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Have you considered cysts which are quite common and when they separate you will have minimal spotting. You can have multiple cysts. Also, has your doctor considered endometriosis as a cause for the pain? Often, you have to have the surgery for an affirmative diagnosis. My daughter had sharp pains for years with little help from multiple OBGYNs. After 3 years, finally a Dr. took pitty on her and did exploratory surgery. She had 3 issues: 1) A staple from an appendectomy dislodged and positioned itself on the top of her uterus; 2) endometriosos, and 3) Her large intestine had scar tissue connecting it and twisting it at several points. Sometimes you have to push to get help. If you think there is something wrong, you may be right and you deserve treatment. I hope you get this resolved.


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i had two sets of penicillin for my tonsilitis and it didnt clear so i have been put on erythromycin and i am too getting

<b>After taking this drug I suffered Abdominal Pain with diarrhea after eating even small amounts, pain developed with the urge to get

Erythromycin is scary!! I had upper Abdominal Pain within an hour of takin git which brought me to my knees, also waves of nausea.

i had started these friday for strong very painful Abdominal Painsandspazums have reduced but soo grumpy and tiered all the time but cant sleep

I've been prescribed to Meberverine due to having IBS. I didnt recieve a paper in the box stating any side effects. I've been

i had a terrible experience with Miralax........first day i was ok but from second day i started

My experience with Miralax was a nightmare. I had a severe allergic reaction which involved hives, splitting headaches, Abdominal Pain, rectal

My 8 year old son has been on Intuniv for approximately 8 months for ADHD. The last several weeks he has been complaining

Centuximab has been diseastrous for me. My fingertips bleed and are infected as well as extremely painful to the touch. I have

<b>Describe Your Ezetrol Experience Here:</b>Sleeplessness severe pain in muscles and joints nausea and Abdominal Pain headaches and pain behind eyes chronic

I took 2 Dulcolax tablets Wednesday night at about 11:30 pm. Abdominal pain woke me up at about 4:30 am Thursday morning, and

I took 2 dulcolax tablets (the recommended dosage at 5 mg each) at 10:00 pm. I had Abdominal Pain and a restless night.

Initially after approx 3 weeks hot flushes, irritability and anger left. Unfortunately after 3 months of use became extremely tired, weak,

I was given Junel 1.5-30 and have continuously bled since the start of my last period. That is 15 days! The primary reason

I'm experiencing the same hip pain also, especially at night. I started taking Adderall in the beginning of November but was just switched

<span>25 YR OLD TRAPS&nbsp;PATIENT w/Abdominal Pain x 10 days. Stopped taking 100mg dail Kineret 3 days ago, now w/fever

i was told i have polycystic ovary syndrome which explains my very irregular period and i can miss periods for months i'm and i'm

every since i had my 3 years old daugther my periods hasnt been the same. I would go twice a month for 5 or

I am on birth control and i had my perdiod 8 days ago just 3 day ago i started bleeding brown and light red spots

Yes there is a possibility that u can be preggers there are people who have there period there whole pregnancy

I have all of those symptoms and they keep telling me that it's nothing

Ive been having a sharp pain in the stomach right under my belly button and also very bad migrains. what could it be?

I have had a pain on the right side just above my vagina and now I'm bleeding Is it my period or something Eles ?

I had my gallbladder remover four weeks ago. The last week I have been dealing with Abdominal Pain under my left breast that radiates

On July 21 st I had unprotected sex. I have a very irregular period. I bleed atleast 3 days out of the week.

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