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indications : symptomatic treatment of pain and inflammation in acute inflammations of joint ( arthritis ) including attacks of gout . chronic inflammation of joint ( arthritis ) especially in rheumatoid arthritis ( chronic polyarthritis ) ankylosing spondylitis ( bechterew's diseases ) and other inflammation-rheumatic spinal diseases of the joints and spine ( arthritis and spondylarthrosis ) inflammatory soft tissue-rheumatic diseases painful swelling or inflammation after injuries or operations


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

What is Diclac Gastro-resistant tablets and for what they are?

I've mouth ulcers... stomach isn't great but i've IBS too, so i had put it doen to that until i seen

i have had the same effects just stoped taking them ty for your comments it helped me see that i was not the only one

mouth ulcers and soreness of the throat after taking Diclac..

Severe stomach pain and irrtable. A feeling of wanting to go toilet when I didn't want to go.

Have been taking Diclac for 2 days now for muscular back pain. Have had serious tummy pain and loose bowel movements have stopped

if i had know the side affects i would never have taken them! :'(

I have had the same side affects as you for 2 day the pain in my tummy is excruciating!!! i feel as if my stomach

I would call Diclac 75 the Magic Drug. So far I used 1 pill on three different occasions. The pain just dissapears like

Felt dizzy weak could not stand up. Heavy breathing  horrible experience. Will not take any more.

Prescribed Diclac for Knee pain  after 3 days began getting mouth ulcers , stopped taking tabets 75mg and mouth ulcers cleared up

Have been taking Diclac for 4 days now for muscular back pain.  Have had serious tummy pain and loose bowel movements have

hi went to doctor with a head pain and have been prescribed Diclac

Is it OK to drink alcohol while taking Diclac 75 Hexal

What is Diclac Gastro-resistant tablets and for what they are?

Hi, I got renal colic pain & started taking Difene Suppositories & a few Diclac 50mg tablets. I

Put on Diclac after severe back pain (unknown cause) suffered severe diarrohea and abdominal cramps for 3 days, What do you do?, suffer

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