Buscopan - Hyoscine-n-butylbromide 10mg Questions and Reviews

Buscopan - Hyoscine-n-butylbromide 10mg Reviews

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M y 5th son(fit, healthy 22yr old) has been rushed from Rockingham District Hospital to Fremantle Hospital with a suspected heart attack. He had terrible pain in the centre of his chest on Sunday 17th January 2010 and tightness and difficulty breathing. His fiance rang the govt healthline and they told her to give him a neurophen and for him to lie down and rest. He was on Buscopane as the two of them had suffered food poisoning and severe gastro intestinal upset the week prior. He woke Monday early morning with EXTREME chest pain (he has a high tolerance to pain and does not make a fuss when in pain) and he could not breath properly. He was so in pain he told his fiance to get him to hospital straight away as it was unbearable. When he arrived at casualty they treated him for heart attack, put him on a monitor and oxygen. The monitor showed his heart was behaving irregularly. The doctors could not work out why it was happening. He does not smoke, drink or use drugs, he is fit and healthy, not obese. I arrived at Casualty and observed the monitor myself and could see clearly that his heart rate and beat were erratic every few beats. He felt cold but he was sweating. He was extremely pale and his fingernails were white and his lips also. He was given morphine to treat the pain he was suffering and an ambulance was called to send him to Fremantle hospital. When he arrived the Drs sent him to Catheter surgery and keyhole surgery was done to insert a wire through the groin to inject dye into his heart for an angiogram. The angiogram showed there were no obstructions or blockages in his heart. The doctors think his heart is inflamed but dont know why. His enzymes are up which shows that his heart is trying to repair damage, but they dont know how much damage has been done. They dont know why it happened or what caused it. I suspect it is an allergic reaction to buscopan as my mother had a lot of strange allergies like Penicillin and the ink in newspapers and the dye in her airforce uniform, Iodine,etc. My 5th son has so far only ever displayed symptoms of allergy to cigarette smoke the same as my Mother and myself and all my sons. I am very concerned as the doctors say there is evidence his heart has suffered some damage and is trying to repair itself. If this is the result of an allergy to Buscopan, it could have killed him as he could not breath properly and was in tremendous pain when he arrived at the hospital and all the time I was in the first hospital Casualty department with him. What if Buscopan does this to someone with a weaker heart?


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