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I have had the implant in for a few months now and I have been more sick than ever nausea dizziness motion sickness stomach pain and the list goes on what do I do


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

For the past week or two ive been feeling shooting pains on my bottom left side and been experiencing a shrp pain shooting from my

I got the paragard inserted Sept 1st I had a little bleeding that day then cramping for about a week I had my first

I was on Implanon 3 days after i delivered. 2 weeks after that, I started losing my hair , my skin and

i have had gas and stomache cramps....however i think it is best that i personally keep this IUD in b/c the

i got Implanon in late march and haven't gotten a solid period. i had slight bleeding for a single day but that's about it.

Hi ladies.... I had Implanon put in about 2 months after I had my baby. I felt great during the

i have had Implanon in my left arm for one year and i swear it has made only my left breast grow! it is

i had this nightmare implanted a year and 3 months. i bleed 90% of the time, my hair is gray and 40% the

I have had the Implanon for 2 yrs now. The first 3 months were unpredictable w/bleeding and mood swings, but after that,

Amanda, I had the extreme itching also a few weeks after getting Implanon inserted. My doctor recommended a product called Sarna, you

Did you get any bad bouts of PMS when you got it out. Im on about week 7 and although everything else seems to

Apparently if you leave it in longer than 3 years it can make you infertile, so best to have it removed.

I got my implant on dec 6,2011 and it wasnt as painfull as i thought is was going to be. The next day

i got my implant in march 2009 ,had no period for 2 yrs ( i was breastfeeding for the 2 yrs) once DD was

I am so happy to read this Blog. I WILL NOT use Implanon. My practioner highly recommended to me. But after

I have just endured the WORST 12 months of my entire life. I feel utterly robbed. Here's my story. After having my 2nd baby in

soz forgot to mention i too have put on loads of weight! cant Sleep,& server psoriasis all over my Scalp! &

Hi Ladies, i too have The Implant for two 1/2 mths,& have server side affects!!,Consisting of server Headache to

Got mine put in a month ago and had a very light cycle which was amazing. Have had acne quite a bit. My

i have had Implanon for a year now and the only side effect i have had is a little bit of weight gain. Not

I've had the Implanon for 2 years now. At first it bothered me. My arm itched and I could feel the Implanon inside

What a relief it is to realize that the symptoms I have, are due to the Implanon. I've had it since Mar

I have had Implanon for almost 7 months.and at fist when i got my period for over two still does that..

I've had my Implanon for almost a year and I had'nt done much research before i got it. It is effective againt pregnancy but

I am having the same issues...are you getting yours out? I gained 20 lbs on it and then had to go on

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