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Shoulder arthroscopy and Rotator Cuff repair too. Given Endone on discharge- also 1-2 tablets 6 hourly. Also great pain relief on 1st day. From 2nd day had nausea, vomiting and diahorrea. Headaches and high blood pressure. As I am allergic to codeine based products, I believed I was allergic to all opiate based products. Could this be the case or just coincidence?


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I have recently started taking endome for a hip fracture from sport (at 28yo that sucks!). It makes sleeping the only pain free time

I have been taking Endone as a last resort for chronic pain as a result of injury trauma sustained 20 years ago. I usually

I took 5mg tablets six hourly for nearly 2 days , 7 tablets taken for fractured ribs, I am now back on Panadol

We are living the same nightmare. My mother is 78 and on Endone, Oxycontin, Valium and a cocktail of other drugs

My 80 year old mother is on Endone for severe right shoulder and knee pain - she is also on other medication for thyroid,

i starting taken Endone which was descibe to a friend and not me cause i liked the way it makes me feel i take it

I have been taking 1/2 a tablet as have severe headaches as i have bells palsy and i get itchy under my skin its just

Been put on Endone (5mg) . Been taking 2 a night when pain gets really bad and iv'e developed really itchy rash on

Can Endone cause any anger problems or aggrovation problems with other people, my brother had a oporation and takes aleast 8 a day and

That stuff might help with pain,but after having my ovaries out and in lots of pain I needed pain releif.2days since I stopped

I am 26 years and 22 weeks into my 3rd pregnancy, i have had low blood pressure and fell backwards onto some concrete i

Please note the post before mine- she was clearly experiencing withdrawal symptoms - palpitation, cardio, respiratory - all common withdrawal symptoms appearing after

24Male- STUDY Pharmacology 4TH YEAR. Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy and Ear operations, 2XEndone 5mg every 4-6hours, no side effects, whoever reads this

I have had a artifical disc replacement in my lumbar spine and in pain still. I am on Endone only 1/2 tablet- so

Ten minutes after taking 2 x 5mg Endone as per doctor instructions (I just had knee arthroscopic surgery) I started to feel dizzy, because

Had back pain. Took four tablets first day. Didn't stop pain. Then within hours suffered headaches,

Have been on Endone for 3 days for gallbladder pain (am waiting for removal) and after Digesic didn't work effectively for me. Hospital prescribed

I'm recovering from the removal of a Pidonial Synis and i was prescibed some Endone for the pain. And it's been 6 weeks and

Withdrawls WILL be <strong>horrific!.</strong>

thats what i was on it for because i had severe pancreatits

i take Endone twice a day and it really relaxes me and takes all my worries away. because im now addicted to it my

Ive been on Endone since Dec 2011 for chronic back pain and now Im going to request the doctor to take me off it.&

ihave osteo., and am waiting for total knee replacement..i can colerate Endone but onlt take half a tablet at a time

have been on Endone 3 years &nbsp;Feel exhaused cannot sleep till early morning itching red spots and rash all over places on my

I had from the hospital and got as prescription from the hospital for my serious migraine. The headache was even worse. I had

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