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i just started the drug two weeks ago and and i swear to you I feel like have some sort of bug cold chills i feel really tired i dont wont to socialize I have to make my self do anything chores or even stuff i enjoy and i am taking more valiums than normal


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

In a quick scan of this blog I don't see the term "MTHFR gene mutation(s)". These mutations reportedly affect between 40-70% of the

<b>Describe I was put on Deplin 15mg to supplement the antidepressent that I have been on for for 3wks now.

Very lethargic, ringing in my ears. I feel like I have too much going on in my brain if that makes any sense.

I just read Jennifer Connelly's post about her experience with Deplin.I've been diagnosed with major depressive disorder and bi-polar. I had been seeing

It was very good until I started having problems with my taste, head aches, and what was finally my breaking point was muscle

I started Deplin a week ago as an add on to zoloft (i was on 50 but my NP upped it to 100) at about

I was given it  for a genetic defect that causes strokes, vascular problems &to help my neurapathy. My neurapathy

I would suggest trying Zoloft. I have lost weight on it, and it's very effective with no side effects for many people.

I was just recently put on Deplin for depression. There's also been a virus going around, and I'm not sure if I've caught

I had a severe reaction.  My forehead broke out in a rash and so did my stomach.   &

My wife was just put on Deplin to replace the Abilify she was prescribed just a few weeks ago. She wanted to change to

It sounds as if your boyfriend has a mixture of problems.  Was alcohol involved?  Is he taking his meds regularly?&

I don't think anyone should take this medicine, just because my boyfriend got mad at me one night over somthing stupid had a anxiety

I think it helps.  I stopped using it when my insurance stopped paying. I had a really tough time. 

I have had a rocky 3 years...went off effexor and the brain damage it caused appeared to be permanent, and was

Hi Kara, I'm glad that you have made such progress.  Your information could prove very helpful for me.  In

Dear Kara,    Your story sounds alot like mine. I have a genetic predisposition for depression nd severe sleep problems.

Just started about 6 days ago.  Have had a headache every day.  Decided yesterday not to take it with

I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder 10 years ago and through trying most anti-depressants and cross-over ani-convulsants to control it, was resigned to accepting

It started 10 years ago with a phys. prescribing anti-depressants one after another and none of the improved my depression but only made it

taking it with lexapro and stavzor mad runs first too days.. I am hopeful.. But i dont know..feel like my illness

There isn't enough space here to describe the difference in my life since I started Deplin three months ago.  I lost a

Lynn, I am about to start taking Deplin in addition to Pristiq and Lexapro. I've been researching Deplin, and apparently it works

I have suffered with clinical massive depression and bi-polar disorder for 30 years plus with little or no relief because of severe med resistance.

I take Prestiq 50 mg. Last year I began taking Deplin with the Prestiq. I am not sure how, but

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