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I started taking Advil the last two days. I was shocked when I gained 6 pounds in two days and had hardly time to eat due to a major activity which required lots of energy. I also felt stomach boating and swelling in the ankles. I would describe this as water retention . During these two days I took 8 liquid tablets daily (200 mg.) My weight very seldom fluctuates so drastically and I attribute this to the Advil tablets.


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

My 19yo daughter was very healthy except for the yearly streph throat.  At 17 she had her tonsils removed to prevent the


which tablet is prefered for a 15 year old for relief of menstrual pain Piroxicam or Ibuprofen please kindly advise

I swallowed 5 Buprofen tablets over a two day period . As a result I suffered severe side affects . It started with

I have borne five children and the effects of sorbitol are equally painful. Each accidental ingestion--e.g. Cool Whip, out at

stomach pain, dizziness, and my face started itching

have had long term severe pedal edema - have used 3-4 200 mg of Ibuprofen tablets - once in morning and once at night for

Nausea, stomach pain, dizziness and diarrhea. I dont know how to get rid of the discomfort

Every 1-2 hrs. Some spasms 1/2hrbefore sleep comes again. Now trying Ibuprofen.

I had Adacel 4 days ago and within 24 hrs have developed severe headache, arm pain and extreme fatigue. i have taking Ibuprofen

I chose to have Paragard inserted in Oct. 2010 after trying the Nuva Ring for three months. Something in the Nuva Ring caused

i have experianced migraines constantly in the six months i have had the prostap injections, i was put on them as i have endometriosis

My boyfriend has just taken 800mg Ibuprofen, 150mg of dihydrocodeine, 1000mg of paracetomol and drank alcohol. Will he be ok? his blood

I have taken Spiriva for about 2 years and recently had an increase in leg pain, muscle spasms, chronic dry eye, diarrhea,

I have bulging and herniated discs. L3 / L4 / L5.  Sciatica, which means PAIN. Tingling legs,

The exact same thing happened to me after I was prescribed high dose flagyl for 5 days for suspected diverticulitis (painful bloating, frothy

Hydroxozine hcl is working great to calm my nerves. But, I'm trying to decide if the joint pain is worth it. I

i have beenprescribed clexane b4 i fly to new york nxt mnth. Ialso take 1600 mg Ibuprofen daily for back pain is this still

I started using Sensodyne 2 weeks ago because my gums are slightly sensitive. Since then I have had terrible gum and tooth pain.

I have used regular Sensodyne in the past and been very happy with how much it helps with sensitivity... Recently, I

I had my first injection two days ago.  The day I had the injection I felt great, no problems. 

I had Reclast infusion July 2nd and the next day felt so stiff I could hardly move. Then I began to experience agonizing shoulder

I didn't even realize all the symptoms i was experiencing was from the wellbutrin until I stopped taking it and they all disappeared. I

<strong>Well, the first night I turned beat red, itchy, etc.&nbsp; Second night the same thing happened but

Numbness lasted 5-6 hours at least. Then face gradually swelled up like a water balloon and drooped and felt hot to the touch.

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