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I'm 32 years old and i was diagnosed with bipolar disorders two years ago. since then i started taking Depakine chrono 1000 mg a day and after 6 months i reduced the dosage on my own to 500 mg because i was havening severe dizzines and i was not being able to function properly at my job because of long periods of apathy and lack of concentration. I gained a lot of wieght and i still have this problem. i'm trying physical activity, food controlling, etc, but i doesn't work. I almost stopped drinking although i have the occasional glass of wine from time to time. the problem is that for some months now i have been experiencing strange symptoms like skin irritations, itching, deafness in my left ear and tremors. i sweat a lot and my speech gets confusing sometimes. I have sleep disorders and i'm living all the time in my past memories.Ii gather this last one is somewhat good, but it is affecting my ability to make the most of my time and work sistematically. i read somewhere that if i plan to have a baby i must be aware of the defects the baby would have because of depakine. my doctor didn't tell me anything about this. and i don't know if it's a lifelong treatment or i can stop taking it some day.if someone has had the same experience or if someone stoped taking it and not switched to another drug, please advice me because i'm afraid the side efects will be getting worse with time.


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

I have a problem with Depakine  overweight, can you help me?

hi! i want to ask you please if the Depakine cause me weight gain? sincerely Eduart

I have bipolar disorder, my dr gave me Depakine. I am afraid about my weight i dont want to gain weight!!!!!!!What do you

Just started to take Depakine and I like to know what are the side effects of it

I have taken Depakine for about six months ago because I have suffered Bipolar disorder suddenly, but my hair fall out severly .

some day i didn't know what happened to me ..i felt like i lost part of my concentration .i went to the

i also have difficulties with my memory.. it started 3 or 4 years ago

i'm 19 and i've been taking Depakine chrono (100 mg a day) since i was 10 for my night seizures. i agree with

obviously when i started taking depakin chrono 5 years ago i was improoved but by the time i started to feel nothing...cannt

obviosly you must have been prescribed this because you were a "know it all" and the medications purpose is to retard you since society is

Frank I have been on 800mg daily for about six months and do not have any side effects other than an increased libido. Strange since

I've been on Depakine chrono for about 9 months now and keppra as well, its driving me crazy. i'm losing my brains cant

<span><span>Is it</span> <span>effective</span> <span>for</span> <span>cases of</span> <

<span><span>How long will</span> <span>the effect of</span> <span>medication</span> <span>on the

My mother is 55 years she use Depakine chrono 500 mg.,25 years. She have epilepsy. How long people with epilepsy live...

maybe u need a syrup as the tablet is not being absorbed for some reason enough.&nbsp; I heard of a friend's experience on

I am 22 years old. i have a history of fainting all of a sudden. However, in the past 5 years i

I'm using Depakine since nine months&nbsp;recommended&nbsp;by my doctor, and the&nbsp;crazy&nbsp;thing is that , the&nbsp;

my mother have 55 years she take Depakine 500mg from 1 years ago and she still have headache please answer about this ?i want to

I have developed acne. I am 61 years old. I have been using Depakine for one month. Also fatigue.

I have a son of age 8 and the doctor request an EEG and i am afraid if he will say to take Depakine in

my dughter 7 years old she is diagnoses of spike wave during sleep she is&nbsp;takeing Depakine crono 500mg&nbsp;from 3month ago is

I feel headache;Isometimes&nbsp; lost concentration I feel there is air in my mind

I have been taking Depakine since I had a brain heamorrhage in January of this year my memory is quite terrible I can&acute;t

hi my son have 11 eyers weight 35 kg taking Depakine crono for 6 month. diagnose&nbsp; rolandic ses.

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