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Mile 15 of my 12 th marathon. Slight back ache so thought I would take some Ben Gay the volunteers were offering. I took a rather large wad and wiped my hands on my back. BIG HUGE MISTAKE--- my BACK AND SPINE WAS ON FIRE that I even picked up a wet sock on the ground to try and wipe it off while running. I am a pretty fast marathoner for my age (41) and was on for a 3:12 marathon and then this burning pain was just too much. The intense burning lasted about 2.5 miles then it was more prickly heat. Instead of helping me it ruined me mentally in a critical point of a marathon I have run the last 4 years. Was this an allergic reation? possibly or that my pores were wide open and accentuated the burning menthol.


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I did not use ben-gay i went into my grandother's home and could not breathe, severe coughing, feeling nausea, just horrible,

feet skin irretation reaction from burns on feet

Horrible burning sensation immediately after putting it on my lower back. It turned really red like a sunburn.

I put on the BenGay patch yesterday and this morning I woke up and in severe pain and a rash with blisters all on my

My son had a sore neck. I applied Bengay to massahe him.  He started to feel an intense burn right away.

Just a positive comment on the positive pain relieving results of BenGays' PainRelieving patches combined with Ben Gay's Highly effective external pain relieving cream. 

Burning, Large red rash -looks like shingles.  Needs to take OFF the market.

I got red rashes which developed into blisters on my hand where ever i applied Bengay. Please suggest me a remedy.

I left a Bengay heating pad on for 8 hours as directed and then removed it after. Then about 5 minutes later my skin

I hated it! It burns like crazy! Don't try without have a real muscle ache!

I have used BenGay for many years now and since January and a car accident I have used it daily (allot) on my rotator cuff

can you get a rash from Bengay cream if so how to treat it.

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