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For me was the worst medicine ever. The nauseas increased after taking the pill and the dizziness increased too. I stoped to take this medicine.


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i took Betaserch 4 days and i had so big headhake  palpitations , sleepness , i stopped as sun as i

I was having dizziness through out the day especially worse in the evenings. Went to an ENT after the brain MRI. It appears

I have been taking Betaserc 24 for 3 months and I can assure you it does not work. From my understanding no one knows

I've been dignozed as a Menier'e syndrom patient since 2005- I didn't know what was the problem with getting slight dizziness for about 6 years

I've been using Betaserc 24 twice a day. No side effects so far.

I was recently diagnosed with Meniere's Syndrome and have just started taking Betaserc 16 mg. I have no issue with it as it is

I have been taking the beraserc 16mg for the past 10 years. i need to know what the possible side effect that i might

My wife was taking betasec, she became tired and mently disturbed.Finally I had to take her to Phsychiatrist for anxiety treatment.Horrible medicine

my name is zia i am taking a betaserac 16mg, 3 time a day  when i feel dizness and vomting doctore tod

<span style=""><b><span style=" padding: 0px; margin: 0px;">Hi Can any1 tell me why this medicine (Betaserc) people use

I take Betaserc now, and it makes me feel dizzy and makes me want to vomit all the time!

Try taking one Magnesium Orotate 500mg in the morning. My doctor told me to do this. I don't know if it has anything

I've stop taking Betaserc 24 after 2 weeks when i started experienced dizziness. A week later i still experience the dizziness. Can anyone

At first there were no side effects&nbsp;and I thought this medication was going to help me with my dizziness. Then after a

ny heart rate drop down due to this medication. So, i couldn't sleep all the night.&nbsp;

why so many medication in the same time?(zoxon, penester, oxaliplatin, leucovorin, fluorouracil) what will be a replacement of this medicine? what was the

I hate this medicine.. It makes me feel like a dying person.always feeling tiredness,body jerkin all the time, makes my

YL I took two doses of Betaserc of 16mg for my hearing problem. I asked doctor if I can take one more. I experienced

i am always exhausted i dont&nbsp; know the reason ,DOC advise me to&nbsp; take Betaserc&nbsp; but i am

Salam...cik milla, saya sedang mengalami vertigo, boleh tak cik milla berikan panduan dan cara-cara mengatasinya. Saya sudah mengalaminya hampir

<span style="">I had a bad experience with vertigo. 2 weeks i was on mc couldn't walk and 1st&nbsp;words come to

i am taking Betaserc 16mg bid for memory retention not good tend to forget easily..

I am taking Betaserc 24 mg bid for my inner ear problem. I feel drowsy and sluggish for the first 2 &ndash;

I have bad vertigo, took Betaserc four 2 weeks. I suffer morning haedache, depression, pulsating haedache around the head,night mare

After doctor diagnose me with vertigo, she gave me Betaserc 24. 2 days after taking Betaserc: -I tend to sleep a lot and feel

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