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I got fat, carried fluid my bones felt like they had something that 100years old would have i couldnt sleep i got more and more depressed, i felt generaly unwell, anxiety, i wasnt myself ( abnormal behaviour) agressive, agitated all the time, yes i had the dry mouth which caused me to loose all my teeth, nightmares, plenty of sleep disorders, you name it and i had it all the way from no sleep at all for 6-7 nights in a row to sleeping for a 24 hour straight period, and sleeping for 20mins at a time only to have to wait another 2 hours to get back to sleep for only another 20mins again, strees all the time, paranoia at times, moodyness most of the time dry eyes sort of, it was like they where saw from being dry but didnt seem to dry enough to cause the pain i was getting even though they wernt as wet as they should have been, fatigue all the time, i had i want to do anything or go any where no matter how people tried to get me out and about, it just wasnt going to happen, heavy legs at times, i got so sick and tired of being sick and tired that i finaly looked on the net and found out what my problems was from. The very drug that was to be helping was just making it worse, so i got some other stuff to help me sleep and stopped taking endep and within two weeks i had energy, lost wieght without trying, had no more fluid in my feet, i was happy all the time and keen to go out and have a life. I feel a million dollars, and would suggest to every one that reads this to go to thier doctor and bring a copy of this web page with you and talk about other ways of help, coz unfortunatly alot of drugs that are form the same problems caurse the same side affects, PLEASE go see your doctor again. Sarah of Queensland.


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

Igot a head ach within half an hour of taking the drug and my Doctor still wants me to take it for Sciatic pain

I was prescribed Endep 10 mg for my insomnia & while it worked, the daytime drowsiness was just too much for me

<strong>Well I&nbsp; have just read the other comments submitted should have done that before , well I will definatelely be

I have only taken 2 tablets of this drug that was perscribed for me for cronic pain and restless legs and sleep deprived .

Forgetting things short term. Dropping items From my hands

NAUSEA CONSTIPATION INCREASED SWEATING&nbsp; HUGH WEIGHT GAIN ( I was 30 kg. now 2 years later 67 kg ) tingling in feet&

I have taken Endep 25 for about a year now for insomnia. &nbsp;It has helped a lot and I don't want to

I was prescribed Endep 25 by a professor for jaw pain in 2005. The pain was servere as a result of grinding my teeth

im ginna try 3 25s tommoro. hope its all good and i dont die

Dry mouth (i'm always thirsty), increased hunger, flat and aggression. The only plus, is it helps me sleep.&nbsp; I'm looking

Took Endep 10mg for 5 days have not felt the same since i feel brain dead no longer the person i was hoping it will

burning in the stomach and sore tongue crocking voice

Drs and Big Pharma must be making a killing with this stuff. Antidepressants are handed out like sweets, for everything from headaches to

Prescribed for joint and muscle pain, and insomnia.&nbsp; Took a half of a 25mg tablet.&nbsp; Didnt help with

I was prescribed Endep 25mg for depression &amp; Insomnia &amp; found they have worked well, especially with Insomnia. Having


feeling tired than ever after exercising, sweating alot, aggression.

Just took some for my hip pain and jesus christ i am tripping balls help me

I am a 62 yr old women and&nbsp;was given 25mg Endep at night for Interstitial systitis ,a bladder disorder to reduce urgency

good. it help me relax. it help me sleep.which help my body to recoup.

After my dad died my mum was prescribed this medication to help her sleep. We were not&nbsp;advised&nbsp;of this, even though

I have taken Endep 25 since 2002....unhappy,aggression,dry mout. So I asked my doctor and so never answer from

Hi I'm 37 years old male and I suffer fr depression I have 25 mg Endep tablets I was wondering would that calm me down

originally prescribed for neck pain did not really notice any reduction in pain levels, but kept taking to help with sleep , started

l was on 100mg of Endep for about 10 years. was advised to stop it and to start a different medication for my back

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