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I was taking 1200 mg of gabapentin for bi polar a couple of years and had side effects of sominence, periferal edema, unbalance, fuzziness between me and reality, loss of memory, shankiness in my hands. I know this sounds bad, but it stopped my anxiety, random talk in my had, I was able to relax more. My doctor was ignorant of the side effects of this drug so I had to educate myself and take action. I reduced the mg to 600mg per day. 300mg morning and 300mg night and the side effects have lessened. I feel much better. I think each person reacts differently to medications and the patient has to be the final arbitor.


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

I get Avastin every 21 days. I get a severely swollen tongue about 1 week after treatment, sometimes only after one or two

That is EXACTLY what I am going thru right now.  Was on Gabapentin (neurontin) then switched to lyrica.  Jerky

Nathalie I have TN I had the brain surgery because I was no responding to any medication, I tried Gabapentin, Tegretol, Topomax and

I have taken Gabapentin for several years without a single problem. My neurologist tried to start me on Lyrica. I could

I was precribed Gabapentine for my raptured lower back disk which was hurting my nurve and creating pain. I strted with a 330 mg

I'm wondering if my loud head noise is the result of taking Gabapentine. It started a few days after taking the drug.

Hello, I've been taking a cocktail of meds for 9 years to help treat acute nerve pain from a severe Brachial Plexus nerve avulsion C

I was prescribed 900 mgs. of Neurontin three times per day by my surgeon because of leg pain and back pain five months after

dose Gabapantin have any ting to do with the nearves in your body

lower abdomen pressure, blurred vision, double vision, dizziness.

Gabapentin noticed that medication got worsen n Nurgloist n don't listin. My problem n even rash n stomach ach n was

i have taken 300 mg 4 x a day for over 8 to 10 years is that bad. i had the swollen tongue and

Very Sour and Bitter taste when I use Gabapenyin 600 mg

I have been taking Gabapentin, up to 1800 mg per day for Restless legs. I cannot reach ejaculation as soon as I

For the last two weeks I have been taking a lowish dose of Gabapentin for night-time nerve pain (100gm three times a day and

I am on minor dosage of 100mg, three times a day, for nerve pain, plus taking clonazepam for myoclonic jerks and

I am on 1500 mg a day for nerve pain, also on very strong pain meds. The Gabapentin has caused me many problems.

be careful! Avoid Gabapentin at all costs! My mother's doctor ordered a 900 mg/day dose. In the 2 years she was under this dose,

I take this because my stupid Indian doctor took me off of Klonopin and put me on Depakote. The Depakote damaged my liver and

I am just starting Gabapentin to help with phantom pain from a BKA (below-knee-amputation).  I am taking 600 mg and am scheduled

I just started taking Gabapentin for visual, auditory and tactile hallucinations. I've been on it four days and it seems to be working.

I habe been on Gab for a year now at 800 mg twice a day for headaches. Headache is gone but the side effects

I was taking Gabapentin pre-lower disc surgery. I have since been decreasing weekly as instructed by doctor. Three days since I stopped completely

worked great for my pain the first day. got me really nauseas though. gives me a drunk feeling. makes me hallucinate too.

great so far for my anxiety... just side effects has ... sexually saticfied,nausea little bit.. dizzynezz!

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