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Fri, 14 Jan 2011
At first it was a little burning in my nose, ears ringing and random vertigo and not being able to drive at night cuz i just can't see right. Got off it and onto prilosec and that caused worse dizzine>>Vertigo

Nausea and vomiting.SOB...

Nausea and vomiting...

Acute cholecystitis,acute pancreatitis...

Heart racing, fullness/tight chest, nausea, burnin...

Massive loss of B-12. Extreme tiredness. Weight l...

My Dr. gave me Protonix because I was experiencing...

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The most commonly reported Protonix side effects are:
Hair Loss (26)
Nausea (17)
Dry Mouth (14)
Hair Loss/texturechange (11)
Vertigo (11)
Achey Legs (9)
Bad Acid Rflux After The First Pill (5)

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