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Mon, 13 Feb 2012
I started taken omeprazole. I ran out of my Nexum well I started itching really bad as it I had bug bites believe me I will never uses this again. I've never had reaction to a med before>>Itching

Constant Hunger. ...

Neck muscle tightness with lower lip tingling, spa...

Lung spasms that last up to eight hours and feel ...


24 year old male with Down syndrome who was starte...

Severe headache, at night, woke me up. I rarely ha...

More abdominal pain due to gastrointerytis, lack o...

Formation of salivary glandular cyst...

Severe red eyes and pain around ankle...

Muscular pain mainly in calf muscles. generalised ...

Have been taking Omeprazole for just over two week...

Weight gain of say 10lbs out of 200lbs....

Tendonits, muscle weakness...

Swelling of the face and tongue. Loss of muscle co...

Yeast infection...

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The most commonly reported Omeprazole side effects are:
Itching (85)
Weight Gain (77)
Anxiety (57)
No Sex Drive (46)
Leg Cramps (44)
Diarrhea (40)
Nausea (38)

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