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Yes, exactly what happened to me with shot number 2 and 3 in my left leg. It hurt so horrible being given the shot and never stopped unless I was taking at least oxycotin and then oxycodone for break thru pain. Finally, I was able to get knee surgery done and now today the pain is gone. I am almost 2 months out from knee replacement surgery, my first one, and it is AWESOME!! In my opinion do NOT get those shots. If they do work for you fine, but its just a bit of a fix to avoid what is ultimately the best way to go, Knee replacement. Like steroid shots in the knee and those do not cause the horrible months long pain that I experienced with this Euflexxa. Also, best surgeons for knee replacements, UCSD La Jolla Hospital Ortho, but if you live elsewhere, I live 100 miles from there, then be sure to research your doctor! I researched mine and knew the best were to be found in this area at UCSD. He does hips and knees.


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I've just had my second shot in my right knee & other than the shots hurting like he$$ and an achy feeling I

Yes!!! Both of my knees were/are shot from Rheumatoid Arthritis. My right being worse then the left. But after the

My1st injection was OK! The 2nd one hurt like H***, the 3rd hurt but not as bad as the 2nd one. After

Yes, I had the serious side effects such as you did. If you look on their website I believe that is how

After my first injection on Friday three weeks ago I experienced numbness and weakness Sunday night after injection along with a fever and night sweats.

After receiving the first injection for my knee (after a month) continue having severe right leg pain, so bad that I felt that I

It has been four weeks now, after I received the second injection started having lower leg cramps at night. Thinking okay probably not

Headache, generalized muscle pain, especially in shoulders the day after first injection.

It is over a year since I had my left knee injection. My legs are still sensitive and my ankles on both legs

I received three injections in my left knee. The doc drained my knee prior to injection one, and it was extremely painful with

That was one of the effects I had also which made me very ill. I could not stop pee'ing. The whole

I was given this medication due to a knee injury jogging that caused a cartilage issue.  After the second of the three

I have 2 bad knees and 7 weeks ago I got an injection of Synvisc1 which is 3 injections in one dose. 

<em>I have has 3 injections in my left knee after my 1st injection I started with vague left shoulder pain with certain movements

Have had 3 shots in each knee now, and nothing, no improvement, but they are WORSE. Its excrutiating.

intense spinal pain after each injection. &nbsp;My knee has more pain than prior to the &nbsp;injections, previously recovering well

I've gone through 3 rounds of Euflexxa injections for OA of the knees and finish my injections Friday.&nbsp; I've been having SEVERE

I have had all 3 shots in my right knee and now 4 weeks after last shot no improvement. I am now on 2nd

My knee felt better with the first of three injections.

after 1st injection developed high blood pressure and heart murmer for short time. after 2nd injection along with the above also developed headache&nbsp;

Whew just seems the doctors do not know much on side effects.&nbsp; When I called my doctor to report "something" the matter

Terrible.&nbsp; I had Synvisc injections immediately after knee surgery over three years ago and the Synvisc worked great.&nbsp; I

I fell and landed on my left knee twisting my leg in the process. &nbsp;At first my whole leg hurt and I

I had my first (and only!) Euflexxa injection in my left knee on Jan 23, 2012. Within a few minutes my knee began

I tried to find a lawyer in Florida and they won't touch it. Let me know if you do file and the lawyers name.

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