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I drank a whole bottle of Delsym hearing about how amazing it can make you feel. I assure you , it was the most MISERABLE experience i have EVER in my life felt. I felt as if my mind and body were not working together, as if they were apart. I could not walk right, let alone talk. My sentences were spaced out and did not make sense; i repeated things over and over again. I felt like i had NO control over my body. Not to mention; i was halloucinating that my insides were on fire, i couldn't breathe right, my body was physically shaking. I was rushed to the ER, they did nothing, they thought i was trying to end my life. amp;amp; they found THC in my system, so they just thought i was high. but definetely dont feel that way when you're high. it was miserable. amp;amp; since that incident i have been having anxiety attacks , and am now being treated for a panic or anxiety disorder. so my words to you, don't try it. its MISERABLE.


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<span style="">I&nbsp;am&nbsp;a 41&nbsp;year old white&nbsp;female After taking OTC Delsym for a cough I developed pain

Tried 10ml of it and ended up with no sleep and then diarrhea after drinking tomato soup and some bean lentils.

My 5 year old son was prescribed Delsym, and after taking it for 4 days he had a completely manic episode. He climbed

Have had an annoying cough for the last 5 days. Took Delsym 3 nights ago and worked like a charm. It worked

I took the recommended dose of Delsym at 9 pm and only was able to get 1/2 hour at 3am and 1hr at 5am.

to add to my previous post, It says it gives 12 hours relief, but, I took the amount recommended for a 4-6

i was worried for my life!! i felt strange after I took it. I felt faint, dizzy and my mind felt numb.

i am a 41 yr old male, i took Delsym for a cough i caught from my child ,it was at

<span>I just wanted to share that on Sunday night I had a very horrible experience with Delsyn brand cough syrup.

I am taking hydrochorothyazide (water pill) for blood pressure. I took some Delsym last night for my post nasal drip cough.&nbsp;

Other symtoms of overdoes are vomiting and diareah and many more!

My 4 year old was told to take Delsym for cough. I gave him 1 teaspoon when needed. He was fine. He

My four year old got into the medicine cabinet and opened the child proo cap and overdosed on this and he had those symptoms exactly.

my four year old son had the flu and doctor told me to give him Delsym for the cough. My son is usually very

After 2 bad nights sleep from an awful cough, I bought Delsym.&nbsp; Long story short....I woke up

Took Delsym after recommendation from the Pharmicist for a strong Adult cough suppressant. I had a cough for about 3 days that was getting

I gave Delsym to my 6 year old daughter and it was horrible!!!&nbsp; She was up all night long hallcinating, her heart

I don't know why there are no lawsuits against this company. Why is this shit on the shelves? I went into cardiac arrest.

okay we druggies bow down to you, we all make mistakes.... well except ur perfectness that is pssssshhh, LOSER!!!!

I used Delsym everyday for 6 months and had had a mental breakdown as well as a number of stomach and head problems. After

I have been sick for 3 days ......and i do not ever take medicine......

In life we all try things that are looked at strange by other people. We need to take care of our body and

I took it for a cough right before getting on the bus&nbsp;and it ruined my rep. The entire school thinks im some

I tried delsyum for the first time today, i mean it was alright but my advice is to stick with the buds and fungus

You are ALL idiots. This is a medicine not a drug. Go to rehab.

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