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Prozac Alcoholism Side Effects

Prozac Alcoholism Side Effect Reports

The following Prozac Alcoholism side effect reports were submitted by healthcare professionals and consumers.

This information will help you understand how side effects, such as Alcoholism, can occur, and what you can do about them.

A side effect could appear soon after you start Prozac or it might take time to develop.

Alcoholism, Brain Damage, Brain Scan Abnormal, Cerebrovascular Accident, Confusional State, Memory Impairment, Road Traffic Accident, Speech Disorder, Suicidal Ideation

This Alcoholism side effect was reported by a consumer or non-health professional from UNITED KINGDOM. A 32-year-old patient (weight:NA) experienced the following symptoms/conditions: NA. The patient was prescribed Prozac (dosage: NA), which was started on Feb 01, 2007. Concurrently used drugs: NA. When starting to take Prozac the consumer reported the following symptoms:
  • Alcoholism
  • Brain Damage
  • Brain Scan Abnormal
  • Cerebrovascular Accident
  • Confusional State
  • Memory Impairment
  • Road Traffic Accident
  • Speech Disorder
  • Suicidal Ideation
The patient was hospitalized. These side effects may potentially be related to Prozac.
Alcoholism, Completed Suicide, Suicidal Behaviour, Suicidal Ideation

This Alcoholism Prozac side effect was reported by a consumer or non-health professional from UNITED STATES on Aug 04, 2006. A male , 30 years of age, was diagnosed with and was treated with Prozac. The patient presented the following health conditions:
  • Alcoholism
  • Completed Suicide
  • Suicidal Behaviour
  • Suicidal Ideation
. Prozac dosage: 40 Mg, Oral; See Image. Additional drugs used at the same time: NA.
Alcoholism, Completed Suicide, Suicidal Behaviour, Suicidal Ideation

This is a Prozac side effect report of a 30-year-old patient (weight:NA) from UNITED STATES, suffering from the following symptoms/conditions: depression, who was treated with Prozac (dosage:See Image, Oral, start time: Jan 01, 2006), combined with: NA., and developed a serious reaction and a Alcoholism side effect. The patient presented with:
  • Alcoholism
  • Completed Suicide
  • Suicidal Behaviour
  • Suicidal Ideation
which developed after the beginning of treatment. This side effect report can indicate a possible existence of increased vulnerability to Prozac treatment in patients suffering from depression, resulting in Alcoholism.

Acute Myocardial Infarction, Aggression, Agitation, Alcoholism, Bipolar Disorder, Burning Sensation, Cerebral Atrophy, Cerebrovascular Accident, Condition Aggravated

A 42-year-old patient (weight: NA) from UNITED STATES with the following symptoms: depression,bipolar disorder started Prozac treatment (dosage: 20 Mg, Daily (1/d)) on Jan 01, 1999. Soon after starting Prozac treatment, the consumer experienced several side effects, including:
  • Acute Myocardial Infarction
  • Aggression
  • Agitation
  • Alcoholism
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Burning Sensation
  • Cerebral Atrophy
  • Cerebrovascular Accident
  • Condition Aggravated
. Concurrently used drugs:
  • Olanzapine (20 Mg)
  • Depakote
  • Ativan
  • Metformin Hcl
  • Antabuse
  • Toprol-xl
  • Amaryl
  • Maxzide
The patient was hospitalized. This finding indicates that some patients can be more vulnerable to developing Prozac side effects, such as Alcoholism.
Alcoholism, Atelectasis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Haematuria, Hypoaesthesia, Imprisonment, Loss Of Consciousness, Metabolic Encephalopathy

A patient from UNITED STATES was prescribed and started Prozac on Jun 23, 2005. Patient felt the following Prozac side effects: alcoholism, atelectasis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, haematuria, hypoaesthesia, imprisonment, loss of consciousness, metabolic encephalopathy Additional patient health information: male , 62 years of age, The consumer reported the following symptoms: was diagnosed with and. Prozac dosage: 20 Mg. Concurrently used drugs:
  • Fluoxetine
  • Xanax (alprazolam Dum)
  • Pepcid
  • Viagra
The patient was hospitalized.
Alcoholism, Atelectasis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Confusional State, Haematuria, Lethargy, Loss Of Consciousness, Mental Status Changes

This report suggests a potential Prozac Alcoholism side effect(s) that can have serious consequences. A 62-year-old patient from (weight:NA) was diagnosed with the following health condition(s): depression and used Prozac (dosage: 20 Mg) starting NS. Soon after starting Prozac the patient began experiencing various side effects, including:
  • Alcoholism
  • Atelectasis
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Confusional State
  • Haematuria
  • Lethargy
  • Loss Of Consciousness
  • Mental Status Changes
Drugs used concurrently:
  • Fluoxetine
  • Xanax (alprazolam Dum)
The patient was hospitalized. Although Prozac demonstrated significant improvements in a number of clinically relevant cases, troublesome symptoms, such as Alcoholism, may still occur.
Alcoholism, Amnesia, Bipolar Disorder, Condition Aggravated, Depression, Suicide Attempt

An adverse event was reported by a consumer or non-health professional on Feb 28, 2005 by a Female taking Prozac (dosage: 1-2 X Daily Oral) was diagnosed with and. Location: , weighting 155.0 lb, patient began experiencing various side effects, including: Directly after treatment started, patient experienced the unwanted or unexpected Prozac side effects: alcoholism, amnesia, bipolar disorder, condition aggravated, depression, suicide attempt. Additional medications/treatments: The patient was hospitalized.

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Prozac Alcoholism Causes and Reviews

For most adults, moderate alcohol use is probably not harmful. However, about 18 million adult Americans have an alcohol use disorder (AUD). This means that their drinking causes distress and harm. It includes Alcoholism and alcohol abuse.

Alcoholism, or alcohol dependence, is a disease that causes

  • Craving - a strong need to drink
  • Loss of control - not being able to stop drinking once you've started
  • Physical dependence - withdrawal symptoms
  • Tolerance - the need to drink more alcohol to feel the same effect

With alcohol abuse, you are not physically dependent, but you still have a serious problem. The drinking may cause problems at home, work, or school. It may cause you to put yourself in dangerous situations, or lead to legal or social problems.

Another common problem is binge drinking. It is drinking about five or more drinks in two hours for men. For women, it is about four or more drinks in two hours.

Too much alcohol is dangerous. Heavy drinking can increase the risk of certain cancers. It can cause damage to the liver, brain, and other organs. Drinking during pregnancy can harm your baby. Alcohol also increases the risk of death from car crashes, injuries, homicide, and suicide.

You may have an AUD if you can answer yes to two or more of these questions:

In the past year, have you

  • Ended up drinking more or for a longer time than you had planned to?
  • Wanted to cut down or stop drinking, or tried to, but couldn't?
  • Spent a lot of your time drinking, or recovering from drinking?
  • Felt a strong need to drink?
  • Found that drinking - or being sick from drinking - often interfered with your family life, job, or school?
  • Kept drinking even though it was causing trouble with your family or friends?
  • Given up or cut back on activities that you enjoyed just so you could drink?
  • Gotten into dangerous situations while drinking or after drinking? Some examples are driving drunk and having unsafe sex.
  • Kept drinking even though it was making you feel depressed or anxious? Or when it was adding to another health problem?
  • Had to drink more and more to feel the effects of the alcohol?
  • Had withdrawal symptoms when the alcohol was wearing off? They include trouble sleeping, shakiness, irritability, anxiety, depression, restlessness, nausea, and sweating. In severe cases, you could have a fever, seizures, or hallucinations.

If you have any of these symptoms, your drinking may already be a cause for concern. The more symptoms you have, the more serious the problem is. If you think you might have an AUD, see your health care provider for an evaluation. Your provider can help make a treatment plan, prescribe medicines, and if needed, give you treatment referrals.

NIH: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Prozac Alcoholism Reviews

Sat, 06 Feb 2010
Can Prozac cause hallucinations?
Sun, 25 Jul 2010
Does anyone know if Prozac would give me more energy, every antidepressant I have tried just knocks me out to the point I can not function they all seem to make make me so tired. please help thank you Brenda I have sever anxiety attacks can not sleep.
Sun, 19 Jun 2011
does 10mg of Prozac cause pesonality changes?
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Top Prozac Side Effects

Depression (196)
Anxiety (148)
Suicidal Ideation (144)
Feeling Abnormal (138)
Suicide Attempt (121)
Nausea (117)
Headache (117)
Completed Suicide (116)
Vomiting (110)
Insomnia (109)
Pain (109)
Aggression (107)
Fall (104)
Dyspnoea (99)
Fatigue (96)
Convulsion (96)
Agitation (95)
Abnormal Behaviour (92)
Tremor (90)
Confusional State (87)
Dizziness (46)
Condition Aggravated (45)
Loss Of Consciousness (45)
Diarrhoea (44)
Asthenia (43)
Somnolence (43)
Anger (42)
Overdose (42)
Homicide (41)
Arthralgia (39)
Death (39)
Malaise (37)
Off Label Use (35)
Mania (35)
Irritability (35)
Serotonin Syndrome (34)
Weight Decreased (34)
Weight Increased (33)
Hypertension (32)
Crying (32)
Chest Pain (32)
Amnesia (31)
Pain In Extremity (31)
Rash (29)
Cerebrovascular Accident (29)
Anaemia (29)
Syncope (27)
Hyperhidrosis (26)
Hyponatraemia (26)
Pruritus (26)

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Prozac Common Side Effects

If you experienced any harmful or unwanted effects of Mucinex, please share your experience. This could help to raise awareness about Mucinex side effects, identify uknown risks and inform health professionals and patients taking Mucinex.

Examples: headache, dizziness

The most commonly reported Prozac side effects (click to view or check a box to report):

Depression (140)
Anxiety (110)
Suicidal Ideation (96)
Feeling Abnormal (92)
Completed Suicide (81)
Aggression (81)
Nausea (74)
Headache (73)
Suicide Attempt (71)
Agitation (67)
Abnormal Behaviour (66)
Vomiting (66)
Insomnia (66)
Pain (63)
Fall (61)
Dyspnoea (56)
Convulsion (55)
Fatigue (53)
Tremor (47)
Dizziness (46)

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