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Hair Loss (26, 19.40%)
Nausea (17, 12.69%)
Dry Mouth (14, 10.45%)
Hair Loss/texturechange (11, 8.21%)
Vertigo (10, 7.46%)
Achey Legs (9, 6.72%)
Does Protonix Cause Hair Loss? (6, 4.48%)
Bad Acid Rflux After The First Pill (5, 3.73%)
Tingle (3, 2.24%)
Numbness (2, 1.49%)
Tingle And Numbness (2, 1.49%)
Very Hot (2, 1.49%)
Cannot Move Bowels (2, 1.49%)
Greasy Stools (2, 1.49%)
Pancreatitis (1, 0.75%)
Protonix Niaspan (1, 0.75%)
Severe Headache (1, 0.75%)
Swollen Ankels (1, 0.75%)
Thrombocytopenia (1, 0.75%)
Tingle Numbness (1, 0.75%)
Unable To Take In Full Breaths With Yawns (1, 0.75%)
Unable To Take In Full Breaths With Yawns And Deep Breaths (1, 0.75%)
Urine Color Change (1, 0.75%)
Alopecis (1, 0.75%)
Chest Tightness (1, 0.75%)
Deep Breaths (1, 0.75%)
Depression (1, 0.75%)
Dizziness Burping (1, 0.75%)
Elevated Eye Pressure (1, 0.75%)
Flushing (1, 0.75%)
High Blood Sugar (1, 0.75%)
Impotency (1, 0.75%)
Insomnia That Won\’t Go Away (1, 0.75%)
Joint Pain (1, 0.75%)
Kidney (1, 0.75%)
Loosing Hair (1, 0.75%)
Low Magnesium (1, 0.75%)

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