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Wrote earlier report while experiencing vertigo episode; thus my post a bit bolloxed up. The trial I'm on mixes taxotere and lenalidomide, a powerful derivative of thalidomide, for advanced prostate cancer. (Trial does NOT include Lamictal; I take that concurrently for epilepsy.) Lenalidomide is supposed to give taxotere a boost. We'll see. Trial also includes prednisone twice a day, morn and night. I'm beginning to think mix of prednisone and Lamilctal is the culprit; episode occurs only in morning, after I take both pills. Second prednisone comes just before bed, along with Lamictal, so if I'm experiencing vertigo what's to worry? Don't know if that happens. Will check it out this eve. Sorry for long post; I'm just working this out in my mind. Such as it is.


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