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I have taken Naproxen several times over the years as prescribed by my doctor. I was recently injured and have been taking Aleve (Naproxen with an easier to market name) over the past few weeks. I took 2 Aleve this morning, and within 20 minutes was experienceing the most terrifying experience of my life thus far. The entire top of my tongue itched, then my blood pressure started to rise... high and fast, peaking at 181/115 (yes, for real); heart reat 198. I went bright, bright red from head to toe, including the whites of my eyes; breathing slowed and oxygen levels dropped to 13% at one point. Hives, chills, anxiety attack, trip by Ambulance at speeds in excess of 140km/h in fear of my "crashing" before arriving the hospital. I am a healthy 35 year old woman. There is no known reason for the allergic reaction; no other known allergies, and had injested nothing other than water with the pills. It was a terrifying moment when I realized that the Paramedics were preparing "the paddles" and a mega dose of epinepherine for my certain inevitable cardiac arrest. I was put on IV (took 4 tries to get the IV in and taped down before the swelling pushed the cannula out of my vien) and given Benedryl via drip and Prednizone orally. I am now the proud new owner of 2 Epi pens and a referral to an allergist. Just an FYI... otherwise, the Aeve works really well. Hahaha... :S


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

I wheeze with any activity; sometimes so loud that my daughter can hear me in the next room. I'm also out of

I works on my paine better then acetaminophen & codeine phophate 300 /30 mg

I had lower back pain so I took 2 Aleve at a time 6-8 hours between doses. Although my back pain stopped, I

yes i have the same problem for 2 weeks i only take 2 pills 2 weeks ago.i have the same problem.rash,lips look

I started taking Aleve a few months ago. I try not to take too many painkillers though with chronic SI and lower back pain

after taking Aleve i was taken to the emergency room with a servere case of cellulitus on my hand and in my nose. The

I had such severe shoulder joint paint-the heating pad did not work to kill the pain--so at midnight-took only one "Aleve" It killed the pain


When I took Aleve my blood pressure plummeted, dizzy, felt faint, severe nausea, sweating.  I thought I was

I love(d) Aleve because it worked with less pills and tylendol always made me feel naueous... but I realized when taking aleve

i had some joint pain as a relaxer to help me sleep i took 2 Aleve before i went to bed i had a real

I don't take anything but Aleve for mild joint pain. Nothing works as well for me--I only need to take 1 or 2 per

Scratchy throat, hot core and cold extremeties. Unable to walk as I could not straighten up.Sore joints and stabing pain in random

I had really bad cramps so I took Aleve. In about an hour my lip had swollen up and my eye was swollen shut.

i have used Aleve for pain in my cervical and neck--i have burtis on my hip--and arm pain from surgery done to my neck aleve

Have 2 herniated discs and shoulder tendonitis. Aleve relived shoulder pain better than cortisone shot. Am concerned about effects on creatinine though as

<span style="color: #808080;"><b>Describe Your TDAP (ADACEL) Experience Here:I received my vaccine on 2-28-2011</b></span> today is 3-4-2011 and

I started looking at Flonase side effects AFTER being on it for about a month.&nbsp; No question that it relieved my "stuffy

Ramipril Back Pain, Altace Back Pain. Wow! I am a physician and my doctor put me on ramipril. At

seems to help but was wondering if I can take Aleve also

Your the one that's a fucking idiot... Even if they are OTC .. Drugs affect people in different ways.

My 71 year old Mother had the Reclast injection one month ago. She was a little tired the first couple of days afterwards but

I had reclast Oct 6,2010&nbsp; I had all the side effects listed. I would never get it again. &nbsp;I would

can i take Aleve or ibuprofen 3 days after dysport injection. sever headache and swollen droopy eyelids?

I had such severe shoulder joint paint-the heating pad did not work to kill the pain--so at midnight-took only one "Aleve" It killed the pain

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