)
Loss Of Consciousness (13)
Convulsion (13)
Chest Pain (12)
Hyperhidrosis (12)
Dependence (12)
Aggression (11)
Hallucination (11)
Myocardial Infarction (10)
Tremor (9)
Nervousness (9)
Application Site Pruritus (8)
Cerebrovascular Accident (8)
Application Site Erythema (8)
Tachycardia (8)
Chills (8)
Nicotine Dependence (8)
Fatigue (7)
Hypotension (7)
Oedema Peripheral (7)
Weight Increased (7)
Rash (7)
Pain In Extremity (7)
Cough (6)
Abnormal Dreams (6)
Erythema (6)
Hypersensitivity (6)
Hyperaesthesia (6)
Intentional Misuse (6)
Infection (6)
Feeling Abnormal (5)
Dyspepsia (5)
Hypoaesthesia (5)
Paraesthesia (5)
Throat Tightness (5)
Optic Ischaemic Neuropathy (5)
Ill-defined Disorder (5)

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