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Got into a deep depression in 96 after taking zithromax and again in 2007 after the same medication. It started with major panick attacks and anxiety and just got worse. The first time I did not think the medication caused it but when it happened the second time it was very clear.


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

Background: 55 yr old female, never sick exc for rare cold. No meds (perhaps 10 NSAIDS per year for hormonally related headache).

Last week, my doctor prescribed Benzonatate, along with prednisone and Azithromycin for treating my virus-flu condition last week. I have asthma.

i am 43 yrs old. I have cystic fibrosis and asthma and bronchaitisase. I been taking seredide 250 (disc) twice a day for

What's on your mind...i was put on Azithromycin on feb 21st my my family doctor. i had an upper resporitory infection and

Definitely seems to cause a very down mood! Why don't they know this?

I have dry tongue and difficult time swalling panic attacks.

I also have dry mouth and throat. Difficult swalling. Panic attacks

I'm having severe abdominal pain, vomiting sensations, and watery diahrea. HELP!

I took the azihromycin 2 weeks ago and became very anxious and had many panic attacks. I've never had panic attacks and

Since i have been taking Azithromycin tablets 250mg i have had a lot of bloating and abdominal pain

I was perscribed Azithromycin for pneumonia. I have a terrible cough. I get stomach cramps about an hour after taking it.

It made me feel very weak. I experienced nausea and bad stomach pain. I also had a heightened sense of smell. The

This stuff was horrible. First dose was 2 250mg and then one 250 mg per day for 9 days. 3rd days was experiencing

I have a horrible headache which leads to nausea. Its been going on for 3 days, I am eating very little.

I just had a very scary time last night after taking Azithromycin for a few days, I started feeling very strange. Lightheaded,

Elizabeth, I lost my sense of smell and my taste too. That was 3rd of May 2011. It is 8th

I lost my sense of taste and sense of smell also. Was wondering if you got yours back yet?

Hello will Azithromycin make you not sleep ever since i have been taking this i have not slept but 6 hours in three days?

When I took this medicine the first 2 days I was running to the bathroom with diarrhea and after that muscle pains, abdominal paid,

I would like to know if my taste and smell will come back eventually?

HI, im a healthy 24yr old male(normally!), had 2 x 200mg suprax and 4 x 250mg Azithromycin all at once as the doctor

I am on my 5th day and still feel terrible. Just as bad as I was when I went to the Doctor. Ill

i just took the last dose of Azithromycin ank my skyn is getting red

I was prescribed a 6 unit pack of 250mg Azithromycin, directions say to take 2 tablets on first day and 1 tablet for 4

I took the medication a week ago.The first day I was fine.The next day i had diarrhea and bad headache.The worst came

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