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I was diagnoised with crohns and am taking 2400 mg per day for over a week with no real change in condition,I am in pain and depressed,will I improve soon?


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

I have Crohn's Disease and am taking Asacol daily.  I have been taking Fosavance for six weeks now and have been experiencing

I was just diagnosed with ulcertaive colitis (UC) back in July. I've been taking AsacolHD (1 800mg pill 3 times a day) for

I am currently taking 12 400mg Asacol pills at 4 pills, three times per day, as well as pentasa enemas twice a week,

I am taking 2 Asacol three times a day and is very difficult sleep and my mouth is dry all the time.

I went into my doctors with severe stomach pain and was diagnosed prior to this visit with severe ulcerative colitis.  Doctor said

I have Crohn's Disease and am taking Asacol daily. I have been taking Fosavance for six weeks now and have been experiencing two episodes

it helped me alot to use flax seed,all yuo have to do is boil a handfull of this in 7 cups of

Thanks for sharing these discussions online as these are so helpful to other asthma patients to find their answers. 

i have just been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis after having bloody diarrioh for 7 months. I have been given 800mg mg Asacol 3 times

i have diabetes type 2 , does Asacol have any side effects on me?

Severe Panic Attacks or Panic Anxiety and head aches and nausea and diarea.....worrying...because I am a Bi

severe nausea, not able to stand daily at times, cramping

I was started on Asacol after a diagnosis of colitis. I began having diarreha, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, confusion,

I am having anxiety or panic attacks, which I've never had before. I'm on the maintenance dose right now, 4 pills per

I take two 750-mg pills 3 times a day, and I have for three weeks. So far I haven't noticed any appreciable side

i have diabetes type 2 , does Asacol have any side effects on me?

I think this drug has some positives and negatives Negatives: Racing heart,head aches, hair loss, sore muscle, dizziness, sore gut

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