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Hey everyone, ok I am day 16 on pills and day 6 not smoking .. these pills freak me out though!! have been looking at side effects on the net and I guess am feeling somewhat better knowing that I am 'normal' but come on! I am hating it to be honest. Loving not wanting a smoke as I have smoked for 26 years, heavy and am determind now to kick this. First few day's of taking the pills weren't so bad but once I started the double dose it got worse. I spent the first 4 days of double dose on anti nausea tablets also and find I have to eat before I take a pill. Side effects I have suffered so far are very much like cazza so your read has been very interesting! I have become extremely aggitated too and short tempered with anyone vying for my attention, including parnter and kids. I have been told I am just not myself or any fun to be around anymore so this is rather daunting! I am really hoping these are short term effeccts and if anyone knows or has been on them longer can you please share!! Chris I also had the dizziness and swaying and actually reversed my car into another a couple of days ago, it was like an out of body experience and I am quite often feeling that way. I am really happy to have found this forum! It might be my new addiction :-) Thanks fellow quitters


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On taking Champix I had this. I was very varied in my taste in food before, now I struggle to find something I can

i have been on Champix for two weeks an am really suffering with bad indegestion apart from that i am good and have not had

<span style="">I took Champix in March of '08 and I am still suffering from most of the side effects of this poisonous drug.

12 days in i get drowsey for about half an hour then i cant sleep at all. Really vivid and strange dreams as well.

Im fine you drama queens - been on em 5 weeks n not a problem. Get over it - it was never going to

day 17 on Champix no real side effects but getting really hot flushes anyone else getting these

Was on it for 2.5 weeks (1 week taking 0.5mg and 1.5 week taking 1mg), stopped due to reading reports of

Hi...I share your bad experience with Champix. My tongue is also sore and sticks the top of my very

I have been on Champix for 3 weeks after day 5 i could not put another fag to my mouth it made me feel sick.

I successfully quit on 13th August 2011. I was very irritable and bad tempered whilst on Champix and sometimes felt quite low. I

I have been on Champix for eight weeks, and gone seven weeks without a cigarette. I feel slight nausea if I have a

im on my last month of Champix and have been getting this tingling feeling for a few weeks now. ( THATS MY RIGHT ARM

4th week into champax . I suffer from mild nosiea from it, but this morning i had my pill 5 mins later i

I've been on Champix for 6 weeks now &amp; haven't smoked for 3 of those weeks. I finally feel confident I have

Yes my first time taking Champix I gain 30 lbs in about 3 months. My family and I are all bean poles so this

Emotionally distant (less empathy for others), Focussed (energetic). I found that I would look elsewhere during conversations, even though I was still

Dissociated state, extreme fatigue, paranoia , anxiety , panic attacks,

am so pleased i gave up on Champix last nov , but got very depressed and nasty to family and friends !! it is

I have been on Champix for 23 days and have quit smoking for 9 days after having smoked for 25 years. I have stopped

i have had a sore tongue near the front of my mouth when i sleep it is sticks to the routh of my mouth

I have now quit for 4 months and taking Champix was the best thing I ever did . I did the whole course

I have now been off Champix for 2 weeks and suffering fronm Major flatulance and acne. Is this a side effect of my

I've bought 2-week dose, but am so afraid to start. I want to quite so bad, but I am fearful of the

I started Champix 2 weeks ago and gave up smoking on my chosen day im still off them and i have no cravings my only

this is my second time on Champix,I am at the 3rd week now and have been violently ill again day after day,foul taste

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