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I've been using Humira for 12 weeks for Crohn's disease as well. The greatest benefit for me was that I've been able to come off of Prednisone (which I was on for a year and gained 100 pounds because of it). The only difference I see taking Humira is that I haven't developed any fistulas which I did within weeks of coming Prednisone previously with no other meds on board. The problem I have with Humira is that I have severe swelling in my knees, ankles and feet and my family doctor has recommended that I stop Humira injections because she can't treat the swelling without risking heart problems. I have also developed multiple infections that I cannot get rid of. I have an MRI scheduled in February which is supposed to see if the Humira was having any effect. I do not want to go back on steriods in the interim. As always seems I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.


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Feel lousy, mouth tastes like metal alot, cold sores about every 3 mths ..... more. 

I would be interested in hearing from other people if they experienced this side effect:paranoia from taking Humira.

My mother starting taking Humira for RA- it made her so paranoid that it ruined her entire life!! it was the cause of her divorce-

I have been taking Humira for a little over a year now and I just took a shot last week and for some reason this

I took my first 80mg dose (for psoriasis) 14 days ago and my second 40mg dose 5 days ago. The day or so before

Took just five injections. Hospitalized. Destroyed my immune system. Infected with disseminated histoplasomois. Difficult to diagnose.

i feel the same way the worse part is severe fatigue

i've bn on humiara for about 11 months and i hv crohns and the joint pain is horrible and i am so tired and listless

Humira keeps my Crohns from flaring up yes but I have, Constant sinus infections, ear infecions muscle pain, Joint pain and Feel

Humira helps me with my crohn's.  I need it.  Is there anyone who can tell me if they get

Hands, wrist, fingers, feet, have joint pain. Itching all over. Slight swelling in hands and feet. Constant sinus

Good for your, M!! I am in the same boat. AS that I have been fighting since I was 12 yo. at

I have been taking Humire for almost a year now. I previously was on Embrel. It was wonderful for the first year then

i have been diagnosed with crohn's disease since 1990. i have used many experimental drugs for crohn's before they hit the market. i

I have been using Humira for about 15 months. The last six months have been really bad in my relationship and I asked my

I have been on Humera for about 3 months now. I'm not sure if it's working better for me, although the doctor assures

I have been taking Humira for 12 weeks now for Chrons disease. It's helped my Fistula's but I don't see a significant improvement with&

I have been taking Humira for Crohns for almost 9 months now, and for the past two months I have been having numbness and

I haven't felt generally good since starting Humira 9months ago.  Previous to that I had a four month hiatus while the insurance

I have been on Humira for almost seven years. To say it has changed my life may sound over-dramatic but it really has.

I have ankolising spondalytis in spine. Lived in constant pain for many years. 40 plus. In 2009 was put on Humira. I

5 months using Humira  very tired puffy eyes 

have been a little light headed.  can't move fast without feeling vertigo

i have beeno n Humira for two months now.  main side effect for me, is headaches.  it is

Sever blisters appeared on body and mouth, not treatable

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