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<b>Describe Your Ezetrol Experience Here:</b>Sleeplessness severe pain in muscles and joints nausea and abdominal pain headaches and pain behind eyes chronic fatigue and flat mood


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

32 days on ezertrol 10mg and have severe abdominal cramping and look 6months pregnant, don't know where to go from here, back to

Is it all bad news, I was only put on Ezetrol today. Unable to take stalins!!!

been on all statins, now on Ezetrol, first I was fine now after 3 months every finger aches, cramps at night ,

I have been taking Lipitor for 3 months rigidly with no cholesterol decrease. A week ago I was put on Ezetrol as well as

Oh and I look 6 months pregnant with a herd of elephants and part of my face is still red.

6 weeks ago I was put on Ezetrol after having reactions to statins. After the first 10mg tablet, taken at night,

Heart ok ..cholesterol high,been taking Ezetrol for six weeks now due to being allergic to Statins.. Side effects have now kicked

I agree with all comments so far. I've developed Dupuytrin's syndrome in my left hand. Middle finger tendon inflammation.

severe weakness in hands,very painful cramping in limbs &amp; abdomen.

Taken Ezetrol for 3 years I am experiencing severe muscle neck pains and clicking in the jionts. Arthritis? Now resolving within 2 weeks after

Excessive tiredness, sore knees after working or exercise,constant flu like effect.

After one day, extreme fatigue and swelling in the ankles. This drug is poison and should be pulled. No warranty or return on

I took Ezetrol and it was OK at first but after about 8 weeks I had severe pain in my left elbow, kept me

swollen abdomen, pain in right elbow (could not use or straighten) dizzy, headaches mild, pain in upper R quad under ribs,

This is interesting. I have taken Ezetrol for a few years. Over that time I have developed acute myalgia over my entire body.

Developed joint&nbsp; pain in right elbow have been unable to straighten it, then started to develop joint pain in my knees.&

Joint pain has been my main issue along with bad cramping at night.

I have headache and pain on my heel. I used this drug for 2 days only

I have been experiencing pain in my right foot especially in the heel and lower area. I have started Ezetrol 2 weeks ago

I have been experiencing alot of shortness of breath, and I wpnder if Ezetrol could be contributing to this.

The most excruciating leg cramps at night, sometimes affecting all muscle groups at once!! Taking Quinine which helps slightly.

Took one pill by itself no statins. Several hours later left breast and surrounding lymph nodes extremely sore and swollen, numbness and pain

Pain in centre of my shoulders, rash on my chest and extreme tiredness

feeling of weakness in knee joint. Sometimes becomes very difficult to get up and start walking.

I have experienced severe stomach cramps since taking Ezetrol

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