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Every time I have surgery a week to a week and a half later I experience very itchy hives up and own my arms, my legs, my neck, my scalp, my chest, and my palms of my hands. After my c-sections I would also have a circle of rash about one inch in diameter around where they did my epidural or spinal. They tried both to see if the reaction would be different. I would react right away in the hospital and they would give me benadryl but once home about a week to a week and a half later I would have a reaction again every time. That's five times by the way. Now I've had two uterine ablations done and did not have the reaction right away in the hospital but a week and two days later both times! It's very itchy and uncomfortable and would love some insight as to what would be causing it so I can avoid it in the future. I did take vicodin after all of my surgeries but was finished a week before my reaction. Can you have such a delayed reaction from vicodin or could it be lidocaine I'm allergic to?


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I used Nuvaring six years ago After the birth of my son. I had never had female issues prior to this product.

i have ovarian cyst and never in my 21 yrs of life have i taken birth control then they suggested seasoniqe i quit in less

I am on my 3rd month of Nuva ring. The first month I had  daily spotting. the ssecond month NO spotting

I started takine Premelle 2.5 on 2.7.11 and on 7.7.11 I started getting period pains with slight bleeding. On

I was on HRT for the past ten years ( from age 46 to 56). Recently the doctor has stopped me from taking the

hi i`m 38 yers old,i have polymiositis :( since i deleivred my baby,my doctor said it`s not the reason it`s genatic,suddenly i

a few days ago i took 450 mg of diphenhydramine in sleeping pills, i know it is extremely stupid and i regret it 100%,

Used when doing an arteriogram...Skin turns very red and hot After wiping area with wet wash cloth.  Hands begin

I get Avastin every 21 days. I get a severely swollen tongue about 1 week After treatment, sometimes only after one or two

I took only two erythromycin tablets. I was in agony, violently sick, chest pains heart palpitations, sweating. Was taken to

Hi, Could you please suggest me the remeady for this unbearing pain in abdoman After taking the Erithromycin.

I was also prescribed Erythromycin from a Walk-in Clinic. They originally prescribed me Flucloxacillin but After taking it for two and a half days

I have had terrible crushing type pain between my ribs (upper abdo) just near the sternum.... and feel like I 

<b>After taking this drug I suffered abdominal pain with diarrhea After eating even small amounts, pain developed with the urge to get

we are inhaling aldehyde used leather from drying After manufactured ,it cause eye, nose,throat,headhac problems how to treat the leather no

I have ocnstant and irrepressible mouth moveements accmpanied by a sort of internal chanting of nonsensical sounds. This started several months After starting adderol

Not long After taking Coracten I developed severe pain in my big toe joint, which was diagnosed as gout, although Coraten was not

I was diagnosed on Monday January 9th with Malaria PF 1+. Took coartem, started on first dose right away, on Monday evening.

After atacand was administered for heart irregulatities my creatinen clearance rased from 2.5 to 2.9&nbsp;then&nbsp;i sotpped taking the tanblets.

47 years old. used Atacand for nine months. High blood preassure dayly average 169/110 now After Atacand 120/75. So it reduces my

took topimax and After 3 months lost almost 25lbs and started having stomach problems. It ended up that my gall bladder went bad and

my college have ca pancreatis - cum metastases in liver. After inject. of gemcitabin she got severe toxic anaemia. Do she must

In June 2005 I suffered a minor head injury, After a while I started having a mild muscle spasm in my left arm,

I have taken Septra successfully for 20 years to combat frequent UTIs. It has been wonderfully effective for me. However, I took

my mother has vascular dementia she has just come out of hospital After suffering pneumonia doctors says she is at the last stages of dementia

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