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How long should I stay off work amp; elevate my legs with cellulitis?

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My mother suffers from rheumatoid arthritis since 20 years, she is now 69 years old, she was on Leflunomide for several years then

After 3 doses of Leukine, developed severe Cellulitis requiring hospitalization.

Hello, I was given Azastin or Avastin for macular edema. I also have retinopathy from diabetes. I was given this sh

I'm a 44yr old female who received the Tdap on Sept. 20th, 2011 after having my baby. My arm became sore,

Within hours, My arm was swollen and hot. Returned to doctor 2 days later. They said i had Cellulitis and gave me

I have deveolped Cellulitis toe nail and funger nails and believe it is because of taking Mobic I have osteoarthritis knee (macerated meniscus)

Same here. Only it was pneumonia vaccine I think. I also got tetanus shot and now I don't know which arm had what.

I recieved a tetnaus shot. The nurse just punched it in my arm like I was a dart board! It was painful. 2

I have been taking Rebif since Nov-2005 with generally few problems beyond routine myalgia the day following the injection, some occasional redness at the

One more pill to go before I finish my dose of Cephalexin for Cellulitis. First of all, the symptom worsened within the

I really think there should be some investigation into some causes of cellulities. I had surjury a year ago May for a hysterectomy

I developed a dark red rash on my legs and feet while working today. It burns really bad. Do u know what this

How long should one remain off work with lower leg (both legs) Cellulitis? It is my 4th bout of this in past few years.

I have recently been diagnosed with Cellulitis, and have been taking antibiotics for the last 48 hours, i had pain in my

Hi I have been trying to get some more info on preseptal Cellulitis. My toddler has had this twice in a month and a

can one be boarded if you have Cellulitis? are you still fit for work once you are diagnosed with it.

Kathy, your daughter's story sounds like mine-years ago. Hope she is much improved these weeks later. If you want to

Cellulitis and c-section: My 25 yr old daughter is in hospital as I am typing this. She had her first child via

Had a hand manicure for the first time then got Cellulitis in one finger Had a partial toenail removal and got cellulitis in my big toe Have

I have celllultis. I have noticed an increase in my blood pressure. I now have an outbreak could this be the

In April of 2011 my jaw started swelling for and then the whole left side of my face. After going to the

I got facial Cellulitis 2 weeks ago from a tooth infection. Went to the ER, one night stay in the hospital. Was

had Cellulitis three weeks ago, was in hospital for 7 days on iv drips. on antibiotics at home for one month, feeling

Why can't I get rid of the fluid in my leg, I get Cellulitis in my leg repeatedly I have had on an off

I have had Cellulitis for around 8 years now maybe even longer, my leg is still extremely swollen months after the last dose of

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