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I have been taking Amitiza for about 3 weeks. I have chronic constipation and do not make BM without stimulant laxatives for about 7 months. Had a colonoscopy, pelvic exam, and test for celiac disease. All came back normal. Dr started me with 8 mcg 1X a day for a week. No results. Side effect was heaviness in chest--nothing I couldn't deal with. Ended up using EXLAX. Then taking 8 mcg 2X a day with no results. Side effect: Still heaviness in chest but seemed to be getting less noticalbe. Again more EXLAX. Then on 24 mcg 2X a for one week now with miralax once a day. Finally had very normal consistency BMs after a week of not going. About 5 in one day. Next day had 3-4 large, soft BMS in morning alone. Verging on running now. So it is working. However, now I feel that every time I took a 24 mcg pill, my chest feels very heavy and uncomfortable. A couple of times I felt like I was getting very flushed in my face (red and hot). A couple of times I felt very very tired and went to bed hours before I normally do. I am going to try to take only one a day and see what happens. Maybe two pills is too much? Or maybe its the miralax that is actually making me have BMs? Will post a follow up.


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My daughter (17) started with 8mcgs 2 x daily for 1 week - no results - still very constipated. Dr. then switched

I have just been taking Amitiza for three days and want zelnorn back.  Two of these days I have experienced nausea,

i had severe nausea,chest and back pain ,headaches ad after i quit i felt raw and sore, and i still have some

I am happy to share the good experience that i had taking Amitiza!    I was told by my Dr to take

I have been taking Amitiza for 14 months. I was prescribed this by my physician after horrible constipation issues. At this time I

After taking Amitiza the night before, the next morning I had a dark green stool. Is this a side effect of taking Amitiza?

I found it did not help the constipation but gave me severe headaches and nausea - and I felt like I was getting chest congestion

no symtoms after morning dose 24mg.  i take a second dose with dinner and i usually feel achy, hot, and

I have been taking Amitiza for 7mos now and think it is great. I take 2 24mg every night before bed and in morning

I was prescribed Amitiza, 8 mcg, twice a day chronic constipation. After 2 weeks, absolutely no improvement. Was told

I have been taking Amitiza for about 18 monts this go around. I tried it once before several years ago and did not like

My daughter (17) started with 8mcgs 2 x daily for 1 week - no results - still very constipated. Dr. then switched

I I am an 18 yr old female, whowas given samples of Amitiza by my GI. I took as he told me to.

I have been taking Amitiza for a few months with some good effect, although the side effects are not worth it. I've generally

Have been taking ABILIFY for about 3 years and became a compulsive gambler. Please email me and let me know if anyone else have

I suffer with IBS-C and my doctor recently prescribed Amitiza. It worked the first 2 weeks. However, the 3rd week I

Was prescribed Amitiza for chronic constipation by gastro dr. After taking for appx one month, began to feel tired and experience hair

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