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my niece is turning 4 next month. her doctor perscribed her Epilim over a week ago as she was having small seizures lasting about a minute or two. she has not been diagnosed with Epilepsy yet, but she is still having the seizures and she has lost her apetite. any advice


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

In June 2005 I suffered a minor head injury, after a while I started having a mild muscle spasm in my left arm,

I take Eplim morning and night I think they make me shake when I write or hold a two mug

Can you please tell me the side effects of Epilim 200 mg? My daughter is 4 and half year age. She is taking the

I have been taking Epilim for bipolar disorder for 15 years now,it has help keep me relatively stable.However i have just been diagnosed

I take 1800mg of Epilim daily and in the past few years I have begun suffering pain in my joints, especially my wrists,

I have been on Epilim now for 17 years, due to some Grand Mal seizures since I was 15, but prior to Epilim

Ive been on Epilim cr 500 three times a day since having a traumatic head injury following a traffic accident between my bike and a

perscribed 2000mg of Epilim to be taken over a 24 hour period for borderline personality disorder,to aid in mood stabilisation. i have been

I'm 29 male and have been on Epilim for a year and a half. I've noticed in the last 6 months I have put

I am now 37 and have been on Epilim for the past 19 years. I stuggle alot with my weight and have even considered

My son is on Epilim, according to the dr's it is a mood stabelizer. He turns 23 in Nov, staying with his

i have bi polar and have been taking lithium for about 6 years but came off it to go on Epilim so far all i

have bipolor and take 500mg twice a day aswell as zoloft,extreme weight gain up to 91kg ,and needing to loose 25kg,have had

I've taken Epilim for over a year now and i still have seizures, i'm wondering is it normal to have chest paons after having

I have gain 20kg to date. Hands trembling slightly

been reading posts - my eplium has just been doubled because of bi-polar symptoms .. reading posts and think it would be easier

yep, im on 750 daily and my hair is really thinning and shedding, ive zero confidence my personality has lost its mojo and

I went to rehab and was diagnosed with Bipolar within two days. I used drugs for ten years and alcohol for 20. When

it scared my daugher so much that she called the ambulance at 2 in the morning while i had a minor attack but she said

I find it hard too loose weight, also doent help with my mood as i was a slim person. I now have thyroid


I was taking Epilem for having one siezure.I had taken this drug for 17 years and through two pregnancies. Mood swings,irrational,unable

I have been on Epilim chrono 700 per day for 11 years (since i was 20) and have been suffering from bouts of depression which

i Have been on Epilim too for a couple of months and im having same problem, i cant lose weight and im twicthing all

i have gained 50 pounds from being on Epilim over the past year but i have not experiened any seizures during this time

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