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Eltroxin Report: Breathing swallowing problems face

Eltroxin Report: Breathing swallowing problems face

A following Eltroxin side effect report was submitted by a user.

Female patient reported the following Eltroxin side effects :
Breathing and swallowing problems, red in the face, feeling of being choked, rapid heart beat, elevated blood pressure. Pain in chest. Vision disturbance and swelling of right eye. Serious light headedness, no hunger, no or very little peristalsis movement of the bowels. Swollen, painful glands. Loss of feeling in hands if I hold something to long. During the night, swelling in my arms that would become better if I move around in the morning

Visited 2 doctors and walked into the ER because I couldn't wait to see the specialis in 2 weeks time. I asked dr to do CT scan of neck and body. No abnormalty's exept the swollen glands, not serious. How must a person function everyday, while you want to die of pain and discomfort! When I left the ER after 8 hours I had a prescription for Stress medicine! and still no answer! I went home and search for people with adverse symptoms and saw the posts of 2008/2009 about Eltroxin. I got up, looked at the date of my last prescription. Can it be. Got the pills on 02/07/2012, took 1st dosis on 03/07/2012, woke up the morning of 04/07/2012 with serious health issues... I stoped taking the Eltroxin and started to feel better in a few days. Recently talked to 2 more persons with similar symptoms, taking eltroxin. I noticed in the production report of Aspen Global of 2011 that they are planning to move the production of several product to the new Port Elizabeth Production fasility.

Medication Dosage: 1mg per day
Medication Frequency: per day
Patient Age: 41
Patient Weight: 90
Other medications: Non what so ever. Followed allergy free diet as I was cutting out all the foods I'm sensitive to. No - Gluten, sugar, beans, nuts, pulses, peppers no sweetners or colorants. Only filtered water.
Diagnosis: Hypothyrodism
Pre-existing conditions: Do not drink or smoke. Allergy: Beans nuts and pulses, wheat, peppers White female
Hospitalized? No
Life-threatening? Yes Serious vertigo could just as well been drinking and driving
Disabled? No
Birth Defects? No
Was intervention required to prevent damage? No
Other serious medical events? No
Died? No

It is estimated that 1.5 million preventable adverse drug events occur each year. Many more millions of mild adverse drug events occur each year which can affect your health, mental state, and normal everyday functioning. Drug side effects can cause death, disability, and illness.

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