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Why are you recommending taking MILK with this medication ?! 

It is explicitly contraindicated multiple times all over the packaging the Dulcolax website to NOT consume any dairy whatsoever within 1-2 hours of taking bisacodyl (brand name Dulcolax) or ANY antacid or acid blocker, for that matter (Prilosec, Zantac, Prevacid, etc). The milk reduces stomach acidity levels and can cause the tablet's protective coating to be "eaten" away, thereby prematurely releasing the active ingredient,  which can cause acid-reflux, etc., along with associated discomforts.

I myself have only just taken this medication for the first time ever, about 3 hours ago. I did not notice the dairy contraindication downed a 1/2 pint of Haagen Dazs just after taking the tablet. However, I also took the tablet on a very full stomach have continued eating foods since taking the pill (non-dairy :-) in addition to drinking TONS of water. At the ER 2 days ago (I went precisely because of the severe worsening abdominal cramping), my blood was not at all liquid and it came out like globular jam to spread on toast my urine was almost orange. I was severely dehydrated and put on a saline drip. I felt much improved after the drip and although I am currently urinating every 15 minutes, my urine is now clear I am not feeling any ill effects of the tablet, so far. 

I HAVE been feeling VERY odd for the past 2 hours, but mostly not in the belly area, aside from 30 mins of very light cramping. I've been feeling "out of it", a bit weak, with temporary trouble focussing my eyes (gone now). I'm also having some arthritic-type pain in my knees hands. Not so bad after 4 hours. I'll update tomorrow...

As I do with EVERY drug I am unfamiliar with, I began with the SMALLEST POSSIBLE DOSE, 1 tablet of 5 mg. I've never taken nor needed a laxative in all my 32 years. Since I've not got a tolerance to the drug, I assumed it most prudent to "try it out" with one pill increase the dosage tomorrow night, as necessary (if it doesn't "work" tonight).

I feel sorry for the many sufferers here, but I think American pharmaceutical culture here is also to blame. In Europe, you have to speak to the pharmacist for ALL drugs, even "just" Tylenol they immediately advise you of any peculiarities of the medicine they're giving you. They also informally share anecdotal experiences aggregated from customer feedback. 

In the USA, the pill-popping culture, coupled with the ultra-capitalist pharmaceutical juggernaut, make their medicines seem risk-free, allowing consumers who may be ill-educated to self-medicate, indeed encouraging these sufferers to shove more more pills down their throats to keep the pharmaceutical industry booming. In the American mind, pills would not be OTC if they weren't "foolproof". This is FAR from reality. Even the "safest" OTC drug Tylenol (paracetemol) can kill in relatively small doses. These misled "walking wallets" buy the packaging advertising, using a product if the package convinces them the drug will "cure" the stated symptoms, as opposed to finding out what they're actually putting into their bodies and reading up on the INGREDIENTS (so easy these days on a smartphone); there are usually several options out there for you. 

Laxatives, for example, come in 2 types - Dulcolax, which is actually just bisacodyl Miralax, whose active ingredient is polyethylene glycol. There's usually more than 1 option. 

***And, always ASK the pharmacist for any info they may have, or "hearsay" from other customers, even for OTC meds! Pharmacists are usually VERY excited to share, as they train almost as long as doctors (6-10 years of university, they're now ALL required to obtain DOCTORATE degrees!) but wind up filling scripts all day. They are a bastion of untapped information to help you avoid unnecessary suffering! 


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Greetings .. Arjuavadta I used Dulcolax three years ago because of Aalamsak and I have hemorrhoids .. Siwala: Are there effects

Took 2 tablets early evening by 9.30 pm had terrible pain by midnight had to go ER so bad thought had kidney stones

i been using these tablets for long time now i got other health problems

i started using Dulcolax has anyone expirience having black bowle movements?

took 2 pills at night, woke up in sever pain. went to the bathroom, and then passed out. my

I had to have an abdominal scan. I had to eat light meals yesterday and took 2 Dulcolax at lunch and then two

Hi there! I'm Uri, 17 yrs old. I've been using Dulcolax for 3 weeks or more. I'm using it everyday because i

it feels so good after defecating :-P it's like remmoving those ecxessive materilas inside of me which could make me faaat haha LOL it

It really cleans out my system, making me feel very 'light'. I use evry now and then. :-D :) 8-)

It works 4 me. i use it wen I feel my system isn't cleaning out properly. :) :) :) :)

ok we ve done the same than u....but took it a little too far and we re started to get majorly

hi ive'd taken dulcolox for the first time and i feel like im havin a stomach pain??is it really like this??

I'm three months post -op rectal surgery. Took two Dulcolax tablets,which worked on me,howeverthree hours I'm experiencing anal pain to the point

first time taking this drug. broke out in a cold sweat then blurred vision and hearing loss in a matter of minutes.

I took 1 Dulcolax pill around 8 pm. I suddenly awoake at 2 am sweating, heart racing, dizzy, nausaus, and

I took one pill and a few hours later I get severe stomach cramps (which I expected). Later I start seeing rectal bleeding,

i take 1 pill before bedtime and at 4:30 in the morning i woke up with stomach pain and nagka-igit jud ko..basta paita

I have taken this product for at least the last 4 years and have not had any of the side effects other people have mentioned.

I had the most frightening experience with Ducolax. I took 2 pils went to bed at about 2 in the morning I woke with

I thought I'd just offer a positive perspective as there seem to be so many negative ones on this product. I had to

My Dulcolax experience was terrible. Severe stomach pain and cold sweat! I felt like I won't be able to carry it anymore and felt

No effect after taking 1 tablet, no effect after taking 2, no effect after taking 3 and no effect after taking 4.

so i just crushed whole box of these bad boys into my buddies protein ill keep you guys posted onthe aftermath kinda making me feel


I got the chills from taking Dulcolax,I noticed it after the third timetaking it and wasn`t sure untili read it on here. I flushed

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