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After taking one half tsp. of Benefiber in 80z of water. I began having anaphylaxix symptoms, my throat started to swell and chest tightened. I stated Bendadry 2 tablets every 4 hours. The next morning after breakfast the symptoms stared to reoccur. I started the Bendadry again to counteract the reaction. It is now 36 hours and still experiencing the side effects. I read that the ingredient in this is wheat starch processed with acid. I strongly believe because of my severe reaction and others', this product needs to taken off the market. Please warn others as I will do.


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

I have rash on my back, arms, legs for almost a year. No doctors-family, dermatologist, allergist-- could tell m

I only took one dose, and it caused diarrhea for over a year! The diarrhea would clear up occasionally, but it always returned

I was taking Benefiber for 2 months and started getting a dull pain on my lower right side. A few days after I started

I have been taking Benefiber for a couple of years now. I drink it cold in the summer and hot in the winter.

I have been taking Benefiber for just over a week..suddenly my legs have delveloped a rash of sorts-just on the backsides-not pimples, but

I am getting so thirsty. Can Benefiber cause severe thirst? My lab work is all good.

How can you check off that you experinced death from Benefiber??!!

significant gas and a continuing itchy rach all over my back

The first 2 weeks on Benefiber I took only 1 dose per day instead of the 3 doses rec. on the package.

Have been havibg headaches.  Could this be the cause?

My daughter suffered with severe constipation from age 3 and was misdiagnosed with all kinds of things, the lastest irritable bowel with constipation.

That's because you're not drinking enough water. Increasing your intake of fiber should be done slowly to avoid abdominal discomfort and cramps. When

My mouth seemed to get dryer then it was after taking Benefiber. 

ok so this is my third day using Benefiber. it helped me go to the bathroom once. but ive been using it 3

My daughter is 5 and has bowel blockage and constipation from 18 months old. She is on Retoralax 17mg / day for the past

I had bad abdominal cramp and severe constipation after taking Benefiber. Ended up visting the local First Care. Suffered for 5 days.&


I had a Liver Tansplant six yrs. ago and with the prednison that I've had to take of six yrs.  I've

you guys below, truly are idiots.  gout has absolutely nothing to do with Benefiber.  do your damn research.

it was better consistency of stool

My experience with Benefiber has been excellent.  I suffer with IBS and on a good week I normally go once or twice

why are you not supposed to take Benefiber with blood pressure medication (benicar)

I have a very bad taste in my mouth and my mouth feels sticky.

Benefiber is execellant for the digestion but It runs up my blood pressure Is there a Benefiber without the potassium?

took Benefiber this morning with orange juice. It was a bottle that I had for about six months. Since taking it

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