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My Advil experiance was amazing. You gauranteed a long lasting erection and maximum performance and stamina, all of which i experianced to the fullest...... oh waite wrong pill :( awkward.


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

Same with me. Gout once a year but this time, on Metformin, gout became the worst and the attack is going

Is anyone there to help me by taking 6 200 mg Advil pm just for onetime will there be any side effects ...

I never take any Advil pm , i just took it for one time 6 200 mg pills any side effects

Took 6 200 mg tablets is there any side effects or anything serious.....

I was prescribed Prilosec after I  an endoscopy that showed that I had a gastritis which was caused by Advil. I was

I don't take anything but Aleve for mild joint pain. Nothing works as well for me--I only need to take 1 or 2 per

I fell and landed on my left knee twisting my leg in the process.  At first my whole leg hurt and I

I started taking Advil the last two days.  I was shocked when I gained 6 pounds in two days and had

After i took this i felt fine,  i had really bad cramps but after this i didn't feel them anymore, it took

I remeber taking midol once and my cramps had gotten worst, it was worst after i took the pill. I would suggest sticking with

Never used Advil before - strictly Bayer aspirin.  I took Advil twice and had strange dreams - really strange dreams - twice.

I have red blisters from previous allergic reaction to medication.  After taking Advil for 4 days, the blisters seemed to have


not sure Advil liquid gelbut i thought a chemical reaction similar seizure symptoms sent to aneurologist to be checked still unknown

I had an anaphalactic reaction to Advil while visiting Florida. My face was particularly swollen and my breathing was compromised. Does this mean

I have had five weekly infusions now.  Each time I have had site reactions of swelling, heat, and redness.&

It started in February, 2012 after a 5 hour drive. Since then it has come and gone without any obvious pattern.

I never had a problem (that I know of) since taking Lisinopril 20mgs daily for two years starting when I was diagnosed with Diabetes back

I was not given any instructions about drinking extra fluid before the infusion of reclast. I was only told to take 2 extra strength

My friend is having more pain where the tumor sites are..she is now taking Advil and maybe a small amount of pain med.

I am getting horrible headaches, trying to figure out if this is from disport, I had it done about 1 month ago,

I usually never have headaches and started getting them 2 days after I started using restasis. So far my eyes are still dry but

My son has been coughing and congested, I took him to the doctor when he started running a very slight fever, I gave

On 4th pill of Avelox. both shoulders and in between my back is killing me.  I thought I had Lung Cancer...

I started taking Advil the last two days. I was shocked when I gained6 pounds in two days and had hardly time to eat

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