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Champix Report: Constipation Sore eyes vivid

Champix Report: Constipation Sore eyes vivid

A following Champix side effect report was submitted by a user.

Male patient reported the following Champix Chantix side effects :
Constipation, Sore eyes, vivid dreams, excessive dreaming, inability to sleep properly, constant waking, sore eyes, fatigue, emotional instability, psychosis NOS, Somatoform disorder, severe depression, suicidal thoughts and urges, uncontrollable rage, hyperacusis, hair hurting, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, loss of pleasure, gingivitis, excessive weight gain

My health and quality of life has been severely degraded by this drug.

Medication Dosage: 1mg
Medication Frequency: 2 times a day for 3 months
Patient Age: 25
Patient Weight: 165
Other medications:
Diagnosis: Smoking Cessation
Pre-existing conditions: previous history of depression
Hospitalized? Yes
Life-threatening? Yes
Disabled? Yes
Birth Defects? No
Was intervention required to prevent damage? No
Other serious medical events? No
Died? No

It is estimated that 1.5 million preventable adverse drug events occur each year. Many more millions of mild adverse drug events occur each year which can affect your health, mental state, and normal everyday functioning. Drug side effects can cause death, disability, and illness.

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