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Champix Report: first sickness this passed

Champix Report: first sickness this passed

A following Champix side effect report was submitted by a user.

Male patient reported the following Champix side effects :
At first sickness. this passed after a few days. very violent dreams and dreaming of smoking waking up thinking i had smoked. The worst or best is my slight change in personality. i used to not say what i really wanted to id bite my tounge. since been on these tablets i say what i think to anybody. it has got me in trouble at work. i am very snapy and my temper is.worse than before

Medication Dosage:
Medication Frequency:
Patient Age: 27
Patient Weight:
Other medications:
Diagnosis: Stop smokin
Pre-existing conditions:
Hospitalized? No
Life-threatening? No
Disabled? No
Birth Defects? No
Was intervention required to prevent damage? No
Other serious medical events? No
Died? No

It is estimated that 1.5 million preventable adverse drug events occur each year. Many more millions of mild adverse drug events occur each year which can affect your health, mental state, and normal everyday functioning. Drug side effects can cause death, disability, and illness.

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